Ink, Ink and more Ink

Morning Folks!

From the New York
,to the Sydney Morning Herald, to the Christian Science Monitor to CNN
, to Fortune, Investors, LA Times, International Herald Tribune and dozens of other publications
throughout the world the domain business is set to hit center stage in 2008.
The new video on gives domainers something to point to that
is concrete and shows the extraordinary progress we have made.

There has already been a
barrage of headlines about domains from sale to CNN to another
blockbuster by Moniker with a $4 million sale of the website and a collection of
other domain names. Pharmacy is on the market for $50 million. A bit on the
ambitious side but a clue to what is to come.

A perfect storm is forming and it is 13 years in
the making and counting. The slowdown of 2008 will be a dream come true for the
domain industry. When they re-evaluate where they have been, where they are and
where they are going, we will be directly in the path. The bad times are about
to bring this industry some really good times. When we talk about the
'Good old days,' We will be talking 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. So
don't forget to enjoy what you will look back on very fondly. Make it even
better by knowing what is to come. Just in a few weeks some big names have
focused on the domain industry. Even the unlikely Christian Science Monitor.
While we have been getting more and more ink since 2005 with the Business2.0
article that firmly placed the domain industry on the map, never have I seen it
like this. Can we be at the foot of Critical Mass? A $4 million domain sale is
just being reported as I write this. In addition, the TRAFFIC auction next week
is likely to provide an 8 digit result. 13 years into a 20 year plan. The pie
will soon be baked and ready to eat. We are so close, I can smell the fruit.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz.

5 thoughts on “Ink, Ink and more Ink

  1. Kevin

    The first wave brought the opportunity to acquire the raw land.
    The second wave brought the opportunity for simple monetization of the raw land, i.e. ppc landing pages.
    The third wave is beginning now and will bring more advanced and customized monetization options as well as site building opportunites via strategic joint ventures and innovative development concepts and partnerships.
    The fourth wave will bring the grand payoffs for many domainers who will see their top developed and most successful domains become worth tens and even hundreds of millions and corporate America finally getting it en masse and showing up to our tables with nice big checks in hand.
    :) $$$$$$$

  2. Eric Borgos

    I am the previous owner of, who sold it for $4 million. Do you think I was wrong to sell it? I agree domain prices are header higher, but I still own $5 million+ worth of websites and domains (over 9000 of them, almost all bought in the 1990’s and early 2000’s), so my goal in selling was to cash out a little and have money in the bank, instead of having all my wealth be virtual.
    – Eric
    Response by RS:
    Hi Eric, Long time no speak. Don’t second guess yourself. You are never wrong when you take $4 million off the table and put it in your pocket. Congrats!!

  3. John

    Hi Rick, I purchased a number of sites mostly in the late 90s primarily focused in healthcare …do you have any tips as to how I might go about selling some of them? I would appreciate any help you might give me.


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