The ONLY Book I Ever Read 3X

Morning Folks!!

I am not an avid book reader. But one book I have read when I was 20, 40 and now 60 has been a great guide to shape human nature in a better direction. It's the book in which I learned that habits take 30 days to make or 30 days to break. Just 30 days can fix or transform about anything you want.

When I was 20 it was pretty hard to get a handle on the book. Overwhelming is the word that came to mind.

When I was 40 I read it again and by accident I had achieved about 33%-50%.

Then in just the past few weeks I read it one more time. Diligently. I am about 75% or more there now. I guess it will be 80 when I get all 10 nailed down. But, maybe I can accelerate it and do it NOW!

The book takes about 90 minutes to read. Easy reading with a very big message.

"The Greatest Salesman in the World" by Og Mandino. A life changing book if you have an open mind and an open heart. It's not really about sales at all. It is about life, human nature, habits and wrapped in an ancient story that many will be able to relate to.

Many of you have already read this book. Read it again. Those that read this blog and have not read this book, I promise you it will be beneficial and may help you put a few pieces in the right place. Bob Hayde (RIP) gave me this book when I was 19. One of the greatest GIFTS I have ever received.

Rick Schwartz

Domainer Pope Roulette

Morning Folks!!

On Tuesday I saw a list of 20 possible picks for pope. So I decided to hon my skill as I usually do on events of great interest. Being Jewish I was not aware the parameters for the pope changing his name but I was glad to see I had no shot anyways.

But while I did not hit the bullseye on this mission, I circled around that eye.

I got these 24 hours before the announcement:,,,,,

Then after the announcement I got these.,,,,, got the most traffic yesterday. 82 visitors in the first 5 hours and 45 as of 10AM today.

All these names are availabe to transfer to the Vatican without charge....not that they would want any.

I can only imagine the amount of traffic the REAL domain got. could have easily gotten over 1 million TYPE INS! Type ins! What more proof would folks like about type ins?

If the .com gets 1 million visitors and the .net gets 5000 visitors and all the rest combined get 5000 visitors, does that not illustrate the power of .com?

Now much of that traffic will taper off. But not all.

I got a bunch of consolation prizes. I also had some PopeBenedict domains. They got very little traffic because he was never a popular Pope. This Pope is quite different and people already love him! His words were quite moving and humble is just not a good enough word.

Godaddy came out with a press release and said they sold 500 in the first 1 hour of Pope related domain names. So you could assume worldwide many thousands were registered. It is now a cottage industry in and of itself. We will see in what form this plays out. But a popular Pope could make for some very interesting domain stories.

As I write this I registered 2 more., Like I said, a cottage industry is likely to spring up.

It is hard to describe the process or the why but here is a small parallel of the feeling that goes through me as a domain investor. As an investor. As a risk taker. As a gambler in the casino of business.

You can buy a major league baseball at the store for $10 or $20. But that is not the same as going to the stadium and catching a home run. That is priceless. Same ball with a different experience and value. I don't mind throwing the ball back to the guy that hit the home run. As a matter of fact that is the most priceless thrill of all. The thrill of the thrill.

btw, the number one question I hear is why did they not pick a younger Pope? I beleive I have the answer and I am sure many won't like it. But when you get down to it......Each of those Cardinals dreams of being Pope. If they put in a young Pope, that dream dies for all who have it. Human Nature even exists there. You may have your opinion, this is mine.

Rick Schwartz