The GREAT Gratz. Part 2

Afternoon Folks!

So after I wrote
post this morning I decided I was going to find the GREAT Gratz. I both succeeded
and failed. I found the Great Gratz, but he was on the other side. He died in
2003. I found that out when I tracked down his son. I searched several places
and finally found a phone number to his youngest son. Last time I saw him he
was 12, I was about 30. So I called the number. I got the right one on the
first try. I told the secretary my name and that I was a very old friend of his
dads. I told him who I was and to my surpise, he remembered me. Vividly as a
matter of fact. But then he told me his dad died in 2003 of lung cancer. It’s a
bit hard to write this right now. It may have happened 6 years ago but for me it
was 6 minutes ago. So I am a bit blurry eyed. But I still want to write this
while it is fresh and I can. I
waited just a bit too long to call.

Anyway, we had a
really good conversation and shared a few stories and memories and it was just
great to see him doing so well. I wanted him and his family to know what an influence he had in my life and I still draw strength from him. But that would be expected if you were around
the Great Gratz growing up. He was flawed just like the rest of us but he was
the best at what he did. He could chew you up and spit you out before you even knew you were bleeding. Gentle like a bear. Rip you apart like a bear. So RIP my friend. Thank you of your wisdom. Sorry it
took so long to say goodbye. I know where you are so I’ll be sure to bring an
air conditioner when I join ya. ;-)

And 'D' when I get out west next time, I am coming to see you and share some great GRATZ stories.

Rick Schwartz

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The Story of the”Great Gratz” and how 7 Words Changed my Life at 29

Morning Folks!!

'Follow a Leader or Follow an Asshole' is an
expression I learned from the GREAT Bill Gratz. While other folks sold
furniture for a living he moved mountains full of furniture. He was better than
those that he sold to or sold against. They were not in his league. Nor was I
for that matter. But I was learning from a master. He once told me something
that absolutey changed my life. He said, “I can follow a leader, but I can’t
follow an asshole.” That one line changed the trojectery of my entire

A few
months later a 52 year old pipe smoking veteran of the furniture industry that
had never held ajob for more than 2 years but had a resume that included every
big boy there was became my new boss. See while I tripled their sales in the
preceeding year I was a renegade that did not play politics the way they
thought they were entitled to at this stage. So they opted to an “Insider” to
bring them to the goal line. Even tho I had brought them from $1 or $2 million
to $10 or $12 million under my leadership, it was not
good enough. See I was
just too young. Even tho I worked for 4 years with the competition, 5 years
with them, I was still only 29. So they opted for a new path.

Well I flew out to Los Angeles to start my new
assignment on Sunday night. I got to LA at 11:30PM. I had time to think on that
flight. I thought what the GREAT Gratz told me. I decided this guy was an
asshole and I was not going to go along with the plan. I arrived in LA. I went
to the ticket counter. I booked the same plane back to Miami. I arrived at 6AM.
I went to the factory. I waited on the steps until the owners arrived at 7AM.
They were flabbergasted to
see me there as they know I was in LA at 11:30. They were in disbelief. I went in
and stated my case. A week or two later I was on the street. First time in my
life with no job. The worst days I ever remember.
But that was the day and the moment that my life changed. Where
I stood up and said NO FUCKING WAY! I won’t sell my soul. I will always tell it
like it is. There is performance and everything else. I performed. I did what
was asked. I opened accounts and made the company I worked for famous inside
the industry. I increased their market share. I made them a FORCE.

To make a long story short, that event put me in
business and I never worked for another ungrateful employer again. Never dealt
with that nonsense ever again. As far as the company I worked for and that pipe
smoking phony. Well he lasted just under 2 years when the company collapsed and
went out of business. On one hand it was sad to see something I built up
destroyed. On the other, well that’s what happens when you make a bad decision
and fuck with success.
You don’t screw with success. I guess that is why I
wanted to see the Dodgers and Yankees in the World Series. I want Joe Torre to
stick it to them!

I think as domainers we are amazing people doing amazing things
and just because we have yet to be recognized for it does not make it any less
real. Any less important. Like scientists, we are unlocking secret after
secret. Fact after fact. Result after result. Discovery after discovery.
Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Are You Mentally Lazy?? Take the Rick Test! It May Surprise you!!

Morning Folks!!

I used to be mentally lazy. I have always been physically lazy. I exercise my brain. That's the muscle I care about the most! I dig deep. I look for REAL answers not a pre-determined one. I may start with an assumption, you got to start somewhere. But you MUST adjust as you get new information. If I am looking for "North", I may start by walking any direction assuming it's North. But as new info comes in via the sun, the moon, the stars, I must adjust. I feel bad for those that just scratch the surface, drill down one layer and think their job is done. They will never find North. They live haphazardly.

Sorry, but you need to drill down deep. Layer after layer after layer until you get a SIMPLE ANSWER!!




You better drill down further than than that! 90%+ of humanity NEVER will. Why? Mentally lazy! Things start complicated. Complicated is NO GOOD! Simple is good! The KISS method. "Keep it Simple Stupid!"

Drill and drill and drill and drill until you get to 1/2 . One over two. That's simple. That's not being mentally lazy. That's drilling down to the lowest common denominator and the lowest common denominator always has the answer! The simple answer. You have to do that with everything in life if you expect to make good decisions and find great success.

I lived a life of mediocrity early on. I have seen things from both sides. I can testify to which one is better. Thinking works!! Thinking hard and deep works better! Simplifying it is the icing on the cake.

The "Great Gratz" (A person I have talked about on this blog for years) taught me something else. He taught me the most valuable lesson of my lifetime! It was around 1980. I had spent years on the road traveling from coast to coast and border to border by car. I wasted a lot of time but I was also very effective. He taught me how to be more effective to the power of 4.

The Great Gratz said, "Never cross the street unless there is a reason to do so." Hmmm. What exactly does that mean? Well for one, it said not to waste my time with those that want to waste my time. If I am going to fly from Miami to Seattle, I want to make sure I am not wasting my time or my money or my energy (remember I don't exercise. So saving my energy is important). I want to make sure I don't come home empty handed. The only way to accomplish that was to do the heavy lifting before I ever left my front door. At that point I was going to Seattle and walking away with 5 new accounts or I ain't going! Eventually I learned to do the same thing but I eliminated the jet, the hotel, the expenses and reclaimed days and days of my time!! My time!! How valuable is that??

Just don't answer, think about it!! I saved be away from my home and family for 3 days. Now I had 3 days to do other things and make more money. And since I will repeat this many times in the same week or even the same DAY, I can do this many times in a single day! Gee, I can accomplish a months worth of work without ever leaving my front door in a week and earn more than I ever have!! How cool is that? Now I have minted new mini "Me's" because I have more time to be productive. 4x the time! 4x the income! Working smarter, not harder. That started for me in the early 1980's and I have never looked back. I have worked out of my home since the 1980's and seldom have to leave my front door to make money or move mountains anymore. My broken back accelerated my learning curve. Amazing what the mind can accomplish when it has to!

That quote is how I still live my life today. "Never cross the street unless there is a reason to do so." I don't do or go anywhere until I know it is worth it. I am not interested in wasting time, money or energy. I am interested in accomplishing things. If a phone call will save me a 3000 mile trip and 3 days of my life then a phone call it is! They would have to demonstrate to me why I should leave the comfort of my home, my lifestyle, my family and my life or it ain't gonna happen. And even then, it may not happen. I will figure out a solution and a way not to travel.

Efficiency of time and effort and the reward that goes with it. I came to the Internet by identifying one single time sensitive thing as the most important and then I focused on that one thing. DOMAINS!!! I drilled down all the way. That was MY 1 over 2. It was a unique moment in time that would never ever pass again. I recognized that FACT and that was my motivation. That's before I even got to value and what a domain stands for.

That all happened from one small thought by the Great Gratz! A totally flawed human being. Drank too much, yelled too much, failed too much. We argued until we could not stand each other. Always just trying to figure out the real answer. But he was the real deal. He towered mentally over those he spoke with. They could hardly keep up with him. But I was listening to genius. I just did not know how to interpret it back then as I was 29 and he was 62. I do now! I know it since 1988 when I broke my back. I laid in bed with no way to earn a living. I had to transform myself from doing 55 trade shows a year and became an advertising company as I advertised my products instead and never left my house. (Actually a Bluebird Motorhome back then)

My 6 pack abs are in my thought process. The 10 inches between my ears. Every success and every failure a human being has is determined right there. You figure that out when you drill down. When you drill all the way down! Even if you work with your hands, your mind is the determining factor.

Happy and a Healthy New Years to all my readers! My only goal is to change somebody's life or their outlook each and every day by my provocative thoughts, opinions and beliefs. On to 2019 and beyond! Drill DEEP my friends. The rewards are SITTING THERE but buried deep! Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Oil, Domains! Most of all, SUCCESS!

Rick Schwartz

PS: For more info and my writings about the "Great Gratz", Click Here!

The Story of the”Great Gratz” and how 7 Words Changed my Life at 29

The Great Gratz Part 2

What Does "Moving Mountains" mean?

The School of Thought, the Power of the Mind

Rick’s 5 Minute Sales Lesson Can Make you a Pro! Right Here! Right Now!

The School of Thought. The Power of the Mind!

Morning Folks!!

I hate to exercise. I don't believe in it. I think it does more harm than good. I think the fitness industry is basically bogus. All my friends get injured in the gym. Some pretty bad. Yes, I know you don't agree. But I don't care. I still won't exercise.

Do you remember Jack LaLanne? He was called the "Godfather of Fitness". That was before there was a "Fitness Industry". He talked about nutrition when most folks did not know what a calorie was. 

There were 3 national channels back in the 1950's and if you were in New York area there were 2 or 3 more local channels. There was no TV at night! It was BLACK SCREEN! Then around 5AM the "Test Pattern" came on to test the signal and tone. That would stay on until 5:30 and then Jack LaLanne would start the TV day on one of the local New York channels. I remember having to adjust the "Rabbit ears" so the picture would not be "Snowy". 

Jack was a weightlifter but had only one prop on TV, one machine, just one all in one. Remember what it was? It was a kitchen chair! Why? Because everyone had one! It was a pure show and he wanted eyeballs to sell ads to his sponsors but had not tapped into the direct fitness market because there was none at that time. He learned later on tho. From fitness guru to fitness selling whore. (with all respect and love!)

Walking, swimming and sex are arguably the best exercises. But not many people make money if you walk or get it on. They make more money if you believe this $12,000 all in one is better! lol

But that has nothing to do with this blog post. Let's talk about exercising the brain. the mind. The thought process. The decision making ability. Those are the 6 pack abs I like to focus on. 

For me it started back in my early 20's. In those days I drove an average of 300-400 miles per day for YEARS. I had a lot of time to think. There was no cell phone. No Fedex. No laptop. Oh yeah, our computers were 3x5 index cards. I was too lazy to fill them out or keep track. I was always in a hurry! I was unprepared and unprofessional. 

I would drive from Dallas to El Paso. There was not much in between. 635 miles of nothing! The exits in west Texas could easily be 50 miles apart or more. I would spend 1 day in El Paso and then start the 797 mile trek to Los Angeles. I would drive over 1400 miles in just a couple to 3 days with an 8 track! Listen to Crosby, Stills Nash and Young, America, Seals and Croft, John Denver. Gives a young man a lot of time to think. Think DEEP!! NO DISTRACTIONS! Something I didn't do much of in High School and even less in college. But now I was in life itself and I had to figure things out to survive and thrive.  All I knew is If I did not make $100/day, I would be sleeping in my car.

That is when and where I became a thinker. I had the time to drill down deep to find answers. I used to simply scratch the surface and look for the answer I wanted. But as I would drill down I would find evidence that the answer I wanted was not reality.  As a 23 year old, reality is never that easy to swallow. It's like reading the fine print of life! 

Ever see a car ad and you can get a brand new Mercedes for $149/month. It sounds great if you are naive. Then you read the fine print. $5000 down and trade in worth at least $5000 and, and, and. And it's only good on the ugly green one with the blue stripe!

Everyone I know is always in a hurry. But when you are in a rush, that is in direct conflict to good decision making and thinking. That thought process takes time and focus.

Some people think small decisions are insignificant. WRONG!! WRONG!! WRONG!! The smallest decision can also be the biggest and I can prove it!. 

The smallest grain of sand can bring the biggest engine to a screetching halt!

That's a fact! So when you apply that to decision making and YOUR own personal destiny, it may be life changing! So NEVER EVER dismiss a small decision especially if it has the ability to impact something else. 

Getting to the airport at a certain time may be a small decision. But if you did not leave enough time for something unexpected and you are late and the plane takes off and the next flight is in 2 days and then you miss your 21 day African Safari that you already paid for and your vacation is all messed up and you don't get another one for a year and you would have met the girl of your dreams.......

The "Great Gratz" once told me a great way to approach something. He said, "When you are in a hurry, NEVER RUSH!" in other words. Take a deep breath and be deliberate even if you are late.

But then I added a few things to the Great Gratz! I saw his shortfalls and why he needed to learn that.  My additions include Postponing s decision if you are being pressured. Sleep on it when you are not sure. But then also know the difference calamity can make and prevent being in a hurry to begin with!! That's why I am always early. I would arrive sometimes a day early as an insurance policy against "CALAMITY"!

I am not a fast runner. But my mind will outpace the fastest.

I don't have the strength to lift even 100lbs. But my thought process can move mountains.

The obstacle course runner uses his or her great overall strength and physical ability to overcome the challenges that lay ahead in a measured course. My mind uses that strength and ability to overcome the obstacles and challenges of life and the course never ends. 

The true champions we worship and know do both. That means I am only working at 50%. So I better think harder, faster and smarter to even have a chance to compete. That was the day in life that I realized what made great athletes great. What made Olympians a cut above. It was their minds. Their minds control their bodies.  Their minds directed their bodies. 

Now it's true that some just had raw physical ability and their minds shall we say were less developed. But even many of those wired that way eventually were able to harness that strength and re-direct some of it to the mind. 

When I write, my job is to provoke! Provoke thought! Provoke your mind into action. Provoke enough thought that it would force you to read and comment. If I fail to do that, I have failed you, the reader. 

If I come over and just kick you in the balls I am going to provoke a reaction 100% of the time. But MY JOB is to kick us all in the mind! It's much harder to provoke a reaction. 

And that is what selling is. To provoke a reaction. The fitness industry are experts at provoking a reaction and marrying it with an emotional reaction as well. The gym equipment, that's just their vehicle. Their MINDS are making money! Salute! 

The human mind is perhaps the most powerful force ever known. It is capable of achieving great and unbelievable things and the power to destroy everything in its path! Controlling that engine is a full time exercise. The mind is everything.  

Rick Schwartz

PS: I met the "Great Gratz" when I was 29 and he was about 60. He died about 10 years ago. He taught me how to do things in a big and meaningful way. But by observing him in action I also learned his weaknesses and how not to do things. I am grateful for both! RIP Bill.

Rick’s 5 Minute Sales Lesson Can Make you a Pro! Right Here! Right Now!

Morning Folks!!

It makes me uneasy when I say I have been is sales for 40 years. But I have. 42 to be exact. I was very lucky to meet some great folks early on that became lifelong friends. I also was lucky to meet some folks that I never saw again but I was able to take something of value from them.

The Great Gratz taught me a few things. Never cross the street unless there is a reason to do so. The difference between leaders and assholes. Think big and move mountains! So what exactly does the latter mean?

It means think BIG. Dream BIG. Do BIG things. Don't think small.

So let's start at the most basic. Sales is overcoming objections of the would-be buyer. No objection, no sale.

Problem is most people who are supposed to be in sales go off the deep-end when you raise objections and questions and challenges. See their job is to answer them not be upset by them. Not be surprised by them. But actually welcome them. yes welcome objections. The more the better. See the "Objection" is at the heart of every sale. An objection means you are interested not the other way around but MOST salespeople get ANGRY or frustrated when they should be calmly answering the question at hand like you actually know what you are talking about and not being defensive but being confident. That is the foundation of it all.

Now you can't even get to an objection unless there is need, want desire. Because at that point, they don't give a shit about what you are saying because there is no interest on their part and you as a sales person have done nothing to spark their interest. Then the really bad sales folks start talking about price. Not value. Price. Well why would you talk about price when we already established they don't give a shit about what you are selling?

So I can spot a sale a mile away and I can spot things that will never lead to a sale from an even further distance.

When they walked in the door of that mattress store I worked at when I was 19, they already made it clear they had a need a want and a desire. We were some schlock house and they already went to Sears and Penny's and Macy's and they were still looking. You know what that meant? They were ready to make their purchase and go home. Wish I would have realized that back then But I did not. The owner did. He closed every single customer that he waited on in the entire time I worked  there. Every single one and he explained why. So simple. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

Now that I look back, I understand it. Customers walking in his door had need, want and desire and what was probably missing was Value. So they were shopping price and comfort and benefits and when it could get delivered and they just wanted to go home.

Sales is a universal art. Some sales are hard-hitting. Some are a slow smooth mild pitch. Some sales involve no selling at all but just showing overwhelming value. Sales is an art and a science. I can spot a real sales pro in minutes and a faker in seconds. It is nothing more than a series of questions and answers and building a confident relationship. The questions are objections and objections are the path to a sale. But MOST get frustrated with questions. Mainly because they have no answer and when you have no answer, you LOSE! You lose because you are not prepared and you lose because you did not go out of your way to find the answer. You may have even been bothered by the question.

Now on the other hand there are questions that say I am serious and questions that say I am just going to waste your time. They are easy to spot. But you have to know human nature. You have to be able to interpret something. For example, when somebody says it is not about the money, they are generally not being truthful. It is always about the money. Always. 99.9%. The more you argue the point, the less I will even listen. There are some truths you just learn over time. It's always about the money.

So as long as you are getting pertinent questions, you are on the road to a sale. And as long as you answer them completely and confidently, you will be making that sale. And you may even have to ask for it. However if you do it really well, they will tell you they are ready.

As a consumer I have choice. You have choice. We all have choice. That is why sales is key. It is the subtle difference between eating and starving.

We are all in sales. All of us. We start out as kids and we whine until we get what we want. That is sales!

I love when I meet a CEO and he tells me he is not into sales. Wow! That's like a runner that does not like running. It is part of the job description whether you like it or not and if you are no good at it you are going to have a rough road.

Sales is a combination of human nature and all the other things I have mentioned. Sometimes one of the parties even get pissed. It's okay. Don't take it too seriously. It is all part of the human show. Just laugh it off. Think of a good comeback. Touche.

Sales is a thought process. It is a challenge and many times you don't make the sale. Or you may not make it right then. But if you did your job well, that sale may still come. You got to know when to back off and when to go for the sale itself. That old thing TIMING once again. If you go out on a date and you expect something too quickly you will probably end up with nothing. But if you go with the flow and don't push or rush it, much more likely to unfold the way you want. Same thing in sales. You are romancing. romancing a vision or a product or an idea or a service or whatever it is you are trying to sell. And if you are a good romancer, you can CREATE, Need, want and desire. You can illustrate value and benefits. But to do all that, you need to overcome all the objections. You can't ignore them. Once you ignore the objection, you lose. You may be able to skirt the issue once, but if it comes up again and you have no answer, Go home. You lose. No sale!

I know when we talk sales the first thing most think about is a Used Car Salesman because they are the worst and the lowest on the food chain. Most have had their job for days and not years. It costs nothing to hire them and most get fired within 6 weeks. That is not the sales I am talking about today. I am talking about a much more sophisticated type of sale where there is a common goal and the sales person can be your guide to get what you Need, want and desire. Like a concierge for example. They are in sales, but it is a soft sell. Time shares are a hard sell.

Sometimes you only get one shot at making a sale so you have to go for the fences pretty quickly. Other sales take months or even years. That is a very sophisticated sale with lots of time invested.

Sales is an art. Sales is a science. Sales is your ticket to eating for as long as you live. Sales is nothing more than a meeting of the minds with a reward.

Rick Schwartz

What does”Moving Mountains” Mean??

Mornig Folks!!

The Great Gratz taught me a Few things. Never cross the street unless there is a reason to do so. The difference between leaders and assholes. Think big and move mountains! So what exactly does the latter mean?

It means think BIG. Dream BIG. Do BIG things. Don't think small.

So let me give you an example of a mountain I moved right before your very eyes. Maybe it moved so slowly you did not see it. Maybe it moved so fast that you missed it.

This mountain mover started with one slogan. 'This GREAT Domain Name May be Available for Joint Ventures or Lease. Click here to inquire.' It started on a handful of my domains and has spread to all my domains. And then the domains of others. And the domains of PPC companies.

So what started out as an experiment on a few of my domains now has the exact or similar wording on many thousands if not MILLIONS of domain names. They added one word or thought. They added LEASE or RENT to the mix. That my friends is just the first mountain we HAD to move to PREPARE for all the other mountains that come after.

Each is a mountain. These are big things and as I write about it many times I will keep telling you about the stages we must do FIRST before all else. There are things and there are things in a proper order. To move a mountain, it is an Olympic type event. If you want to succeed you need to prepare. Preparing usually takes a LOT longer than the actual goal or the actual hunt. Olympians prepare for years for a 50 yard sprint. A race lasting seconds and they prepare for YEARS!! WHY??? Because they want to succeed!

Prep and train

For the clueless that have hidden agendas, feel threatened somehow and want results yesterday. Let me show you what kind of fools we are dealing with. Imagine we are at a Marina and we are gathering our gear for a 3 month expedition looking for some great whale of a catch. The prep takes the most time. But these fools are jumping up and down when we are still at the marina looking for the whale. Geez. Grow up. You expect that from a 3 year old. Are you insulted. GREAT! Take a hike! I don't force you to come here. I write for myself and those that are interested and are constructive. PERIOD! Plus those to come down the road so they know the REAL story!

So we will do this the way WE see fit and let me spell it out for all to see. All the mountains and all the statges as far as what we expect and when we expect it.

Mountain #1.......Domainers need to see the wisdom and extra money leasing can bring. DONE!

Mountain #2.......Bring to market the very best leaseable domains and work from DONE!

Mountain #3......Setup a 12 man sales force that will help us. IN PROCESS (Deadline March 1)

Mountain #4......Setup an EFFECTIVE custom and individual Pitch Page for each and every one of the domains we represent. IN PROCESS. Will unveil some samples soon.

Mountain #5......Arrive in Las Vegas with at least 5-10 deals in hand.

Mountain #6.......By December 31st have at least 1 deal per week happening.

Mountain #7.......Go to our clients and tall them about the fight Danny and I had about the exclusive TERM. Danny wanted an exclusive for 2 years. I said no domainer would do that deal. I said 6 months. He said that would not be enough time to do what it would take. I said I will make you a deal. Let's do 1 year and I promise when I can go back to our clients on December 31st and demonstrate the progress we have made and the mountains we have moved, that 90% or more would stay on board with us. When they see a deal a week. That works because the next stop is 2 deals a week. Then 3. Then 4. Then 1 per day. When we reach 1 per day and there are 255 working days in a year for 9-5ers, everyone will know this game is BIG and the mountain has been MOVED!

But each step takes time to do it RIGHT if you want a success! Any MORON can try and do it FAST and fail! Failing is easy. Inside each mountain are hills with peaks and valleys. There is a path to follow and our job is to follow that path. A path I have been waiting to embark on for 17 years. Waiting for the EXACT right moment.

So if you are tired of hearing about this and what we are going to do to transform what we all do, then I am sorry. This is what I choose to write about and you can choose to ignore every word. I understand completely.

We have a mission!

What Danny and I are doing is good for me and it just happens to translate well to many others.

Moving mountains is not an easy thing to achieve. But when done in order and done right and done methodically and done in a deliberate way by 2 of the most passionate people you will likely ever see with a record of successes and assembling a sales team of like minded will bring demonstrable results along the way.

Plus we have added nearly total transparency like no other company. Who does that? We don't have to do it. We choose that path because to be a win-win it has to work that way. Our motives are crystal clear. The benefits are crystal clear. Domainers win big. End users win big.

Need, want, desire, meet problem with a solution that equals more profits and accelerating growth.

So we are still in the marina collecting our gear and preparing. TRAFFIC is when we come back to port. We won't come empty handed and we won't have to invent stuff to save face. I can already give you a list of ACTIVE Joint Ventures. But that was not Danny's plan and I kind of screwed him up. Had this been pulled off the way he wanted and expected with just my domain names, he would have stolen the show.

But guess what? We won't come back empty handed and we will steal the show.

Just like leasing was the big topic out west a few weeks ago. It came up at panel after panel. WHY?? I planned it that way. Really. I'll tell that story some day in the future and can prove what I say. That was like a fun mini-mountain type experiment just for shits and giggles. Mostly for Danny's consumption. Just to prove something about marketing and TIMING! TIMING! TIMING! Lightng a fuse and knowing EXACTLY when and HOW it will go off. I just LOVE when a PLAN comes together!! (Thanks A-Team!)

Leasing has made folks think and many see what we see. Why? Because we moved the mountain. We moved the needle. We changed the conversation. We changed the direction and most importantly, we changed the attitude from one of fear and doubt to one of optimism and excitement. Like maybe there is hope that you can regain control of what we all do.

So think big or think small. But you can't move mountains playing small ball.

I imagine the folks with less than stellar portfolios that now have an opportunity to basically own 5% of Do 20 deals like that and it is like owning a domain like Look at things differently. DARE to try! Is it that uncomfortable to look at success right in the face?

This post is for the Great Gratz, Frank Critelli, Al Heller, Bob Hayde and all domainers past, present and future.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

Good Decisions are Thought Out. Bad Ones are Rushed! What’s the Hurry?

Morning Folks!!

We all want to try and understand and sell to the end user.
There is a reason the end user is hard to make contact with. The reason I have
seen played out dozens of times. Instead of thoughtful deliberation, MOST
businesses will jump on the first idea. That is as far is it goes. I think that
becomes the base problem. So many just pick the first solution, not the best
solution. The first name, not the best name. Instead of thinking of 5 or 10
possibilities, then weeding out the weak ones and finally deciding on the best
one……this is NOT the road they use. I am amazed by this huge pitfall that so
many have and display. The name of your company may be the single most important
thing you do next to the model to make a profit.

Oh yeah, model to make a profit. That component is lacking
in oh so many projects. It is not that they could not build it to be
profitable, but since they are all in a rush, they just never do it. It’s like
the conversation to get and find traffic. Their answer is always…”No problem, we got that covered.” But as we all know, most don’t really have that covered
and they are stunned when they are hit in the face with the reality of things.

What’s the damn rush?? That’s all I really want to know.
When there is no need to be in a hurry to begin with. It’s not a bad thing to
find an answer that is not perfect.
It is a bad thing to stop before you find that perfect answer. It is bad
because it is lying there. The best answer is always just lying right next to
all the others. You just got to dig a little deeper. Look a little wider. Ask
some more pointed questions. Do the things that will give you the best and you
just may end up with the best. If not, you will still be in the competition by
accident. As others stumble with their decisions you just keep gaining on the
pack. The longer the race is, the wider your margin of victory. Last time I
looked, this is a marathon. The Internet and domain names will be here long after we are all
gone. Make the best decisions and the best things will unfold. As the 'Great Gratz' used to say......'Never rush when you are in a hurry'

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz