TRAFFIC 25 Bellagio Las Vegas 2013. One for the History Books!

Morning Folks!!

There is not a word here that I can say that matters more than those from attendees.

They decide whether the show was a success or not.
They decide if it was worth leaving the comfort of their homes.
They decide over the course of the weeks and months ahead whether they got value.
And they decide whether it is worth coming back or not.

So I can only say things from our stand point.

The group was stellar.
They were upbeat and enthusiastic.
There were some 40-50 new faces. Many from outside the USA

The hotel was first class in every way.
There were lots of places to go to comfortably network.
Some of the greatest Rags to Riches stories you will ever hear. Makes you want to slap silly some folks with no excuse whatsoever.
More spouses in attendance than ever before.
I want to thank each and every speaker for taking their time and energy to share things that sometimes are not easy to share. Well done!
Shane's mom was a rockstar and I never even got to introduce myself to her because she always had a crowd.
I was getting Freddy Von Schnauzer withdrawl but Bailey stepped up to fill in some of the doggie love.

I missed most of the show because I got a severe case of food poisoning at Olives the night before the show started.
I was no fan of Todd English before so you can imagine how I feel now as I am still recovering from a Tuesday night "Killer" meal.

And as I got off the red eye this morning I had one red eye on the October show that is just 4 months away and the $995 early bird expires tonight.
The other red eye focused on doing this all over again the exact same time, place and venue next year in Las Vegas.

Also a tip of the hat to the Bellagio staff that was flawless and to the physical hotel itself which as just beautiful in every way
My only tip is when you order eggs for room service, get them fried as the scrambled eggs arrived DOA each and every time and were uneatable.

Glad to be home and now we get to start working on the Fort Lauderdale show tomorrow.
But right now I am exhausted and I am sure I have loads of company.
So let me just say I hope those that attended got great value and those that did not, I hope we see you either next year in Vegas or in October in Fort Lauderdale.

You can read DNJournal's  play by play highlights of the show here, here, here, here and here.

And so ends my first post on Wordpress.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz