4 reasons why .Brand will NOT Replace Brand.com in the Foreseeable Future

Morning Folks!!

Here are 4 reasons why .brand will not replace brand.com in the foreseeable future. This was an email sent to me today by 
Guoliang "George" Hong and I think it is very insightful.

1. Setup time.

It takes a few minutes to register a .com domain. It takes years/months to get

.brand application  approved by ICANN. In the future the approval time period

will be shortened, but it would be still easier to use the brand.com they already

owned or register a new .com

2. Cost and efforts

It costs 6 figure and lots of efforts to apply for .brand; it costs money to

maintain and operate .brand every year. The costs and efforts will be less in the future,

but they will never match the $10 yearly fee for .com

3. Usability

To use .brand, people need to remember two strings. Leftofthedot and brand

To use brand.com, people just need to remember one string: brand; .com is

already embedded in people’s mind.

2 VS 1, human beings are lazy, Simple is better. Less is more.

4. Confusion caused by Left of the DOT

.brand owners are creative mind owners, which means that their left of dot's will have

tons of varieties.  Tv.CBS, news.espn, drink.coke, enjoy.pepsi. The endless left of dot's will confuse users.

Also assuming that CBS is running tv.cbs and abc didn’t even apply for .abc.

When people type in tv.abc, they got an error. The next time they will think twice about typing in tv.cbs.

Users will go back the brand.com urls that always work (in this case cbs.com and abc.com)

Thank you George! See you tomorrow!

Rick Schwartz

BREAKING: Aptus Tech LLC represented by Max Moskowitz, of Ostrolenk Faber LLP, GUILTY! RDNH of KLIPZ.com

Morning folks!!

As DomainNameWire.com reported when this case was filed, Aptus Tech LLC represented by Max Moskowitz, of Ostrolenk Faber LLP, has now been found GUILTY of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. (RDNH) I will be updating this post as I gather the details and we make another compnay FAMOUS for being found GUILTY of RDNH of Klipz.com.

"In this case, the evidence indicates that Complainant clearly knew that the disputed domain name was registered many years before it could establish rights in the KLIPZ mark and, thus, that it would not be able to establish that the disputed domain name was registered in bad faith, which is one of elements one must establish in order to prevail under the Policy."

Congrats to John Berryhill and Frank Schilling!

What can you do to help stop this disgusting practice? Tweet, Like, Share, Circulate! Make Aptus Tech LLC represented by Max Moskowitz, of Ostrolenk Faber LLP FAMOUS!!! That's what YOU can do! Small price to pay to help protect what YOU own and what you do. It's SEO at its finest!!!

Rick Schwartz

The BIG Domain Industry BOOM!

Morning Folks!!

Ever heard the phrase "The calm before the storm"? These historical phrases are tested over hundreds of years and uncountable events. They are the most basic and fundamental building blocks we have. They consist of common sense, history and knowledge.

So while so many domainers are jumping out of their shoes each day with fear and worry I am sitting at the pool WAITING for TIME to pass. What is coming is SO CLEAR to see why are so many missing it? Some folk are always chasing shiny objects and just like a shadow, they never catch it. And they don't learn either.

There are BILLIONS of dollars coming to OUR POND in the WEEKS, MONTHS and YEARS ahead. If you can't figure out how to grab some of them $$$$, then you could not get laid in a whore house with a fist full of hundred-dollar bills. So those wringing their hands all day and questioning everything they do are being TRAPPED by their own MINDS!

It's truly sad to see that we are each our own biggest enemy and/or obstacle. While we always lash out, it ALL comes from within. You can either be in control of human nature or you can be controlled and victimized by it. But make no mistake. it is all SELF INDUCED! A choice we make because we each have the POWER to change our will and our destiny.

Today you can choose to be a victim or a winner. 80% wake up every day as a victim and the other 20% reap the rewards that are just sitting there because of it.

So go cry in your soup. It's a HUGE leap for that 80%. Nobody likes being taken out of their comfort zone. So they are all STUCK!

STUCK is a choice. You can be a Mover and a Shaker. But the bullshit swirling around in the minds of the 80% paralyzes them into inaction. STUCK! Those folks only have time and energy to lash out. They are insulted by the reality of life. They take it personally. I am amused at first and then saddened that they are stuck, sit on the side lines, fear every decision and since they make bad decisions, they should be scared!

So the #1 problem that the domain industry has is the same that every industry has. There is an 80/20 mix and the 80 spend all their energy trying to bring down others while the other 20 spend their energy in moving and shaking and still have enough time to try to have others see the path to success no matter what you do in life, who you are or even where you came from. Today starts now. Each day starts. Who is controlling YOUR day? Me? lol Some guy on TV? Some BS in your head?

You can go to school for 1000 years. You can obtain the highest degrees. You can be the most brilliant person walking. You can have every gift in the world. But if you don't understand and control human nature, if you can't make good decisions, if you can't see past today and learn from history, then it is all trumped by those that can.

Who is a better boxer? The guy with a 9-0 record or the guy with the 100-5 record? Chances are the 9-0 guy has never been truly tested. Chances are the 100-5 guy has seen it all and has been tested. Learning how to fail may be the only path to learning how to succeed. And everyone yelling in the grandstand is 0-0.

So here is a time capsule type post. Business is slow right now. So what? It's called summer and for a lot of folks they have not enjoyed a summer in several years. Well, they are going to adjust and enjoy this summer and business will limp along like a calm before a storm. But come September and on until the following September, things are in store for a huge turnaround. By December 31st 2014 the talk of recession will be gone and the recovery will feel like a BOOM!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Distinguish or Isolate? That it the gTLD Question to Answer!

Morning Folks!!

I really think the BIG gamble comes down to whether the new gTLD's will Distinguish a BRAND or isolate that BRAND. And that question MOSTLY applies to .BRANDS. Now that gamble for them is not huge and companies will always find inventive ways to use a  .Apple or a  .Dell. But many of the brands will keep their .BRAND on a shelf for potential future use or even internal use.

So they can distinguish themselves as .Apple but there could be a downside as well as it could isolate them. But I don't think so. I like .BRAND. I just have very mixed reservations about .WHATEVER as this is the real .CRAP shoot. Plus we already have some substantial evidence as far as success and values when compared to .com. The confusion factor. They are FORCED to switch back to .com as you can read here!

This is NOT opinion. This is EVIDENCE and as business people we MUST know the difference between opinion, sales and propaganda or it is costly if not dire.

When ANY company loses 35%-61% of their marketing efforts on CONFUSION, they can either change course QUICKLY or go out of business. BOTH of these companies did just that. They had to read the numbers and watch their eyes bleed!

Personally I think the biggest winners will be .TV, .ME, and one or two other extensions that had MANY years to take off with much less competition. That is an opinion. But there is also growing evidence. .TV is a natural but after some 15 years it is just now gaining some traction. But .TV means something. ME means something as we live in a world of Me's.

So from an investing standpoint it is quite different and I HOPE you have YOUR 20 year plan.

But whether we see great successes or great failures this is the point where things move in a very big way. These new gTLD's will provide the fuel I see to go where I believe this ship is going. That is an opinion. But it is based in FACTS and EVIDENCE. It is based on watching things very closely for a very long time. It is based on history. And our job is to just keep score and see what picture it paints. It won't paint that picture in 2013. But by the end of next year we will have a BOATLOAD of new information. Be skeptical. Most will be hype and deals done with friends and family or ones where no money exchanges hands.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

I See the World Through Historical Retail and Wholesale Tinted Glasses

Morning Folks!!

It may be summer for consumers but June begins Christmas for retailers. And if you don't know and understand that, your timing is going to be off.

So when I look at business I can look at that business via the eyes of any owner in any industry. That is the basis for my strong confidence in domain names that mean something, What is happening today is just so different than what has happened before as folks are getting more and more educated about their online businesses and the opportunities they have. But there is also still a long way to go as otherwise intelligent people outsource the one thing they need to know and learn if they want to survive and thrive.

I am finding out there that corporate is very slow to move but sole proprietors are catching on. The small family business is on the move. They are really starting to get it. I also see the relationship between domain investors and those in IT and search starting to figure out how they can take advantage of each others strengths. There is still a big disconnect there, but it is exponentially better.

Sorry, I just see good things and hear even better things. I go to Las Vegas and everyone is making money and doing deals. I look the other way and I see fret and despair among many in the same business and in the same environment. What's the difference? Outlook and attitude is the difference. A change in attitude can change and ROCK your world. But the comfort of fear and despair have some locked down.

So I still see the greatest business ever with the most opportunity ever and the reason I see that is retail and wholesale and progress. The ferocious headwinds of the past have died down. And in some cases those headwinds are turning into tailwinds. Expansion gives birth to opportunity regardless how many fear it. They fear it because they are ignorant to history. Yes they are! Just study TEN different parallels and they make no mistake where the ship is going. The ship has sailed before. MANY times before.

So while it may be summer for some, it is Christmas in June and July for many. Everything in the business cycle gets geared up for the home stretch. That 45 day period that decides your fate for another year. How many folks are connected to that event? Millions? Tens of millions? More?

Social and commercial sometimes get entangled and lost. These too are some of the parallels that are easy to figure out as they shake out. Some just get too caught up in the details to see the big picture.  But that is part of the parallel as well. These are all predictable events and behaviors based on history and the evolution of products and businesses and hula hoops and pet stones and facebook and apple and google and it's all connected and it's all been done before.

But none of this matters. Let me be clear on what I see overall. I see some folks that don't know the difference between a low tide, an ocean, a desert, a season. They sell their vessels because of a low tide not because of anything that would warrant an actual sale of an overall appreciating asset. Based on a fear that high tide won't come back. And so it is Summer to some and Christmas to others. Merry Christmas!

Need want desire value image

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

Sharks and Minnows and Domain Names that are Priceless

Morning Folks!!

When you are in shark infested waters my advice to you is to have a bigger, meaner, crazier shark on your side than the other. An army of minnows is no match. You can't act like a minnow and fight sharks. As domainers you are fighting battles on several fronts and many don't even know it. Whether it is payouts or reverse domain name hijacking or the new gTLD's or falling values of marginal domains or any of half a dozen other fronts including rapid take down of your domains.

Sharks operate on fear and minnows are no match. So I am keenly aware some don't like my style. But my friend, it is MY style not yours. You can be whatever fish you choose to be. The way I defend my PROPERTY from THIEVES is something for me to decide. The way I see things unfolding is for ME to decide. Nobody forces any of it on you. But if the shoe fits, ask why instead of getting angry. Human nature has us wired to react to certain things in ways that are not in our best interest. So if you know that, maybe ask the question is being a minnow a good way to survive in shark infested waters?

Sure, clams do very well. They don't move much however.

There are the movers and shakers of the sea and the sharks of business. We each get to navigate things as we see fit. And if you want to be a clam, that is YOUR choice.

But now we are in a an open  world and there are many here that come to oppress. If you don't see, recognize and undersatnd that, it just could be you that is missing something. "Free will" is a very threatenting thing to some countries, society's, groups or people. So when somebody like me is this outspoken, it is THE most fearful thing in their lives. Free thought?? Free Speech? Free Will? TENS of millions have DIED in that struggle and it continues everyday of the year for as long as history has been written or will be written. Billions of peple trying to opress billions of others. I reject it and history has rejected it but the battle stll rages.

Words are a THREAT to those that don't understand this concept and therefore they react in a facist sort of way because they themselves may not even know what is going on underneath. Deep underneath. Some see collaboration as a threat to fear. On the other hand many of US see it as an opportunity to grow and expand and learn and progress. FACTS are never anythuig to be feared. But many fear facts because they would have to rethink so many things. So DAMN the facts! We all do it folks!! We are all guilty at some times of this. The POWER is acknowledging and harnessing that power and BENDING it in a positive way vs as a destructive way. But when bending does not work. DESTROYING does and so we become SHARKS fighting SHARKS and that is the game on the field.

So be a minnow on the sidelines and crticize and surpress and defend and be eaten alive.......or fight back and defeat FEAR with a bigger FEAR!

I have learned that fear is one of the most paralyzing forces known to man. Some are a victim of fear. Some use fear as a weapon and some never even thought about t until this post. So if some PRICK is trying to instill fear in me, maybe my JOB is to create a BIGGER fear for HIM?? Sound reasonable?

So when it comes to Reverse Domain Name Hijacking for example, I think I have been able to create a bigger FEAR and that makes folks think of the consequences before rather than after and that leads to different thinking. FEAR backed up by EXAMPLE!.

Now most missed this little tidbt last weekend but the CEO of P&G rsigned over the Memorial Day Weekend. No fanfare. Effective immediately. Did it have something to do with Swash.com and this post?? I don't know but a Bob McDonald was there for over 30 years............something exploded.

So for folks that don't like my style, tough. It's MY style and I suggest you get some style of your own. That way I get to do what you do!

We all get to get angry in a different manner when sharks try and bite and when sharks try and steal. What works for me, may not work for you. What works for you, may not work for me. I look at too many that DEMAND respect but never takes an opportunity to EARN respect. My rections may be "Colorful" but it certainly beats a wrong minded reaction based on being a minnow that fears answers to questions still being asking.

They use intimidation and fear. But if your intimidation is more dangerous and their fear is greater, then you have changed the equation and you have changed it in YOUR favor and the more you do that the less you have to deal with it.

Predators are sharkes by definition. The light of day is the enemy of a business shark. Don't like my style, fine, I'll gladly step aside and allow somebody else to fight the fight and put themselves out there for public ridicule. Step right up Captain Courageous. Minnows don't qualify. Step right up. Just use your REAL name!

Rick Schwartz

TRAFFIC 25 Bellagio Las Vegas 2013. One for the History Books!

Morning Folks!!

There is not a word here that I can say that matters more than those from attendees.

They decide whether the show was a success or not.
They decide if it was worth leaving the comfort of their homes.
They decide over the course of the weeks and months ahead whether they got value.
And they decide whether it is worth coming back or not.

So I can only say things from our stand point.

The group was stellar.
They were upbeat and enthusiastic.
There were some 40-50 new faces. Many from outside the USA

The hotel was first class in every way.
There were lots of places to go to comfortably network.
Some of the greatest Rags to Riches stories you will ever hear. Makes you want to slap silly some folks with no excuse whatsoever.
More spouses in attendance than ever before.
I want to thank each and every speaker for taking their time and energy to share things that sometimes are not easy to share. Well done!
Shane's mom was a rockstar and I never even got to introduce myself to her because she always had a crowd.
I was getting Freddy Von Schnauzer withdrawl but Bailey stepped up to fill in some of the doggie love.

I missed most of the show because I got a severe case of food poisoning at Olives the night before the show started.
I was no fan of Todd English before so you can imagine how I feel now as I am still recovering from a Tuesday night "Killer" meal.

And as I got off the red eye this morning I had one red eye on the October show that is just 4 months away and the $995 early bird expires tonight.
The other red eye focused on doing this all over again the exact same time, place and venue next year in Las Vegas.

Also a tip of the hat to the Bellagio staff that was flawless and to the physical hotel itself which as just beautiful in every way
My only tip is when you order eggs for room service, get them fried as the scrambled eggs arrived DOA each and every time and were uneatable.

Glad to be home and now we get to start working on the Fort Lauderdale show tomorrow.
But right now I am exhausted and I am sure I have loads of company.
So let me just say I hope those that attended got great value and those that did not, I hope we see you either next year in Vegas or in October in Fort Lauderdale.

You can read DNJournal's  play by play highlights of the show here, here, here, here and here.

And so ends my first post on Wordpress.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

The Charitable Domainer and a FREE Suite Upgrade at Bellagio

Evening Folks!!

Ever since AirKatrina.com in 2005, 3.5 hours at the FBI headquarters in Miami, unable to even call my wife, a $2500 legal bill, the Attorney General on TV about this case and one of Ricks Board members actually going to jail for 2 years, plus some personal fallout and more stress than anyone needed, I have shyed away from getting involved in any charities.

That said there are two charitable events going on at this moment worthy of your attention.

On Elliots Blog there is a charity domain auction in which it states 'ALL proceeds will go to the American Red Cross’ Oklahoma City chapter'. So be generous with your bidding. More details available here.

Next Thursday afternoon at 2:30PM in Las Vegas the domain Cleanest.com at No Reserve will be auctioned off at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and 100% of the proceeds going to ICA!!

Additionally T.R.A.F.F.I.C. will be donating $50 for each attendee that goes to the Water School Party on Thursday night.

Lastly Prices for T.R.A.F.F.I.C. go up to $1995 starting Monday and at the door. The FIFTH person that registers before 5PM tomorrow at $1795 and books at the Bellagio gets a FREE UPGRADE from a regular room to a FULL suite that goes for $350/night. A $191 incentive PER NIGHT!! Available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights. $573 BONUS! GO!

Rick Schwartz

Final T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Auction List

Morning Folks!!

The following is the Final Auction List for TRAFFIC Next Week. There will be NO online bidding. But we tried. I explained the reasons on the comment section of this post by Elliot. Below is a note DIRECT from the Bellagio that illustrates my concerns. Even for the most expensive hotel ever built.

Now for folks that do not believe that connectivity at hotels is a problem, let me share an email from YESTERDAY from the Bellagio and THEN you MAY understand.

'As for the WiFi, we are all set with the SSID and Access Code. I
spoke with our IT guys about the importance of delivering a product
meeting your expectations, and they gave me a warning that the #1
issue they see are “MiFi” devices and rogue wireless devices
generating interference. They suggest using the 5ghz band for MiFi
devices if they are needed.'

Let me be clear. Connectivity at the hotels IS an issue. If you don't know a cover your ass note when you see one...........

Therefore there will be NO online bidding. Phone, text or pre-bids only. Sorry to disappoint the shills and pumpers.

So with that information, There will be phone bidding, Text bidding and prebidding. You can register for these services by contacting Ray Neu. ray at 54.ws no later than next Tuesday at noon.

MOST (about 70%) of the domains below come with NO RESERVE and will be sold to the highest bidder!

ICA Charity Auction of Cleanest.com.
No Reserve. 100% proceeds go to ICA

  • Lot# 101...3DChannel.com (Reserve under $10K)

  • Lot# 102...3DMovie.com (Reserve under $10K)

  • Lot# 103...3Dtraveller.com

  • Lot# 104...777.me (Reserve under $5K)

  • Lot# 105...AAAratings.com

  • Lot# 106...AffiliateAdNetwork.com

  • Lot# 107...AFQ.com (Reserve under $15K)

  • Lot# 108...Artist.us and Artists.us

  • Lot# 109...Bereaved.com

  • Lot# 110...Bouquet.com

  • Lot# 111...Breaching.com

  • Lot# 112...BreastImplantRemoval.com

  • Lot# 113...BulletProofVest.com (Reserve under $20K)

  • Lot# 114...CardioMD.com

  • Lot# 115...CashBusiness.com (Reserve under $10K)

  • Lot# 116...CellularWallets.com

  • Lot# 117...ChampWrestling.com

  • Lot# 118...CheapClicks.com

  • Lot# 119...CheckBuy.com (Reserve under $8K)

  • Lot# 120...Coater.com

  • Lot# 121...ConsolidateDebt.org

  • Lot# 122...CustomNamePlates.com

  • Lot# 123...CycleClassifieds.com (Reserve under $10K)

  • Lot# 124...DataScanners.com

  • Lot# 125...DelinquentAccounts.com

  • Lot# 126...DelinquentTaxProperties.com

  • Lot# 127...DivorceRate.com

  • Lot# 128...EuropeanAutos.com (Reserve under $12K)

  • Lot# 129...FantasyDomain.com

  • Lot# 130...FreeCityGuide.com

  • Lot# 131...FreeVehicleRecord.com AND FreeVinHistory.com (As one lot)

  • Lot# 132...Friending.com

  • Lot# 133...GameSnaps.com

  • Lot# 134...Gays.us

  • Lot# 135...Hindering.com

  • Lot# 136...illegals.com (Reserve under $5K)

  • Lot# 137...iloveCali.com and iloveNevada.com and iloveUtah.com (one lot)

  • Lot# 138...ImportRugs.com

  • Lot# 139...Jax.net

  • Lot# 140...JesusChrist.es

  • Lot# 141...Klaxons.com

  • Lot# 142...LasVegasReservations.net (Reserve under $5K)

  • Lot# 143...LasVegasSigns.com, PureSlots.com, VirtualSlotMachines.com (Reserve under $2K)

  • Lot# 144...LawnMowing.com (Reserve under $25K)

  • Lot# 145...MenSupplements.com

  • Lot# 146...MovieTheatre.com AND MovieTheater.com (Reserve under $50K)

  • Lot# 147...MylarTape.com

  • Lot# 148...NevadaRooms.com

  • Lot# 149...NewHomePlans.com AND NewHousePlans.com (As one lot)

  • Lot# 150...NudeGallery.com

  • Lot# 151...NYCCam.com

  • Lot# 152...OfficeDating.com

  • Lot# 153...OnlineClassrooms.com (Reserve under $5K)

  • Lot# 154...PetTshirts.com

  • Lot# 155...ProBoatRace.com and ProBoatRacing.com (1 lot) (Reserve under $10K)

  • Lot# 156...PuppetMaster.com

  • Lot# 157...ReunionPlanning.com

  • Lot# 158...RomeRestaurants.com

  • Lot# 159...Silly.tv

  • Lot# 160...Slurpy.com

  • Lot# 161...StrategicWorkforce.com

  • Lot# 162...Therapeutic.com (Reserve under $10K)

  • Lot# 163...Thriller.com (Reserve under $250k)

  • Lot# 164...Time.travel (Reserve under $2K)

  • Lot# 165...Topbrokers.com (Reserve under $10K)

  • Lot# 166...TransmissionRepairShops.com

  • Lot# 167...VCguys.com

  • Lot# 168...VehicleRecord.com

  • Lot# 169...VisualVoicemails.Com

  • Lot# 170...WhatTheF.com

  • Lot# 171...WorkingOvertime.com

  • Lot# 172...GamblingMadeEasy.com

If you want to be a Successful INVESTOR, Stop Being a WHORE!

Morning Folks!!

If you can't handle the truth then stop reading and go buy a comic book. I have stated for years that the bar to entering domaining is very low and when you look at how some look at their business it becomes obvious.

Even domain flippers are selling collectible and unique assets with an income producing potential with a global presence. Except many of them don't know it. They think they are selling a PRODUCT they buy for $100 and sell for $200 or $300. They mark it up like inventory. Inventory??

So this caught my eye. 'You devalued your domains by offering them everywhere for sale: forums, brokers, flippers, your mom. Hold them locked up like a virgin in a harem, next time.'
Copyright DomainGang.com:http://domaingang.com/domain-news/71-reasons-why-your-domains-suck/

Well those words are PRICELESS. The #1 challenge the Domain Industry has always faced is being a whore to make a sale and never understanding the TRUE value of a domain name. I have talked about it before. For many years. But Lucius put it in a very succinct sentence.

This week I used the Beep.me domain as an example. A $2000 sale of a domain could EASILY be worth INTO the 6 figures. First of all wtf is anyone or any company selling a domain like that for $2k?? A PREMIUM domain name worthy of much better then a $2000 sale. So sales are going down not because business sucks but because of things like this. All these companies should have QUALIFIED folks on staff to comb thru domains like this and not let them slip thru. Problem is the 50 people on the planet that may be qualified to do that have their own gigs and the last thing they need is a job.

This was just easy pickins for me because I think it was a good illustration. And if Beep.me has no value then the 1900 .whatevers don't either. But a 'Natural' is a 'Natural' and THAT is the key to any .whatever. If it is just a word with a .crap extension it will always be limited in value and business if any at all. But the top .whatevers will have some 'Natural' sounding things that have a chance. But that is the extent of it.

Half of you will jump on .crap and put a crappier name in front of it. Shitty.Crap. Which at least has MEANING! If you put Shitty.Crap out there I guarantee it is self explanatory. May not work as well with unrelatedwordsstucktogether.crap

Don't even get me started. I just see some companies undervaluing their assets in a way that is unfathomable to me. But that is their business and not for me to say this or that. So I don't want these companies to take offense. I can list many. Maybe all. Not that bad for a domain investor. But I have the ability to look at it from their side of the table and the least these companies need to do is isolate 6 and 7 figure domain names.

MOST domainers would flip that domain for $5k in 24 hours. BAD MOVE!!! At LEAST know the difference between a $5 domain and a $250,000 one. $100,000 on a rainy day. Fine, don't agree. But then you are no domain investor either. Maybe it is $25,000 or $50,000. Doesn't matter.

The point is even if you are a domain flipper this business is MUCH MORE than doubling or tripling the price against your cost. It is understanding you are in the diamond business whether you want to be or not and all diamonds are not the same. Beep.me is a diamond to somebody.

If I had the time I would open my own appraisal service and charge folks $250 each for a no bullshit Rick Schwartz valuation. Of course the ones I certify as 'Pigeon Shit' would make the owners very unhappy. lol But I would have to focus on domains with a minimum value of $25,000. But who has the time?

I have said for years that the only difference between a $3000 call girl and a $50 corner whore is the asking price and the value they put on themselves. I have seen beautiful $50 street whores and some homely $3000 call girls. (Seen, not used lol)

But domains can be truly measured for value in a number of ways. The automated ones are silly. They don't work. They factor in many pieces of the equation but fail to factor in the key pieces. TheDomains.com did a piece where they valued the domains at the TRAFFIC Auction at $1.85MM.

Well I like to mental masturbate as much as the next guy but the TRAFFIC Auction list is not worth $1.85MM and if it is, some folks are going to get some incredible bargains.

Just to be clear…

Flipping is just short term investing. Nothing wrong with that at all. It’s a great way to make a lot of money. I just prefer the long term outlook because it is less work and I have the luxury of waiting and that was my approach from the get go so that’s how I roll. ;-)

But even that does not always work out as I lose money on domains sometimes too. lol

99% of the domains I see have very limited value. 1% have value. 1% of those have great value. So when you are in a diamond mine only morons talk about the glass. The pros are busy looking for the diamonds in all that crap pile of glass. They only talk diamonds. And hopefully the biggest and best diamonds they can find.

Point is to STUDY first and then decide to sell or hold. Do you know how many emails I get from people that got a domain 5 SECONDS ago?? Flip less and make more!! Work smarter, not harder. Good luck!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz