The Thrill of Victory. The Agony of Defeat! The SHAME of Being a”Hijacker”

Morning Folks!

Since the day I met Howard I have said that there would be a test case come along that we would have to win and set a standard that would serve to protect all other domains. That was 1999.

When I got this action on, I knew that day had come. I knew instantly that this is where we would make our stand and this was the battle we wanted to fight. It was as much a gift as it was a fight.

This is one of the sweetest business accomplishments I have ever been involved in. The satisfaction of having somebody a world away GUILTY of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking! Trying to abuse the system to get what they wanted. Somebody that was warned about peeing on the electric fence and now the decision has been executed exactly as I wrote about when they still had a chance to reconsider.

To me this is just the start of this episode. The start of an era where companies, lawyers and others have FAIR WARNING that if they CHOOSE to go down this path, they too will be found GUILTY of REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIJACKING just like Márcio Mello Chaves, aka Márcio Chaves, Marcio Chaves and his brother Heitor.

THEY will have to deal with the fallout and the stigma of being found guilty of an attempted hijacking for the rest of their lives as will their firm Almeida Advogados, Brazil. They had ample time and warning but instead pressed forward and NOW…..DEAL WITH IT! Deal with me NEVER letting anyone forget. It will be known and circulated far and wide. It will be used to set an example and a standard. The bigger your company is, the more you worry. The more you have to lose. The more the MEDIA will be interested. Should you abuse the system to try and STEAL what does not belong to you, BE PREPARED. Seize something through a system designed to protect legitimate rights by abuse, and you can do serious and permanent damage to your company and brand. If that happens, blame yourselves as this should be your warning shot.

I would like to hear a clear statement by Almeida Advogados, Brazil now that they have been informed that one of their lawyers has engaged and found guilty in this abuse of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. Is it ok? Did you encourage or discourage this hijacking? What is the position of your firm on this matter and will you be engaging in this practice in the future? These are legitimate questions going forward that should have some clear answers or we just will come to our own conclusions. Will Almeida Advogados, Brazil, ever be a party to Reverse Domain Name Hijacking again? We will watch and see if this was just an isolated incident or something more.

I will fight to make this practice a crime with penalties. But until then, THIS is the way and the method to shine the light of day in this practice and make these cockroaches know it’s over. Sometimes you just need to scream bloody murder to get people to pay attention and understand just how widespread and disgusting this is. I was not the first to get a RDNH decision, I won't be the last, but I guarantee nobody else has used this GIFT in the dramatic way I will be using it.

The MAIN reason we got the Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH) decision is we sought it. We fought for it. Howard was clear and I was clear that anything less would be “The agony of defeat.” Just a win without the RDNH finding to ME would have been a loss. Not a loss, but a great loss. One of the top 5 losses in my entire business life. But a victory here would be a huge achievement personally and one I could share with everyone else that owns a domain name.

As I do my research, it is not often that WIPO uses the phrase “Reverse Domain Name Hijacking”. As far as I can see so far in my research, just several dozen at most. Most stop short at “Abuse”. Many because they just did not go for the RDNH in their response. Some would have won had they asked.

Nat Cohn has published a blog post and comprehensive list at

I think what will become more important than the actual cases are the parties that were found guilty and the firms they worked for and the companies they represented. I want to plaster those names all over the Internet with every opportunity I get. And should ANYONE be on that list more than once, they will be used alongside our poster boy!

Sure, it cost thousands to defend and I have lost thousands in lost revenue over the past few months. But that is the cost of doing business and I will get the money back by having this decision on record forever. THIS is my insurance policy for the next CLOWN! For the next would be HIJACKER. This is a vaccination shot that not only I can use but you can use. Don’t ever let it happen to you again when you have done nothing wrong and have not infringed on anyone’s mark whether existent or imagined.

I did not look for this fight. I did not want this fight. But when met with the reality and gravity of what was at stake for me, you and all, this HAD to be a fight to the death. The jugular. Without mercy. And not always in the best of taste. But that is how I do battle. That may not be your style and I respect that but that is MY style and it works for me. Results and everything else. Results that you can point to and promises I can keep. War ain’t pretty!! Rules go out the window when you are under assault. Our livelihood was under assault and the only option was victory and to be on record BEFORE hand so that I could carry out now.

I am not even sure if they understand the fallout to come that they caused. It could be torture. Not at my hands but at their own hands That is what gives me a license to do this. This is what gives me the credibility to carry out what I promised. My only mission is to spread the word about what happened. Ooops, not so good for these clowns. Each day that passes will get a little worse. The results for them and their antics will be known to all men.

But I still have what they want. I doubt their ego will ever allow them to reach out to me. They could still figure out a formula to rehabilitate their image. Maybe coming out and having a guest post here. A Mia Culpa if they choose. I guess we will really find out what they are made of now. I won’t hold my breath, but I do know how to turn a negative into a positive.

The reason I was so hard on these guys is because of the facts involved. Then when I learned that Marcio Chaves actually went to some WIPO Academy and classes that made it exponentially worse because he KNEW what he was doing. He KNEW he was abusing the system. He KNEW that this might be considered Reverse Domain Name Hijacking because he said so in his complaint. So this was no honest mistake made by somebody that over reached. This was a complete abuse of the system and he really should be sanctioned for it. But without that, WE have a responsibility to bring this up when necessary.

And for the next CLOWN, be prepared. I won’t fight in the way you expect. All I know is I will get the end result and all the bullshit in the middle does not count very much. There will be companies that go out of business after they try hijacking a domain they have NO rights to. This is quite different than a legitimate case where there are two sides and a judgment needs to be made. This is an attempted theft and worse. That is why the next guy is warned what is at stake. If they lose, they lose so big that their life will never be the same and there will be nothing they can do to fix that. If will affect more than them and their firms. The stigma will follow them forever. I warned beforehand what would happen and these guys did not heed the warning. Now it has unfolded EXACTLY as I said it would.

Do I feel bad? No way! They were going to change my life and so they were met with a force they never dreamed could be. When I focus on something, it is like a laser cutting through solid steel. The next clown pulling this is going to have it much worse than these guys. I am now armed with many wins and a CLEAR and UNANIMOUS RDNH decision.

Anyone have a graphic of a guy peeing on an electric fence?

The reason this decision was so important was because of the amount of levels and elements involved. Plus I raised the bar very high from the get go because of these things.

  1. Can you establish “Bad Faith” from a domain registered in 1996 and a company born in 2010?

  2. Can you establish trademark rights without even a trademark?

  3. Is it “Bad Faith” when the other party contacts you FIRST to buy a domain name?

  4. Is it “Bad Faith” when you blow the other party off as insignificant?

  5. Had there been a loss here it would have been open season from all country codes trying to get their .com domain equivalent. It would have been devastating beyond anything we have ever seen because actors like Marcio could have used it in a wholesale manner around the world. Every .com would be in jeopardy.

I was happy to taste the thrill of victory because the agony of defeat would have been more devastating to me than I can even bear to think about. When you are all in emotionally, you are all in! I have taken their #1 weapon away and now we get to use it against them in the way they sought to use it against me.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


Don’t Wander off the Yellow Brick Road of Progress. First Things First.

Morning Folks!!

In every project the FIRST thing you should do is to identify the 'Time Sensitive' elements of that project. What takes the most time? What needs to get rolling now and what can wait until you get your other ducks in a row. If you get this one wrong, you lose! You will be unprepared and work much harder with a lot more pressure and you will always be running against the clock. All that if you don't identify the 'Time Sensitive' things first.

With the Internet, Domain Names were the single thing I had identified as the FIRST thing I had to do. Until that was accomplished, there was really no need to go further. That was my first thing and today we see what happens when it is the 'Last thing'.

That was the first phase of a business plan that so many have dismissed but has proven to be key to everything on the Internet. That phase for me lasted 10 years. 10 years where there was a sense of urgency. I realized the urgency would subside but the learning process had to begin. That would be my second phase and that phase would last another 10 years.

20 year germination period as I would refer to it. Lots of trial and error and learning from other people's mistakes. That would bring me 20 years down the road and at that time folks could get their head around what I had done. 20 years before I would start to build an empire. But that did not mean I did not build dozens of sites along the way. My thoughts are all on record and time stamped and I have hundreds if not thousands of witnesses. I endured the laughs and barbs and everything else to maintain what I believed and I was never deterred in my efforts.. Now as we approach 20 years folks are seeing now what I saw then. What I saw and risked millions on.

My curse in life is following the Yellow Brick Road wherever it leads regardless of my agenda. Most people try to bend reality to match their road, what they want and their overall agenda. I do the opposite. I know what I want, but I am willing not to bend reality to fit it. Instead I know the Yellow Brick Road will bring me where I want to go without fighting the reality of life.

And when I get there, I may be first and that means I have to wait for others to catch up. Since I already know their final destination I have 2 choices. I can go run around and follow all those folks or I can set up an umbrella at the beach and wait for them to arrive. I chose the latter.

I guess if you were White Water Rafting you could make an attempt to be in control but the reality is you would be fooling yourself because the Rapids are in control, not you. So maybe instead of fighting it, just lay back and enjoy the ride. It is going to the same place regardless of your outlook, what you want and your agenda. The water is so much stronger and sometimes the smartest thing is to just recognize that and be submissive to it.

On the other side of the coin you have to be able to recognize and learn when you do have control. When you can make a difference. When the Rapids turn into a Magic Carpet.

Here is a copy of my Circa 1999 Site. Notice the theme. In 2 places I go out of my way to say we DON'T sell our domains. I do to this day. It is not what I am about. But when somebody comes along with an offer that is bigger than my idea, then I will listen.
I even had a logo page from that time. The logo is not on it. But I have one of a man carrying a cross. These logo's were done in 1997-1999 by a guy named 'Ken' in New Mexico. Maybe not the most sophisticated logos but this was 15 years ago.

This all means just go with the flow when you can't change things and be proactive when you can. The single biggest challenge is knowing the difference. Maybe you never thought about it this way, but now you have. Be positive and learn from everything you do. Always remember 'Ignorance is a choice'.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Márcio Mello Chaves Resorts to FABRICATIONS to TRY and Make His NEW CASE!

Morning Folks!!

So our 'Friend' Márcio Mello Chaves has resorted to FABRICATIONS this time to TRY and support his argument since anything else would be impossible to prove unless he was Houdini and could rewrite history. One by one Howard will uncover each fabrication and completely discredit this ASSHOLE for the entire world to see and then we are going to make this a Federal Case!! I now have plans to publicize this in Brazil to bring added pressure to this clown and show what type company these CHUMPS run. Any damage done will be by their DEEDS and ACTIONS as well as their own words. Let's see how the average Brazilian thinks about what they are doing and attempting to take something that is not theirs and they have no rights to whatsoever.

The new Filings:

'Respondent (that's me) has engaged in several reprievable actions after being notified of this Complaint by posting and uploading unlawful (including unauthorized use of pictures), harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, slanderous, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive comments about the Complainants' and Complainants ́ Representative, serving only to demonstrate his bad faith and total disrespect towards the Parties, this procedure and the Arbitration Center itself.' (I think he forgot to add 3 kitchen sinks)

I promised this in my First Post: 'I will do everything legally and openly, but tastefully is not a promise. I am going to stick it up your asses in the most unpleasant and disgusting way I know how in front of the world. I will always be factual. But I don't always have good taste or play by any other rules other than by what is legal. If you folks get embarrassed, so be it.'

So from the above, I think just like your suit, you are going way too far. Vulgar? Maybe. The rest, is as bogus as you trying to explain how in 1996 I registered the domain in bad faith and how I knew in 2011 you would open a website in Brazil???

Marcio, you are right. I have NO RESPECT for YOU and your BROTHER and I have articulated EXACTLY why in no uncertain terms. Since you are reading the blog, Please let me know anything that is not 100% factual. I even wrote to you to lmk if something is not 100% factual. As far as the name calling and my bad taste. You are STUCK with it. 12 lawyers have examined and not one has suggested that I remove a single word. is certainly no secret.

The United States has this thing called FREE SPEECH. We have laws that protect us from theft or even attempted theft. From injustice no matter what form it comes in. We get judged by a jury of our peers. We are not intimidated when CHUMPS and BULLIES try a power play. We ask questions like what would happen if you two CHUMPS pulled this on somebody that could not afford to defend the domain? It's bottom up here. Not some spoiled imperial CHUMPS looking to grab something they have no legal or even moral rights to. How do chumps even sleep at night?

Here is the Original Blogpost about this

Here is the Followup Blogpost about this

Keep peeing Márcio. I am going to give you the most electrifying experience and it is open for the world to see. The ONLY one here guilty of BAD FAITH are Márcio and his brother and we will demonstrate it so that the next ASSHOLE understands EXACTLY what will be coming their way. They try and disrupt my business, well when this all boils over, it will disrupt their personal lives because even their friends and family will see they are up to no good..

And oh yes, Márcio is reading my blog. He put all that in his new filings thinking it will make a difference as he hurdles how I acted in Bad Faith in 1996 when their company was not even born until 2010. And to this DAY, have no trademark and no rights whatsoever to But you do have a right to be made a clown of in public for the world to see!!!

I Pray that the panelists read this blog and all comments. I would not take back one word, thought or feeling. I know a piece of shit when I see it!

Márcio I have no respect for you. I won't call you a thief (tho some may think you are) as you are trying to take what isn't yours in a legal manner but you are a lowlife piece of shit and I hope this comes back on you and your brother in a way that will prevent you and others from EVER pulling shit like this again.

The Internet is about CIRCULATION and this story will be circulated in a way that will change your life. I have a mission and it is to EXPOSE PRICKS LIKE YOU so even your neighbors know! I own and you will NEVER get it now. Your claim is still DEFICIENT because you can't get over the hurdle. Please tell the panel how I acted in Bad Faith in 1996 when you have NO TRADEMARKS whatsoever and your company is less that 2 years old born in 2010? Do you know what a FOOL you like in the eyes of NORMAL PEOPLE?

And you know what is bad faith?? Trying to get 3 BRAZILIAN panelists to hear your case!! NEVER!!! That just demonstrates something that is consistent with the rest of the action you filed.

If you guys were MEN and not CLOWNS acting like legal PIRATES, you would have handled this the RIGHT WAY. Instead you poisoned the water and now I would rather use you as THE POSTER BOY for Reverse Domain Hijacking then actually do business with you and have to TRUST THE TWO of YOU!.

These posts GUARANTEE that NOBODY will ever be confused by amd Consider it the most in depth disclaimer ever known to man! :-)

This issue really is not about domaining or even domains. But it is an issue for citizens of the United States of America who almost exclusively use the .com extension as opposed to .us or Most Americans don't even know these extensions exist. As a country we use .com. They are trying to give license to any person or company throughout the world to come and try to exercise rights it does not have on almost any American entity. The layers of absurdity make this the perfect case to help folks understand what is going on and how easily they could become a victim of CHUMPS like Márcio and his brother if they were to have their way. Who would be safe???

To me this is akin to a 'Business Rape'. And not to minimize true rape, what you do when you are getting raped is SCREAM and YELL and get the attention of society. This is a terrible practice that has been going on and spreading. Not often do you have such a clear cut case of this abuse in which the masses can clearly see what I and many others are dealing with and how easily it could happen to any of them or any of their friends and family members. It makes folks in the USA particularly vulnerable BECAUSE some online property ending in dotcom is PRICELESS!

Rick Schwartz

PS: For the record, The ONLY ones that have damaged the brand are Márcio and his brother for resorting to this instead of negotiating like REAL businessman. Is that how is done in Brazil? WE ARE GOING TO FIND OUT!! The media in Brazil will be on this in a big way and I think THAT is what will eventually do the REAL damage. You CLOWNS picked this fight with ME and my job is to make you regret it in a way that prevents the next clown from even trying. THAT is why YOU are the POSTER BOY for REVERSE DOMAIN HIJACKING!! The ONLY right you have is for me to embarrass you in front of all the world and yes, that MAY damage your business. But never my intention. Just the fallout of your behaviour. You are the aggressor and I am the best counter puncher you will ever face!