Chew on this on the way to Las Vegas

Morning folks!!


Let me give you something to chew on as we head to Las
Vegas for the 10th T.R.A.F.F.I.C. show. These are serious articles with
serious numbers from a serious domainer that should only be read by other
serious domainers that want to understand why transparency is the key issue for
2008. If you are not a numbers guy, or real numbers scare you, then really don’t
waste your time. But if you are serious about where YOUR EARNINGS are going and
how much you are really getting of the pie, then don’t read the following links,
STUDY them! Why be interested? Not only will your earnings multiply, but the value of your domain assets will increase even more. These numbers are crunched by Michael Gilmour of He has really done a well researched and in depth expose!

Transparency = Education =  More sales = Higher payouts =Higher Margins = Higher valued assets

Parking Company Standards - Part 1
Standards - Part 2 - The journey to transparency
Standards - Part 3 - Traffic definitions and reporting
Standards - Part 4 - Current Traffic Reporting Problems

Standards - Part 5 - What's a click?
Standards - Part 6 - Do parking companies swallow clicks?
Standards - Part 7 - Definition of a click

See you in Las Vegas. Travel Safe!
Rick Schwartz


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One thought on “Chew on this on the way to Las Vegas

  1. Jeff Schneider

    The challenge of Clarity, throughout history, has always been an early challenge for the development of nascent market places. The pioneers that help remove these market restraints improve the lay of the land and eventually pave the way for free and open Markets. Good luck on your quest out west!
    Jeff Schneider


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