TRAFFIC to Announce “Hall of Fame Speed Networking” in Miami Beach.

Morning Folks!!

in domains has always been equated with investing in real estate, some for
personal use or a parking lot, some for development into businesses or even
shopping centers. The shopping center opening the day the interstate opens may
work better than the shopping center being opened 15 years before the road to
the store is even built or conceived.
But that is exactly what domain investors do up until now because of our forward looking vision and
I am here to tell you the road is about to be open and we are about to be
connected in a most profound way.
Just like the road unlocks the value of the shopping center, the
expanding net and understanding of domains is the road that will unlock the
true value of domain names. Timing is everything. Everything.

calls and says he has an idea. I say great, what is it? He says how about speed
networking with a twist? Ok and here it is:

we will be doing at T.R.A.F.F.I.C, SOUTH BEACH in October is called Speed
Networking with “Hall of Famers”. We will release further details of this
unique event as we get closer to the event, but as we looked over the list of attendees,
we noticed that almost all of the Domain Hall of Fame Members who had
previously been inducted were already registered for the show. They will be asked to participate
in a special Speed Networking session that will allow the newest domain
investor to interact with the oldest. Engage, ask questions and make new
friends and opportunities.

gives a chance to mingle, grow and share and learn from the masters, those who
you voted in to the domain Hall of Fame. A chance for new and old and everyone in the middle to mix
and get things off to a running start.

is a reason that TRAFFIC South Beach is going to be another landmark event. In the coming weeks I will give everyone reading this an overwhelming amount of
reasons to come to TRAFFIC.
Reasons to leave the comfort of your home to expand your business for
years to come. THAT is what we do at TRAFFIC and nobody reading this can afford
not to be in the right place at the right time. Nobody.

there may be a cost to attend T.R.A.F.F.I.C. but there is no expense. That
means that you have to pay to play, but the rewards trump the cost. SIMPLE! It’s
like buying a domain for $3000 and selling it for $30,000. You don’t focus on
the $3,000, you focus on the ultimate benefit and reward.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz!

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