T.R.A.F.F.I.C. WEST Reviews 2008

At each T.R.A.F.F.I.C. show Ron
Jackson sits in on about every seminar and event that is held at TRAFFIC. I
have no idea where he gets the energy to do that. Then what is more incredible
is his talent to give a play by play and unbiased review of each and every
event and give you a true flavor of what has transpired. It is a vivid
description that only folks like Phil Rizzuto or Ralph Kiner could give. But
somehow Ron has a gift that few truly have. It brings me back to each event and
each moment and I am sure others will testify to that.

As a side note, when I read the story Ron wrote today, I noticed he had some Superbowls in his history. I wrote the comparison with 2 baseball announcers before I knew that. So pretty interesting of the unintended overlap. Wrong sport, but you all get the idea.   

Below are links to
several other reviews. Independent thoughts and conclusions of what they saw
and how they participated I'll just end the way I ended my own blog post last week and then some other thoughts.

'I will let others review the success and
accomplishments of TRAFFIC X, but Howard and I walk away knowing we gave it
everything we had and hope we added value to everyone's business and the
industry in general. Like I have said since day one.....'When you bring
GREAT people together, GREAT things will happen.'

The only thing I can add is that TRAFFIC is filled with opportunity. Some folks seize opportunity, some folks ignore opportunity, some folks would not know opportunity if it smacked them upside the head. The magic of TRAFFIC is the opportunity that is flying thru the air in an invisible manner. But folks that recognize opportunity also create opportunity. It is the one thing that is so hard to capture. Howard and I supply those conditions because that is our goal and then it is up to the attendee to make it into something life changing. That is why so many come back each and every show and so many travel from outside the USA to attend.  TRAFFIC provides something that money can't buy. The magic is in the quality of those that attend. They provide the energy and the ingredients. What Howard and I do is funnel that energy and refine it into conditions that bring and nurture opportunity. Together that moves everyone in the industry forward. Friend or foe, everyone has benefited.

Traffic Stories and


Conceptualist.com Sahar's take on 'Value'

Conceptualist.com Observations by a first time attendee that won a ticket from Bido.com

Whizzbangsblog.com Learn why Michael Gilmour flys half way around the world to come to TRAFFIC

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

2 thoughts on “T.R.A.F.F.I.C. WEST Reviews 2008

  1. Bob DeCecco

    Doing what you and Howard do is not easy in the slightest sense. Keep up the good work. As you already know, everyone has a different viewpoint and can contribute ‘their ideas’ to how something can be more successful, but the reality is, without someone to first take the lead and create something like T.R.A.F.F.I.C., there would be nothing to critize in the first place!
    I also just received your email this morning asking for everyone’s input on how to make it better…another sign of a true leader.

  2. zander

    just read on michael gilmour’s blog regarding FREE accommodation for all new attendees. how do i get more info?


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