Prediction: Why Bitcoin $1300 is Coming.

Morning Folks!!

I have been telling Berkens that I think that eventually Gold and Bitcoin will be priced at the same level. So that means that bitcoin $1250-$1300 is on my horizon. When? Well, I think bitcoin will be going down as we approach April 15th and tax time. I see no reason for it to go up after that and so I see it declining for the remainder of 2019.

I have been out of bitcoin for over a year. Way before the BIG crash. It was a perfect storm in late 2017. Bitcoin got caught up in Christmas, and we saw a phenomenon. Things like that don't often repeat itself. But we all witnessed something extraordinary.

There was still demand for bitcoin for Valentine's Day 2018. Even for graduation time 2018. How do I know this stuff?? I just do. There is n question. It's just an invisible phenomenon that can be seen when you have a trained eye of what to look for. Some think BIG buys drive up prices when it may be quite the contrary. One person buying 1000 coins may not even move the needle. 1000 people buying 1 coin each can send the price to the moon, even if the price is hollow. That's just the way it works. The increase came from SMALL buyers. Guess what?? The small buyers are all gone and the big buyers are on to the next big thing and it ain't bitcoin or any crypto coins. They have their own stable of .Horse. lol

But that's all over now. Bitcoin for Christmas 2018? NOPE! That was a fluke in 2017 and won't even be a thought for 2019. We all witnessed something unique. That's why studying business history is key to YOUR success! It's the onramp to the next big thing. Don't ask what the next big thing is, DISCOVER IT!!!!!

I watch bitcoin "Climb Lower"every time there is an upward spike. That upward spike usually dissipates and then loses ground. Not good!

Bitcoin has a place and a use. But the frenzy is over, and I don't see it coming back unless we have WW3 or there is some significant instability. As a currency, it will stay, but I don't believe it will ever be $20,000 again. I don't even see $10,000. I don't even see $5000. We watched a phenomenon, and now that is just part of history, the history of business. It minted many millionaires and some billionaires. But it also created millions of losers. Bitcoin for them has the most value as a tax deduction. Bitcoin = .com and everything else = GTLD's the way I look at it from the get-go. The problem and the difference was the lasting power. Bitcoin may have been the shiniest object ever!

May go down in history with tulips. The demand is down and I just don't see a bright future. There was a moment and people made fortunes. Moments don't last forever. It was real and you had to participate and take a risk to make $$$. But IMHO, that opportunity is over. And as far as other coins, good luck! Just another money grab. There is always room for Coke and Pepsi. Hertz and Avis. Nike and Addidas. Apple and Microsoft. Study business and there are always 2 great rivals. Rarely, but sometimes a 3rd or 4th. Ford and Chevy. Mercedes and BMW. Toyota and Nissan.

Consolidation usually eats up the smaller and the weaker. Of course, things can change. But look at Venezuela. That would be a perfect place for bitcoin and a boom. But does not seem to be happening. Stay tuned. But I believe Gold and Bitcoin will eventually be priced the same. They both represent something similar. However gold has more uses, but bitcoin will be easier to spend. They are the same to me, but things can change. Governments and currencies can collapse. Bitcoin is a monetary instrument that is the single biggest threat to governments and countries. So I still the importance, just don't see the value because we witnessed a stampede. A Frenzy. It was cool and great and fun to watch! Best thing since the Pet Rock. It was the Hula-Hoop of finance. Hula-hoops are still around, but the frenzy ended 60 years ago.


Rick Schwartz

Schwartz vs Schilling: “I’d like to teach the world to Sing in Perfect Harmony”

Morning Folks,

Frank Schilling made a BRILLIANT video that he released recently. It really is brilliant as is his comment on Berkens Blog. The video immediately below.

There is no Schwartz vs Schilling but that seems to be the perception. I love Frank. We have never had a cross word and why should we? It does not mean I can't have doubts or ask tough questions. It doesn't mean I have to agree. It doesn't mean I have to disagree. We are all examining an unknown and we all come at that unknown from a different POV. The beauty is we get to share our visions, bet on them and REALITY will win.

Frank and I have spent hours 1 on 1 at TRAFFIC discussing domains and the future as well as emails and on my board and just a decade of conversations and friendship. In Frank's position he should be doing exactly what he is doing and doing so well. If I were his advisor, I would advise him to do what he is doing. But even Frank is going to have winners and losers when each extension is measured against the next. Some may go nowhere. But it only takes 1 to be another life changer. So I still keep an open mind and new evidence and new information is the formula to change my stance. That has not happened yet and the more I study things the more certain  I get. But I am sway-able on certain things. The only thing that can't sway me is that the value of GREAT .coms can only skyrocket.

That all said, I see Franks Journey and it really does remind me of the song and old Coke commercial.

"I'd like to teach the  world to sing in perfect harmony."

So "I'd like to teach the  world to sing in perfect harmony" is the tall order that Frank has taken on. Herculean task!

Think about the job to be done to complete that task. Some would say "Mission Impossible".  Ever hear me sing?

I mean even Coca-Cola can't pull off this one.  I can't sing. Frank can at least carry a tune!

I’d like to build the world a home
And furnish it with love
Grow apple trees and honey bees 
And snow white turtle doves
I’d like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony
I’d like to hold it in my arms
And keep it company

I’d like to see the world for once
All standing hand in hand
And hear them echo through the hills
For peace throughout the land
That’s the song I hear
Let the world sing today
A song of peace that echoes on
And never goes away

I’d like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony
I’d like to hold it in my arms 
And keep it company
I’d like to see the world for once
All standing hand in hand
And hear them echo through the hills
For peace throughout the land
That’s the song I hear
Let the world sing today
A song of peace that echoes on
And never goes away
A song of peace that echoes on
And n-e-v-e-r g-o-e-s a-w-a-y

Point is changing Human Behavior is the single greatest challenge one can take on. I see no downside in what is coming other than the confusion it will likely cause and when folks are confused, Human Nature and Human Behavior kick in. To me, that is not a downside. That is a bonus. That is exciting. None of us can lose no matter which direction things go in as long as you are keenly aware of where we are each step of the way.

I don't see an AM/FM radio parallel. FM gave you stereo and music. There was a reason to change to FM. So there was a difference. And AM never died. It sizzles with advertising dollars even today. But still no parallel. TV was going to kill radio. I guess you guys don't remember that far back. Well did it? Did cd's? What killed radio? Nothing killed radio and it flouishes even today. Just look at SIRIUS.

The parallel might be 800 numbers and 888 and 866 and 855. And if investors bought all the 866 numbers, how meaningful would it or could it be?

The dynamics that must be there are end users and great content. Without those elements, I don't see much. I speak to end-users. Some will purchase defensively and never activate the domain. Others may buy a gTLD but they all said they would merely point it to their .com. The rest say they already have their .com and don't need anything else. That is the majority.

I just don't see that harmony coming anytime soon. I don't see this being done for the right reasons. The overall benefit is limited and as an INVESTOR these are the things I have to weigh. Again, I look at it thru the eyes of an investor and an end-user.

Just look at how .com unfolded and why. Then look at the other extensions and ask why they look more like .mobi?

Frank and I just disagree on how things will unfold and the consumer and future will determine things. Not any of us. I just know the epic challenge ahead and it will take many billions of dollars to sway behavior. And that is just the first stage to get to value. Domainers selling domains to other domainers won't move the needle much if at all. End-users are the ones that create value. Domainers create Tulips.

And I will say the same thing about .whatever that I said about .com. "Your first purchases are your most important purchases". Everyone just discounts that. But it is key to having the wind at your back and a future of success. And the beauty with our industry, you can wake up on any given morning and start all over again and do it a better way.

Look, we can be seeing the greatest launch of all time or we could be seeing one of the biggest duds ever. I measure success by TV ads. Radio ads. Billboards. Magazine ads. Newspaper ads. ADS, ADS, ADS. Continuous and widespread. That will be what I am looking for. That is how I measure the viability of an extension.

All I would say is this. I would GLADLY take what I paid for whatever .mobi's I have left. I would GLADLY take what I paid for whatever .xxx's I have left. I would GLADLY take what I paid for whatever .co's I have left. And many of you would too.

I can't wait to sit down with Frank at TRAFFIC. I want to see his vision as closely as he does. Does not mean he can convince me. But I am ALWAYS open to being convinced with new information and evidence that is real. I am always sway-able. But that is different from blowing in the wind and chasing every shadow. Exciting times and the only losers are domainers that have yet to learn the difference between diamonds and old broken coke bottles.

And the one thing Franks knows about me, nothing I wrote here is anything I would not say directly to Frank. And I probably just did.

Cheers Frank!! Congrats, good luck and even if we disagree or don't see the same vision, I am rooting for your success. I really do hope you can teach the world to sing. We are always looking for that next pot of gold.

Rick Schwartz

Can the New gTLD’s Have a Domino Collapse? You Betcha! I’ll Show you How.

Morning Folks!!

Can the New gTLD's Have a Domino Collapse? That is a very provocative question but does not delegitimize me asking it? At what point does the weight of other extensions that have not done well weigh so much on what is coming that the entire thing collapses like 1000 dominos lined up. When you add the weight of dozens of .mobi's and .travels. When you add the weight of all the gTLD's that have already been canceled. When you add the weight that even a GREAT gTLD could be tainted by the loss of the others.


Does it matter if .mobi has 1,000,000 domain registrations? Does that make it a better investment or is it still a loser as it stands today? Who cares if they make money at the registry level? They are no factor in domain investing or even domain flipping. It has NOTHING to do with YOUR LIFE!

And I don't mean to pick on .mobi but that is without doubt the clearest example so far. With great fanfare. They had their moment in the sun.They make $$$ with the sunrise and all, but face it, domain investors got caught holding the bag. And that is ok. That is what speculation is about. But other extensions DO have a more active aftermarket. .TV, .INFO, .ME. So there are lessons to be learned.

So in the event that the first 100 new extensions came to market and fell flat, what exactly would that spell for the other 900? It does not help their efforts it hinders their efforts. Even a winner could be weighed down by the sinking of others. And some are gonna sink right to the bottom.

So in that event, I would think some would be forced to even further delay a new extension rollout as they could go down with the tide. Let me be clear, I am not saying this will happen. But I do see it as ONE of the possibilities. Who goes FIRST could play a huge part in how this all unfolds. What if the first 5 rollouts are DOGS?

Food for thought. Never discount things that are possible until that threshold has been passed. .Mobi did not make the cut. Tebow did not make the cut. Both were surrounded by excitement and all the rest. But at the end of the day, the road has yet to lead either where they "Intended" to go. Tebow is still alive, .mobi is not alive as a domain investor extension today. So who cares how many are registered. They are not being used commercially and that is the KEY to value. No billboards, no TV, No Radio, no ADVERTISING DOLLARS at the end-user level. That's the KEY to growth. Not a bunch if domain investors buying TULIPS! If you don't know the Tulip Story, go LEARN IT right now!! RIGHT NOW. I sure have talked about it enough over the years. THAT is the most likely scenario at best.

Need, want desire. If nobody needs, wants or desires an extension and the few they sell are to investors looking for the 2nd coming and few if any are used commercially in advertising, how exactly does it get the oxygen to survive? Especially for investors. In OUR LIFETIME!?

.Com took off for a reason. The value of .com took off for a reason. How much did end users spend promoting .mobi last year?? THAT is where the value STARTS!

Reasons are missing in this new equation. They are just missing. And when you try to copy a recipe and the main ingredients are missing, what exactly do you have?

990 or more extensions could be very disappointed with their results regardless of their aspiring intentions. Some may not matter because with many new gTLD's then collectively they can operate and make money. But that is a different business than we are in.

.com did not happen overnight even with millions of registrations and many advertising the extension and little competition. A success on a new gTLD could take 10-20 years or more to manifest itself. Some folks think they can't plant a seed in the morning and have a tree in the evening. Maybe. 3 real or FAKE stories like that and the sheep will come a running.

But not to consider these things? Come on! This is MORE than possible given the evidence we already have. So those who have not thought about this scenario.....are they REALLY prepared? My question being in sales and marketing for so long is why would you not EXPECT it to happen? So if you don't expect something that is a possibility and that possibility arises and you are caught SURPRISED.......what happens then?

Rick Schwartz

Domain Industry FIRE SALE!!?? What Happened to Domaining and Investing?

Morning Folks!!

As I look around I think it is kind of sad that the domain industry itself has moved from an investment and development outlook to one that squarely focuses on selling. In many cases there are fire sales going on. Desperation has set in. You could see it coming 5 years away, but it is set in now. When your expenses are more than your income and the nest egg is gone or even low, then sell, sell, sell. Fast, fast, fast.

Just as I see the turnaround there are many that are stretched thin and making it to the other side is questionable. Believe me, I know what it is to have bills piled up and no dollars to pay. Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt and learned what it was all about. So when I saw this one coming I prepared. I know it is still not over but the good times are in sight. Not years away. WEEKS away. Months away. Here. Now.

So folks can laugh at my 20 year plan. But think, just 10 years ago how much was different. In those days Microsoft and Intel led the way and set the pace. Well today those are not the first companies I think about when you think of forward leaning companies. I think of companies not even here 10 years ago or companies like Apple that were in trouble.  Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and a dozen others. Look at all the new companies in the past 10 years.

So  by the time the 2016 elections come, I will have made it to the 20 year mark and at that time you will see an entirely different looking Domain Industry. One that is aggressive again. Domains are like gold. When gold is going down, people sell. But there are also people there to BUY. The only difference is their horizon and time frame may be different from yours. Circumstance is key.

I see domaining as 2 piles. One filled with gold and one filled with tin. It takes no more effort and no more dollars to choose the gold. I say that because I often see worthless domains selling for the same or more than a domain with obvious value. To me it is just the clueless selling to each other and one gets stuck holding the bag. Tulips, that is all they are. Tulips.

The domain industry reminds me of the commercial a few years back where a guy buys a piece of art for like $50,000 at a live auction and the moment he buys it he tries to have it re-auctioned to the same audience. DUH! Sounds like many domainers.

Point is desperation is selling into a soft market making it softer. But it has little to do with domains and more to do with the financial condition of the domainer. The fear of the domainer. The uncertainty of the domainer. The uncertainly of the quality of the domains. Portfolios that are almost all getting smaller as domainers prune domains without value from their collections.

Ever been in a blizzard? How about a hurricane? The worst part of the storm usually hits just before the storm is over. It is when it is most intense. But that intensity is limited in time. Once it passes, it is over. Done with! Conditions change and improve incredibly fast.

20 years? Think of it as 20,000 feet. Imagine my view at 20,000 feet to see an overall picture compared to those at ground level. I can see and spot things that are  impossible for those on the ground to see. I see mountains and valleys and seas and deserts. I see a timeline for each. I see trails and dead ends and all the rest. So I chose to have this view. But I also have the ability to put myself on the ground and see and understand the mood and what is going on.

So while others are sometimes ready to throw in the towel, I am here to tell you that the first 20 years are spring training. These years are merely the building blocks to the future. Shifting from one era to another. Industrial to Technological to Informational and whatever is next or is already in motion and maybe already here.

It's never too late to start over ARMED with new knowledge. Imagine just starting over today. Make one great buy today. Oh yes, I know you are focused on selling, but if you started over today, you would have to start with buying. Even if it is buying time. Having an option on a domain. There are so many creative ways to do things with or without dollars. That is why I always say the first purchase is your most important. Do that for 365 days, start over each of those 365 days and I bet you change your destiny.

If you had dirty undrinkable water would you keep that or look to dump it and replace with clean fresh water that is drinkable? Sorry, you can't sell that dirty water. It is either worthless or is very low value water. It can easily be replaced. Don't worry about selling it. Dump it! Why waste your time and energy? Just dump it and focus on refilling with fresh water. You will die of thirst holding on to that worthless dirty water. Dump it out and start again.

Let's be clear. There is an INFINITE amount of worthless domain names. Infinite! On any extension. Infinite! However investment quality domains are limited. Huge, but limited. Many domainers have the worthless domain market cornered and they are going broke.

If your domains are solid, overreacting is your single biggest enemy. Hence, what goes on for the first 20 years is the BIG YAWN! Don't take it too seriously. Don't react because tin horns are feeling the pain of the reality they are now facing and the decisions THEY are forced to make. Worthless has a COST!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

There IS no “.com” monopoly and so “.whatever” is doomed to be (at best) second best

Morning Folks!!

You are about to see a full court press from every registrar out there. Yesterday you saw Godaddy.NOTHING. They have a lot at stake here. If .crap, craps out....then what? So imagine all the dollars that are going to be spent trying to brainwash people that inferior is superior. That's gonna be some trick. Tulips anyone?

But that has nothing to do with this post and not sure why I even went down this road. Maybe just as a warning not to swallow the bait as tempting as it might be.

Have you ever thought there might be a “monopoly” on “.com” domain names because most of the best of them are owned and not being “used” as you see it?

Read this: and maybe you'll see more of what Danny Welsh saw when he had the 'ha!' moment that matched my own 'ah' many years ago. Ah+Ha = Ah-ha! Get it? BTW, I’m genuinely sorry your customers email me every day when they want to buy from your established company. But you can’t say I didn’t tell you it would happen…and all this unpleasantness could have been avoided if you just hadn’t RUSHED to make thewww.wrong.choice :(


Rick Schwartz

By Danny Welsh
There's no '.com monopoly' and there is no shortage of extremely valuable .com domain names available for your business idea. If you believe that, you’re wrong. So what happened and why can't you buy the eRealEstate property you've got your eye on?

Read this blog and you’d understand why it’s YOUR fault you were asleep at the wheel for all those years and now are about to CRASH head-first into a future others predicted, transparently TOLD you would happen, and you went forward with driving a www.domain.crappy vehicle anyway.

It’s just timing and circumstances and human nature that has proven to turn the exchange of cash for one $100 bet many years before into an asset such or, while all attempts to copy and sell, buy, market/promote or make money with a 'good enough' alternative for either has proven a risky gamble with SIGNIFICANT consequences.
Just ask the fine folks at how many calls and emails their customer service handles weekly because their customers are confused.
We're not even sure it'd be legal for us to read the “confusion email” from their customers who don't even know what “.net” IS and regularly email someone that doesn’t exist to an email address no one marketed to them…when they want to buy or need support of some kind from

So once we realize it happens, we don't want to read sensitive information. But if you think hundreds upon hundreds of customers and prospects don't regularly email email addresses --many times with credit card numbers, orders, personal information etc-- then you're in fantasy land that nothing more than a simple AUTORESPONDER EMAIL TEMPLATE I set up saying 'Sorry, wrong number!' would expose in a SHATTERING EXPLOSION that would have Rick Schwartz and Danny Welsh and getting this huge problem you've been ignoring handled NOW an URGENT and IMPORTANT topic of conversation at every executive meeting in your company starting...RIGHT NOW.

Rick Schwartz TOLD companies like that it would happen and they built their online company on sand anyway, sand that might simply WASH AWAY as their profits ERODE handed off one customer at a time to a competing auction company that does the same thing Rick Schwartz knew a company in the future would WANT to do because he had their 'Big Idea' years before they did when he staked his claim on the eRealEstate property perfectly suited for an online auction company.

That doesn't make him a bad guy.
It makes him a bit of a sage, but even the most uncanny predictors of the future are rarely believed until that future unfolds.
Well, that future Rick predicted in 1993 is here....NOW
If your business wants to be 'good enough' for years, you can do that for an $8.99 gamble and register any old www.domain.crap such as a '.net' domain name.
If you want to be perceived as a market leader in MINUTES, protect your company from future leaks and can do that too.
Here's the part you need to understand if you followed the 'due diligence' bread crumbs we've left out for you to educate yourself on why doing business with us is a good idea...the same ones that led you without us in most cases spending a single PENNY for you to be right here, right now alonngside your customers AND competitors.

If you want or or or or
Then simply bring your checkbook and your big ideas because the guy who can make that happen for you ain't selling for nickels when there are millions to be made with the RIGHT buyer of their eRealEstate asset...ESPECIALLY with a flood of www.domain.imitations about to flood the market and make the confusion even WORSE.
Choice is each business owner's to make for themselves!
Gamble? (.net)

Invest? (.com)

Dicey? (.co)

Proven Sales Increase? (.com)

Who had YOUR 'big idea' first?

This is a fork in the road, Mr. Business Owner.

Which path do you want to take?
I know which path -I- chose to partner with and lease eRealEstate from domain owners among the '500' and while the path is not yet completely paved, the price and terms have been more than fair so far.

And the mountain to climb gets easier the moment you choose an ALLY who has already had your big idea (or something like it) and been to the top and can talk you through getting there too.

The guy's extending a hand of friendship...and if you don't take it and your competitor does...

Who is to blame?

Not the Rick Schwartz I know better everyday and am coming to trust as among the greatest allies I ever thought I might have the good fortune to meet.

Want to go to the top of your niche?

Then the first step up the mountain is to make Rick an offer he can't refuse...

See you at the Top!

Danny Welsh


What Does a”20 Year Plan” Really Mean Through My eyes?

Morning Folks!!

I don't have all the answers and I don't have to. Just a few will do. Like you, I can only guess. Speculate. Put my money on it and see how it all unfolds.

When I was a kid I remember when the Empire State Building was sold for $12 Million and everyone was stunned how anyone can overpay so much. sold for more than the Empire State Building. Fast forward and now we are talking many billions. They are even taking the building public to raise a Billion Dollars.

Las Vegas years ago had nothing but sand and a vision. A longshot vision.

I can tell this story 100 ways from 100 views and another 100 paths on each. Here is only ONE of many ways I see what I do and domains in general.

I would describe what my business plan like this as a real world type parallel..
1. My first hurdle was to figure out how to afford to hold and maintain many domain names for 20 years.

2. Buy raw dotcom land in many places throughout the USA with potential for commercial development.

3. Focus on Oceanfront, Riverfront, close to ocean or river.

4. Try and target Times Square for advertising and Las Vegas for sheer people power.

5. Study the development of places like Times Square and Las Vegas.

6. Since I was too late, too young and too broke to participate in that game, I found one that has parallels in a new dimension.

7. So imagine it is 1948 and you are in Las Vegas. There is just SAND! There is nothing else.

8. Build it and they will come and so they do.

9. I see this new thing happening and realize that there may be many ways to capitalize on something like this if it were to work even if gambling is not your business.

10. So the first road is paved and now there is a street.

11. Let’s call this street (Las Vegas Blvd) Dotcom Blvd

12. I have a few extra dollars and decide to buy some land on Dotcom Blvd.

13. I decided it will be many years before it will have any value because right now it is just sand and wind.

14. I think if this idea were to unfold the way they say, millions of people will come to Dotcom Blvd in Las Vegas.

15. But SHIT!!! That will take TWENTY YEARS!!

16. I decide it is now or never. If I don’t buy it somebody else may come and buy it. Act NOW or it’s over!

17. I go have lunch and decide to buy the piece of land I was looking at.

18. SHIT!!! Somebody else bought it within the hour.

19. I better go look for another dotcom property.

20. SHIT!!! That one is already sold! (Maybe I can grab his sand and move it?)

21. The third is a charm. I now have my own dotcom sand.

22. Gee these guys are buying multiple properties. What do they see?

23. Gee, these guys are pretty sharp.

24. I think I am going to buy some more dotcom sand

25. I tell others in business, they just laugh at me for buying sand.

26. I try and explain that in 20 years or less this sand will be very valuable because a lot of people will be passing by everyday.

27. They laugh

28. I buy more sand

29. More people laugh

30. I keep talking about this 20 year plan.

31. They laugh

32. I explain about it being a “Unique opportunity in time”

33. They laugh

34. I explain you MUST get the land first if you are to even have a chance at success.

35. They laugh

36. I explain this was an opportunity that my father and grandfather and their fathers before them never had and they should pay attention.

37. They laughed.

38. I bought a major corner on Dotcom Blvd in Las Vegas

39. They stopped laughing but now thought I was insane.

40. I repeated the process 1000 times

41. Others started repeating the process

42. Sand turned into activity.

43. I stood on my sand. I looked at the hotels being built

44. I put up a few billboards on my sand with no advertising

45. The new casinos in town see the billboards

46. One hotel asks to put his name on my billboard

47. I say ok

48. He gives me $1 Million check

49. People passing buy laughing at me for not building.

50. I put some more billboards up

51. More people give me more money

52. I learn about effective billboards

53. I learn about ineffective billboards

54. I learn where folks are going

55. I learn what folks are looking for

56. I open up a short cut to the hotel via a sidewalk on my sand.

57. It saves the folks time and money

58. Casino is willing to pay me more to be exclusive and have all my sidewalks lead to his casino

59. Next thing ya know they need parking spaces

60. They pay me more for my sand then I can earn selling water in the desert.

61. I abandon idea of opening up lemonade stands and decide to open parking lots instead.

62. Parking lots have low overhead and are cash cows

63. That’s what gets me to New York. San Francisco. It’s been YEARS since I was in San Francisco, at that time the rate was $70/day. Most people on earth don’t even make $70 a day. Go tell those parking lots they don’t have a legitimate business and own the priciest of real estate.

64. Gee, that sounds like a good way to do it while I pass the 20 years.

65. Gee look at etoys

66. Gee look at

67. Gee, I think it is smarter to wait and learn from their mistakes than pissing away billions of investor dollars on a bag of smoke.

68. Gee impression based advertising is stupid.

69. Gee impression based advertising was like a parking lot stealing all the cars

70. Gee how come that model collapsed and took many down with it?

71. Impression based advertising was like driving a bus down dotcom blvd and simply pointing out the casino. The casino paid to get pointed out but could not have a benefit because the bus and customers were long gone along with the money the casino or all other businesses paid. The bus never stopped to be=ring them the damn customer!

72. Gee that was dumb.

73. Gee, I talked about it constantly in 1998 and 1999.

74. Gee that was what collapsed things in 2000. It had to collapse using that model and it did. It was a flawed and worthless model but they all bought into it.

75. Many walk away

76. I just shrug it off as a learning experience for the totally ignorant and a rip off of epic proportions from those providing those worthless impressions that were not aimed at making sales.

77. Why do I just laugh and shrug it off?

78. I have a 20 year plan.

79. Many laugh

80. Many can’t plan 20 seconds ahead let alone 20 minutes, 20 hours, 20 days, 20 weeks, 20 months, 20 years.

81. Why get educated if you can’t think 20 years in advance.

82. When you look at things like that, everything is merely a blip and the important things are easy to pick out.

83. Those that work real hard and went broke get pissed

84. Those that did not see what was coming get pissed

85. Those that laughed are now pissed and they know the difference between our 2 plans.

86. I will start my projects as sand turns into concrete

87. I don’t even have to open a casino in Las Vegas to make money.

88. Where there are people there are always ways to make money

89. When you understand traffic on Dotcom Blvd. that gives you power and insight that very few have.

90. When you watch and understand that traffic for 20 years you learn things others have never even thought of or questioned.

91. That leads me to buy more sand in more places.

92. See I think developing for the sake of developing is not something I ever wanted to pursue even though I tried numerous times throughout the years.

93. I plan develop by NEED and audience size matched with a profitable good or service.

94. But the dust on the Internet has yet to settle although it is now taking on direction and shape.

95. Something that I envisioned would take 20 years because of the enormous size of the change of habit and it would be worldwide in a way that nobody can really understand. Never in the history of mankind have so many adapted to something new so quick. Yes 20 years is a FLASH. Nothing ever became so universal so fast. Not electric, not phones, not TV, not even the computer itself.

96. How long do you think it would take for the Internet to evolve back in 1996 when less than 1% of the world’s population was online?

97. So the way I see things is very different than perhaps anyone else as I am sure your visions may be unique to you and what you want and the lifestyle you are striving for.

98. While I saw domains being something that would bring many people together, I don’t ever think I saw that just selling the picks and shovels could be such a multi billion dollar business and still expanding.

99. While I thought domains would parallel real estate, it did so faster, deeper and more mainstream than I thought would happen.

100. I think social media only enhances this in an exponential way.

101. So I still believe we are in our adolescence. But it won’t be much longer that adolescence begins the journey of maturity.

102. So just like a boy or a girl takes 20 years to mature and THEN blossom, so was my approach to Dotcom Blvd.

103. Graduation day is not the day you reach your full potential. It’s the day you start your journey.

104. It’s the day you mark when things really begin

105. It’s the day that starts life as we know it.

106. So I have this 20 year plan and folks still laugh.

107. But I have the “Luxury of time” to decide which parking lots are turned into Skyscrapers or Department Stores or just keeping as a parking lot until there are no more cars to service.

108. Real Estate, Oil wells, Mineral Rights, Parking Lots, Store Fronts, Billboards, Message Boards, Gold Mines, Diamonds, name your poison. Name your path. Name your trail. Never has any single item had so many faces and possibilities and parallels as a domain name.

109. So we can be condemned for seeing things early but that won’t change the facts of acting on a hunch and taking a huge risk when the next guy with the same opportunity passed on that great risk

110. Great risk receives great rewards when the risk you take just happens to unfold as you saw years ago.

111. So what would you call somebody that bought in the desert when nobody else on the entire planet wanted it and everyone laughed at him? What do you call the guy today with an acre of sand on Las Vegas Blvd that is just a parking lot? Some old fat guy at the gate with a cigar hanging from his mouth. Each night he collects $20 each for the 5000 cars that fit in his garage. Oh didn’t I tell you, he decided to focus and build on that parking lot a 12 story garage capable of holding 5000 cars at $20 each and turns the spaces an average of 2.5 times a day. Gets $50 on special event days.

112. The fat guy at the gate just keeps laughing as each car hands him $20. Another puff on the cigar, another laugh. $250,000/day business and he did damn well for his $100 investment. The garage he built that was a simple skeleton paid itself off in just 4 weeks so there is no mortgage.

113. They told the old guy he no longer had to collect the cash. That now they had machines to do the same thing and he could go to Florida and just lay on the beach.

114. I heard he declined the move. He just loved laughing his ass off. Every 5th car would pay off that original $100 mortgage.

115. Ok, so that is one path. One parallel. Now let’s talk about the oil well parallels.

116. Then the Gold Rush Parallel.

  1. And to be fair, don’t forget the tulips. The greatest BUST in history and to some, domaining is exactly like that. Don’t know about the tulips? Look it up!

  2. There is also the collectible parallel.

  3. The TV parallel

  4. The Hollywood Parallel

  5. The stock market Parallel

  6. The Location, Location, Location, parallel

  7. The Monopoly Game Parallel.

  8. The Game of Life Parallel

  9. The Radio, Newpaper, Magazine Parallel

  10. More parallels in one commodity than all others combined and I have barely scratched the surface!

There has never been anything quite as universal and VALUABLE as a meaningful domain name and 2012 marks the year that the cat is out of the bag. Predators from every corner will come out like cockroaches at night trying to undermine your efforts in any way possible. Some of my friends are way too nice and find themselves on the short end. My only suggestion is to grow some balls and learn how to tell people to shove it up their ass with a 2 x 4.

See there are efforts by scammers that don’t take 20 years. They can fake out the system in 2 or 3 years or less and then just walk away with your property. Folks it is time to stop being naive. The next jackass that contacts you that you never heard of that wants one of your domains is likely not who they say they are and likely have an agenda. Why pay for a domain when they can PLAY the domainer?

Good luck and go grab your share of the pie! But don’t be a victim of those predators. They play with an empty hand, don’t play with an empty offense. You don't need a lawyer all the time, but you do need balls every moment from this day forward.

As investors in domain names we have done nothing wrong and worked within the system to capitalize on something just as they have done for hundreds of years on millions of items. Buy a $10 piece of art at a garage sale and a Picasso is behind it, well it’s yours and nothing will change it unless it had been stolen to begin with.

That brings me to my last point. Even if you lose a domain, track it!!! If you lose a domain because of wrong doing and it is years later, learn from the case. I believe in the years ahead we will see domain returned to their original owner and whatever business has been built will collapse overnight.

If you pay your annual fees, and don't do infringe or do anything intentionally wrong with your domain, then don't be intimidated by companies large or small. The smallest guy can defeat the biggest guy with WORDS and THOUGHTS and IDEAS as well as public opinion.

Your only limit is your 'Life Expectancy'. So something maturing in 100 years won't do you a whole lot of good in life. You'll be long dead. Depending on your age, you may have 20-40 year horizon to accomplish what you want. Life is not as long as you may think.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz