BREAKING: Domain Bloggers Set Record!!

Afternoon Folks!!

It is bareley noon and we already have a record amount of Domain Industry Blog Posts. As of this writing this is how they stack up: 15 Posts 16 Posts 17 Posts 13 Posts 14 Posts 15 Posts 17 Posts 11 Posts 12 Posts 13 Posts 14 Posts 15 Posts 16 Posts 18 Posts 19 Posts 20 Posts 21 Posts 7 Posts 8 Posts 9 Posts 10 Posts 11Posts 12 Posts

Check back as we update the numbers. This is just TOO FUNNY!!

But they did do a good job assembling the info and getting it out quick!

Rick Schwartz

PS: Don't miss the 'Reality Check' we are doing today.

12 thoughts on “BREAKING: Domain Bloggers Set Record!!

  1. Disinterested Bystander

    .Boring – enough already! We get it, new TLDs are coming in a year or two – some may even be as popular as .biz and .mobi. Whoop de doo.

  2. Ryan

    This thing is maybe 2 years out, these cheerleaders must need some ppc income…

  3. Ryan

    Screw this I am going to go back to school, and become a TM lawyer, what a nightmare this is going to be for spoof emails.

  4. The Other Adam

    Shane, a bunch of money was tossed in to the domain space to take money out of the corners and crevices . . . The end

  5. Richard

    it’s exciting right? I enjoy reading about all the new things to come, all this news gets me motivated and re-energized.

  6. Aaron

    The flood of emails is funny, but this is the biggest domain news in the last 5 years that I can remember.

  7. turtle neck

    Shane, here is your synopsis. The new gtld’s are destined to all be a huge .fail.
    Ok, back to work.


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