Hoping is Not a Business Strategy!

Morning Folks!!

The more I talk to folks the more I see they always have a missing link to their business plan. They fill that gap with "Hope" instead of a solid plan or even a number of plans. Hope is also the code name for Google rankings and traffic. They hope this and they hope that but hope is not enough to bend the needle. "Will" outranks "Hope." "Desire" even outranks "Hope". Almost everything outranks "Hope."

We all do it but "Hope" is not proactive, it is passive. Hope is wishing and waiting and not doing much to make it happen. DOING makes things happen. Hope is as good as a wish. They are equals. Thus you have two very different types of people from the get go.

"Hope" you enjoyed my little post. :-)

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz