Bite Me and I will Bite Back.

Morning Folks!!

Tia Wood made an interestingblog post about me and how I operate the other day. She articulated things I never could and then I did my best to follow up with the following comment. I am sure the folks the post is intended for won't give it a second thought. They do, one at a time. Not in mass. But for the umpteenth time over too many years to count I will try and explain how I see things.

'If I drive a Ferrari and a guy has a 15 year old junker, I will
share my story of how I got the Ferrari and what I believe and how I see things
but don’t expect me to get into the junker if I am not stranded. I already had
my share of junkers. I was already where others were. All I can do is share
what I personally learned and believe. I can’t force anyone, nor do I want to.
I can lend a helping hand when I have time and willing to pull others up. But I
do get annoyed when I lower my hand and others try and pull me down. THOSE are
the people I have no time for. The time wasters with bad attitudes that are mad
at everyone else for THEIR shortcomings. THOSE are the people I avoid in the
domain business and in life in general. Pretty simple. The only ones that get
offended are those very people. So they stick out and it makes it easy to
exclude them. When they figure it out, they are included. I say it out loud and
in writing because that is the foundation of my belief system. Surround
yourself with people that pull you up not the ones that try and pull you down.
SIMPLE! People that pull you up NEVER get offended by that or have to make
snide comments. It only reflects badly on them. So what we see, they don’t.
That’s the magic of life.'

If I started in domaining today I would do it differently. I would have to do it differently even if I got into domains 6 months later than I did. The equation changes every day of our lives. Business does not stay still. It evolves and you have to evolve with it. But evolving does not change standard business principles and approach and attitude and behavior and many other things. That is the common thread and if that is flawed, everything you do is flawed because the foundation is not solid. Folks that are not making a lot of money in domaining can't blame anyone but themselves. I can see some getting red in the face just for saying something that is simple fact. Ok fine, blame me. Blame your mother. Blame the man on the moon. I am the one on the planet that has held you back. I am the bad guy. If not for me you would be a wildly successful. Just know that YOU are the only one that believes it and silly is the only word that comes to mind. YOU are in control of your destiny and you own it because you created it! A dose of reality is the way I give a helping hand and I can't help those that blame others for their failures or shortcomings. Until you get past that, you will never understand a word of what I am saying. Raise your game by stopping and thinking and accomplishing things and being deliberate. When you lash out, use that energy to pull yourself up because there is only one person on the entire planet that can hold you back and if you are looking my way, then you are foolish and it is time to adjust your attitude or suffer another year of anger and frustration. Want to be a winner? Then be a winner. It is your decision and I have no power to stop you nor desire. I do have a desire to lend that hand by posting in your face stuff that exposes the basic things that may be holding you back. Extend your hand and I will shake it. Bite my hand it and I will bite back. Attitude is everything and will determine your success or failure before you even begin your project.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz