Mission Accomplished! My Last Regular”Daily” Blog Post.

Morning Folks!!

It's December 1, 2011. I started writing this post weeks ago and waiting for just the right moment to publish. Over the last weeks I have posted a strong summary of the events and the vision I have now and the one back in 1996. I admit it is boring. Virtually nothing has changed in that period of time other than the world moved in the direction I bet the farm on. My words are the same in 2011 as they were in 1996. The only difference is they are now backed up with history and facts and oh so much more.

So I woke up one morning and realized that my job has been accomplished. No longer are we in an environment where domain names are the greatest secret in the world. No longer did I have to explain what a domain name was or why it was so important.

For over a decade I have devoted my time to the “Industry of Domains”. While that won’t change, I will now adjust my focus and time from domainers to new avenues in a maturing universe that is presenting some huge opportunities. I feel in the last days I have said all I can possibly say.

I am not closing this blog. I will still post from time to time. But as a daily exercise, I think the blog has run its' course. It will stay here forever. The words will stand and the vision will again be proven. But my time can be better used and that is what I am going to do.

Domaining is like a beautiful Pond. But now it is time to jump into Rivers and Oceans. I will still be visible. I will still contribute where and when I can. I will still announce the deals I do. Wherever I go, I will leave a trail right here. Just time to blaze some new paths in some new areas and arenas and do what I have done all of my life. Just graduating to another phase, another level another orbit.

I have long said we will all go into different orbits in time and the time is here. This is not the first time. In 1999-2000 I left the confines of the adult industry to establish the first Domain Chat Board in the world. Most of the folks on that board are still in this business and most of them have done well.

But this time I am going back to the future. I am going back to 1996 because while my vision has not changed, those I tried to share it with back then have. And while they rejected that vision out of hand then, they now have the tools to grasp, understand and embrace things. I have had the time to prove the future and gain the credibility that goes with it. Now it is time to parlay that credibility. All in the timing.

I’ll always have lines to the adult industry. I’ll always have lines to the domain industry. But now it is time to construct those lines to ALL industries. Ventures in ALL directions. A more diverse playing field. A new group spread throughout the world.

For those that really want to know and understand domains and their power and everything that goes with it should take the time to read over 500 posts here. You will be fluent in domaining if you invest your time in these posts. You will understand the domain eco system and all that goes with it. You will have direction,. You will know who to do business with and who to avoid. You will know facts before they became facts and the timelines will prove it. On your first day you will know more than folks doing it for years.

Journey’s end with a mistake but the mistake NEVER occurs at the end. Mistakes ALWAYS happen before you even set sail. So don’t be directionless and fail. Take the TIME to read what I have written and you will make a fortune by not pissing away money on worthless domain names.

I have signed on to TRAFFIC through 2013. I don't know if I will be involved beyond that unless I can manage to turn it into something very grand. It will be 10 years at that point and I think it will depend on events on the ground. I think that after this October I will have filled the obligation I had for myself when Howard and I started out on this journey. I feel satisfied with what we have accomplished and how far we have all come. The next couple years will give a clear vision of the next 10.

So I can’t say all that I need or want to say but time and place dictates where and what to do next. I will still focus on domains but my energy will be alliances far outside the Industry of Domaining only to return each Fall. Some of the time devoted to entities I have an interest in. Besides selling domains I have a vested interest and a piece of the action in several of them including Candy.com, Property.com and Punchbowl.com.

100,000 call themselves “Domainers”. The definition is a loose one. Like “Webmaster”. Everyone is one. But few are masters of the web. Few are Masters of Domaining and few will join the club. Reading every post in this blog will be the single best investment of your time….EVER…….AND again, you won’t waste your money on worthless domains.

10 GREAT domains make you a domainer. 100,000 worthless domains makes you a pigeon shit farmer at best and a fool at worst. The quantity game has collapsed. Quality is and always has been the real game.

The way to make your fortune is to have the vision to see what will unfold before others see it and then ACT on it. Don’t just TALK about it. DO IT! Most folks waste 10x more energy talking about something than actually doing it. We all know the types.

Just time to trail blaze in some new areas and arenas and do what I have done all of my life. I am not looking to own 100% of everything. Looking to own 5% of multiple somethings.

I watched the entire future unfold with .everything going viral overnight. But .everything just made .something (dot com) much more valuable and famous. The new game is expensive, but the game is trying to duplicate something you can’t duplicate. Every .everything will want, need and HAVE TO HAVE the dotcom counterpart. That counterpart is worth a king’s ransom!

In case folks forgot, THIS is what Mr. Johnson said in the adage article

'Mr. Johnson said customers responded well to the O.co advertising, but after watching the spots, 'a good portion' of those who sought out the website went to O.com, instead of O.co.'

Ignore what he said and you are GUARANTEED to lose. The bigger the business, the bigger the loss.

I will use this blog for future T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Announcements. It is still my 'SoapBox.' If I see another 'Mr. Johnson' statement, I will be all over it. The building is never over but the foundation is strong and can only get stronger.

Exciting times. Lots of new ways to make new money as I watch the masses…..GET IT WRONG once again. But wrong does not mean unprofitable. Right does not mean you will get rich. Confused? Start reading this blog and you will get a lesson in life as a dividend of learning and understanding domain names and what they have to do with Human Nature. Seasoned domainers, pay particular attention to the May and June posts. It only proves what I have said for a very long time. Some folks deal with the truth and some folks so what they do when confronted with it.

In 2012 I want to explore what the outside world looks like just months before my 20 year plan fully matures. I think 'Explore' is the keyword. I feel as I go into year number 17 that I have built a foundation of accomplishment. A foundation of many foundations that allows me to arm myself for the path ahead with much less headwinds then years gone by. IDEAS are a very powerful weapon and when armed with credibility, has no limit. My motto might be......'Who can I make contact with today?'

See with my new found time I have decided to use the time I use to blog for contacting new folks and planting new seeds in a different direction. To make TRAFFIC 2012 and TRAFFIC 2013 events that will be talked about for a lifetime. To do things that can only be done after being battle tested. I no longer need props like 'Sampson' and 'Ribeye' because the beauty of the Internet is it is all on record.

I have a vision and it was never the TIME to truly employ that vision until now. The 20 year plan enters the final stage. Not the ending stage, just the final stage of a booster rocket. But it is NOW that the orbit begins. The difference between 'Spring Training' and the 'Regular Season.' That is about how I see it. So while others are gettimg 'Battle Fatigue' I am getting 'Battle Ready.'

I am Rick Schwartz from Property.com. I am Rick Schwartz from Candy.com. I am Rick Schwartz from Widgets.com. I am Rick Schwartz from DailySpecials.com. I am Rick Schwartz from TopSecret.com. I am Rick Schwartz from JointVentures.com. I am Rick Schwartz from Middleman.com. Who do I want to be TODAY?

To my faithful readers and friends....Have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Years and good health to you and those that are close. There are no outside forces that can limit you or barriers to stop you. The single biggest and virtually our only enemy is the mass between our ears. I wish you only the best.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz