BusinessWeek and Kerry Miller’s Attack

BusinessWeek and Kerry Miller's Attack

Is BusinessWeek guilty of libel? You decide.

uninformed rookie reporter has labeled all domainers as “Cybersquatters. ” In the story she boarders on libel as she accuses the owner of (Reflex
Publishing) of being a “CyberSquatter.” I wrote the following note to Ms.
Miller. I hope other domain owners will also write notes. Keep them factual and
thoughtful. Her email address is

Hello Ms. Miller,

I just finished reading
your article 'Does your success hinge on a domain name.'

As President and CEO of
the World Association of Domain Name Developers Inc, that produces the
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. trade shows, (

thing to call somebody that has done nothing wrong. His domains do not violate
anyone's trademark. He has not stolen the domain. He has not done anything but
purchased the domain in a legal manner. Calling him a 'Cybersquatter'
insinuates he has done something wrong. He has not and you should correct your
story to reflect that.

Thanks for your time!


Rick Schwartz

Elliot Silver on his blog today shows an interesting angle. Seems the REAL
cybersquatter is the company that wants the domain name. Time to push
back folks. Time to set the record straight. Write Miller. Write the editor.
Don't let them slide.

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz

UPDATE 3PM: Businessweek and Ms. Miller have CHANGED 'Cybersquatter' to 'Speculator.' Way to go!!

8 thoughts on “BusinessWeek and Kerry Miller’s Attack

  1. Don

    She just needs a story and will write anything like 90% of the reporters.
    I sold a very good name to reflex in Dec 2004 for xxx,000 they are from cybersquaters. Happy they bought it from good deal for both of us at the time.

  2. David V

    Thanks for pointing out the Businessweek article and it’s inaccurate portrayal of legit domain owners. I think it’s very important for ALL domainers and investors who have a solid grasp on the true value of good domain names to speak up and stand up to all reports and articles that are not written factually nor properly researched. Results will happen when a newspaper, blog, or other media is bombarded with email about their inaccurate reporting. Your post justed proved that we can make a difference and”Push” back against the lies and negative branding against honest business owners and investors. At the end of this”cycle”, THEY will lose, we WILL win. Thanks Rick, another great post!
    David V

  3. Christian

    Oscar Wilde said”ignorance is bliss” I guess thats only if someone doesn’t call you on it. Way to stick up for the industry.

  4. NK Gurung

    Hello Rick,
    Just wondering if you could update me if it is illegal to resell domain names to some interested buyers through ebay, forums, websites etc even if your company is not registered.
    What effect does it make to a particular without a company, which I plan to register in the very near future.
    As I see thousands of domains on sale at sedo, ebay, afternics, sitepoint and many many more. Are they all considered”Cybersquatters”?
    Could you please give me your pro advice coz I’m already in this project and have invested some money to see if it works.
    Thanks a lot!
    Good Day.

  5. Emma

    When it comes to selling or buying a domain name you don’t risk a great deal as far as the seller is a known or reliable person online (check their feedbacks on eBay, Sitepoint etc), try to call him personally.
    There is no rules or laws to follow to sell or buy a domain name from some seller as long as the domain name doesn’t break the trademark infringement.
    Hope this helps.
    If you’re selling or want to buy good existing domain names then I would suggest you to try
    EDN networks.

  6. stan

    Most domainers are speculators who look to make a profit at a future time without breaking trademark laws. Reflex states that the names they hold are NOT for sale. They hurt other businesses by limiting the power of the web to work for commerce. They are sqautters for the most part.


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