HallofShame.com Version 4 Now LIVE!

Afternoon Folks!!

Slowly but surely we are taking all that "Stuff" and presenting it in a more and more effective manner.

We still have some things to clean up tonight but the new Hall of Shame  is complete enough to go online and so it is.

Hopefully you like the improvements and I believe we are making it effective as well.


Rick Schwartz

BREAKING: “I told them to go to Hell” Owner Driveups.com to UPS Attorney

Afternoon Folks!!

I just got confirmation that HallofShame.com may have PREVENTED its' first Reverse Domain Name Hijacking Case!

After just hours on the "Watch List" we have a new development.

And so we will see. Perhaps the first tangible and positive result. This is SERIOUS STUFF. This is no longer "We did not know".

"They must have seen your "watch list" - attorney called to settle and I told then to go to hell....please include that in your blog..."

So hopefully they will either come to a monetary agreement or they will each go their separate ways. But make no mistake, Reverse Domain Name Hijacking is something to be taken more seriously now as we have an outlet that will help shield everyone from predators.

Rick Schwartz



The New Hall of Shame Facebook Page

Morning Folks!!

Another day, another step. Last night I did the best I could to set up the Facebook page.

We go under hallofshamecom or hallofshame.com. I am not even sure how to link it to the outside world.

Update, this is our link: facebook.com/hallofshamecom


In many ways I am very encouraged about this. In other ways I ask myself how in an industry this large, with so much at stake can I only get 140 tweets and 45 likes after one week. But that is sales. It's not easy to rev up an engine from a standstill. It takes a very long time for things to gather steam. But being that I am in sales I understand just how hard it is to make a sale.

But each day we will attract a few more of each and that is how you move things forward. And hopefully we will hit a "Vein" at some point and it will spread like wildfire. But which ever path it takes, Hall of Shame will be a crossroads and I just think it is a matter if time. Until then, we will educate hundreds of people each and every day. The site will help discourage companies from filing if they are close to the line. It is your way to fight back and point to the peril that they face should they be found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. (RDNH)

Until then, we are putting the foundation in place and let folks see what they are flirting with.

Rick Schwartz


The HallofShame.com Press Release

HallofSHAME.com Launches Website Targeting Reverse Domain

Name Hijacking

BOCA RATON, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Boca Raton based man launches HallofShame.com. An information based website that spotlights companies found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH). Reverse Domain Name Hijacking: When a person or company tries to STEAL a domain name from the rightful owner by claiming trademark infringement and bad faith among other fabrications in order to get a governing panel to award them the domain name for FREE.

The website www.hallofshame.com will shine a bright light on those companies found guilty of trying to hijack more than a domain name, but somebody’s business or dream. “Today is the day we begin the end of this disgusting practice. Since there is no legal or criminal penalty, these companies now put at risk their brands and entire online/offline reputations,” said Rick Schwartz owner of the website and leading the charge against those trying to steal domains and the lawyers that represent them. Until now Rick had been skewering these folks at Ricksblog.com after a Brazilian company was found guilty of trying to Reverse Hijack one of his domains, SaveMe.com, in March of 2012.

“With our traffic base and the help of many other folks that own a domain name, tens of thousands of visitors or more per month come to the website and when they get there they might be surprised what lengths some companies will go not to pay fair market value for the domain name they want, is already owned by somebody else and resort to abusing the process in an effort to hijack or steal what is not theirs. To finally be able to fight back is a great feeling and shows what the power of a single domain name can be,” Mr. Schwartz went onto say.

Just this year alone Procter and Gamble and Jaguar/Landrover have both been found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking by the governing body. Not only guilty, but with harsh language from the panels themselves. So no company big or small can get away with this any longer. The price to be paid when found guilty might be priceless.

HallofShame.com was registered in 1997 by Mr. Schwartz and September 3rd 2013 was the first day it was online as an independent site. The site has the wide support of the Domain Name Industry in which Mr. Schwartz plays a prominent role. Visit HallofShame.com for more information.



For HallofShame.com
Rick Schwartz, 561-206-2201

Márcio Chaves: New Jobs New Look?

Evening Folks!!

Márcio Chaves seems to have a brand new look. Seems I made his old look VERY FAMOUS!

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So if you have linked in, here is the link.

Facebook is here

Notice his most recent job.

"Vice President of the Information Society Law and Cyber Crime Commission at the Pinheiros Section (Regional) of the Brazilian Bar Association - São Paulo"

This must be some joke. A guy found GUILTY of abusing the system with a Reverse Domain Name Hijacking finding by a 3 member panel and what some would label a cyber criminal is on some commission about cyber crime? WOW!

Rick Schwartz


Forget About Google, The Internet is about LINKING!

Evening Folks!

I came from a pre-google era on the Internet and so that means not only did we do things differently but I look at things differently. In the "Old days" you built traffic by links and by search. The biggest search engine of that day and era is long gone. Of course to me trading links back then was like a mortgage so I figured out about type ins and that was traffic without the mortgage.

Of course back then I never had a content so there was nothing to trade either. So nobody would link to me. Why would they?

But now I draw back on those days. I go back to basics and what I learned back then from people who did have content. They needed a great cross-section of eyes and that was THE way.

So as I build up HallofShame.com I am simply going back to basics. And when you have a common cause, the basics trump everything else. And we do have a common cause. Friend or foe, our cause is the same and we have to fight on the same team. Period!

So it is really wonderful to see the help I have gotten and folks pitching in where they can and even if it is just hitting the like or the tweet button, you have done something proactive. Something to help the cause. Part of what I am doing I have done before. The other part is what I learned in the movie "The Social Network". One of THE most educational things I have ever seen to help understand the Internet.

We will demonstrate in front of the world what we can do when you have passion and what many can do together when they are passionate about something. My talents are limited. Very limited. I can just provide the spark and the time. But together we have talent beyond most fortune 500 companies.  We have a bullhorn and a soapbox the likes of which the world may not be able to fathom. This is just something long overdue and now we have a vehicle that is actually moving the needle. The FIRST 18 wheeler is approaching the crest of a very big hill.

Besides everything else, today I wrote the Press Release. I am on the second look over right now and hope to arrange distribution by tonight or tomorrow so it can immediately and keep this momentum going. As they say....FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!

This is our moment folks. You can see the domain market heating up each and every day. I have been talking about it for weeks and it is here now. The golden era of domaining is HERE!

Rick Schwartz

Next Step: HallofShame.com Press Release

Morning Folks!!

Are we having fun yet? I sure am. Not because I want to do this, but because I love the hunt. I love BRANDING something that is designed to make one sale. Stop Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. But on the way to that goal there will be certain by-products. Educating folks about domains and the importance and value is just the first layer.

Soon  I will be able to declare that most people have at least one domain name. That is the grassroots that may have their own concerns in common with us. How many folks had just one domain name and got served with a WIPO or NAF without the $$$ to defend. How many of those would have had rulings of Reverse Domain Name hijacking had they been able to effectively defend their property? Possibly THOUSANDS! Possibly TENS of thousands.

By 2014 or 2015 we want to bring this practice to a screeching halt. So a seed has been planted and oh my it is gonna grow up to be a GIANT Tree the likes of which few will believe today. But this is a long-term endeavor and I relish the chance to make a BIG difference.

So this week I will begin to work on a press release that may be more interesting than most if I can get it down short and sweet. It's a challenge. Effective release are not easy and not my strong suit. The headline alone can make you are break you and it has to say a lot in a very short space. Where do I start?

Boca Raton, Florida September 12, 2013 HallofShame.com going after some of the World's largest companies including Procter and Gamble and Jaguar/Landrover who have both been found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking.......more to come.

Rick Schwartz

Thank you Francois!!

Morning Folks!!

Look to the right side on Domaining.com and there is a giant banner against Reverse Domain Name Hijacking and hallofshame.com from Francois I would assume........and it looks great!!!

Whether it is up for an hour, a day or whatever........Thank you sir! This 18 wheeler is moving!

Rick Schwartz


HallofShame.com Now has Twitter Account

Morning Folks!!

HallofShamecom is the new Twitter handle. It also opens up a new circulation front. Targets a different group of people and will hopefully have a life of its own. I will be adding many followers which is exactly opposite of what I do with my own account where I follow less than 2 dozen people. Here I am out to circulate RDNH info and so I have a different objective and a different strategy.

It also gives me a chance to really test Twitter and see the power it has and how best to use it.

Rick Schwartz

HallofShame.com New Banners and Icons

Morning Folks!!

Below are some banners and icons for your website should you decide to post it. It comes down to one thing. Circulation. And in my next post I will describe what I will do next. The goal is to stop talking amongst ourselves and get to a wider audience. With your help I am going to stop Reverse Domain Name Hijacking in its' tracks! It is a warning to all what can and will happen. NO MONEY can fix the damage these companies have self-inflicted.

So I will be crystal clear about the YEARS of fallout these companies face should they engage and be found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking, (RDNH)

I invite any of them to come out and make a statement. Join US in this fight.

125-button02a 125-button02b




Rick Schwartz