Is .Realty the #1 “Stinker” in the entire new GTLD World? Numbers Say So!

Good Afternoon Folks!!

What if I were to tell you there was one new GTLD that has 96% of all their domains about to be deleted? What if I told you that there were 55,786 .Realty names of which 54,078 are under Uniregistrar and 53,911 were to be deleted with 98.94 parked and as of now just 1976 in the zone file?

Maybe there is more than meets the eye but is this the future of stinkers?

Rick Schwartz

2 thoughts on “Is .Realty the #1 “Stinker” in the entire new GTLD World? Numbers Say So!

  1. John Colascione

    And this was one of those URLs that was supposed to be a big hit as it was related to real estate.

    .Realtor which is being promoted by the National Association of Realtors is also on the decline, less than half of what they had at release year.

  2. graham haynes

    It is the stinking prices wot killed it. When I search on uniregistry I get this

    Magical… is available $27,500 renewal $27,500!!!


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