Mission Accomplished! My Last Regular”Daily” Blog Post.

Morning Folks!!

It's December 1, 2011. I started writing this post weeks ago and waiting for just the right moment to publish. Over the last weeks I have posted a strong summary of the events and the vision I have now and the one back in 1996. I admit it is boring. Virtually nothing has changed in that period of time other than the world moved in the direction I bet the farm on. My words are the same in 2011 as they were in 1996. The only difference is they are now backed up with history and facts and oh so much more.

So I woke up one morning and realized that my job has been accomplished. No longer are we in an environment where domain names are the greatest secret in the world. No longer did I have to explain what a domain name was or why it was so important.

For over a decade I have devoted my time to the “Industry of Domains”. While that won’t change, I will now adjust my focus and time from domainers to new avenues in a maturing universe that is presenting some huge opportunities. I feel in the last days I have said all I can possibly say.

I am not closing this blog. I will still post from time to time. But as a daily exercise, I think the blog has run its' course. It will stay here forever. The words will stand and the vision will again be proven. But my time can be better used and that is what I am going to do.

Domaining is like a beautiful Pond. But now it is time to jump into Rivers and Oceans. I will still be visible. I will still contribute where and when I can. I will still announce the deals I do. Wherever I go, I will leave a trail right here. Just time to blaze some new paths in some new areas and arenas and do what I have done all of my life. Just graduating to another phase, another level another orbit.

I have long said we will all go into different orbits in time and the time is here. This is not the first time. In 1999-2000 I left the confines of the adult industry to establish the first Domain Chat Board in the world. Most of the folks on that board are still in this business and most of them have done well.

But this time I am going back to the future. I am going back to 1996 because while my vision has not changed, those I tried to share it with back then have. And while they rejected that vision out of hand then, they now have the tools to grasp, understand and embrace things. I have had the time to prove the future and gain the credibility that goes with it. Now it is time to parlay that credibility. All in the timing.

I’ll always have lines to the adult industry. I’ll always have lines to the domain industry. But now it is time to construct those lines to ALL industries. Ventures in ALL directions. A more diverse playing field. A new group spread throughout the world.

For those that really want to know and understand domains and their power and everything that goes with it should take the time to read over 500 posts here. You will be fluent in domaining if you invest your time in these posts. You will understand the domain eco system and all that goes with it. You will have direction,. You will know who to do business with and who to avoid. You will know facts before they became facts and the timelines will prove it. On your first day you will know more than folks doing it for years.

Journey’s end with a mistake but the mistake NEVER occurs at the end. Mistakes ALWAYS happen before you even set sail. So don’t be directionless and fail. Take the TIME to read what I have written and you will make a fortune by not pissing away money on worthless domain names.

I have signed on to TRAFFIC through 2013. I don't know if I will be involved beyond that unless I can manage to turn it into something very grand. It will be 10 years at that point and I think it will depend on events on the ground. I think that after this October I will have filled the obligation I had for myself when Howard and I started out on this journey. I feel satisfied with what we have accomplished and how far we have all come. The next couple years will give a clear vision of the next 10.

So I can’t say all that I need or want to say but time and place dictates where and what to do next. I will still focus on domains but my energy will be alliances far outside the Industry of Domaining only to return each Fall. Some of the time devoted to entities I have an interest in. Besides selling domains I have a vested interest and a piece of the action in several of them including Candy.com, Property.com and Punchbowl.com.

100,000 call themselves “Domainers”. The definition is a loose one. Like “Webmaster”. Everyone is one. But few are masters of the web. Few are Masters of Domaining and few will join the club. Reading every post in this blog will be the single best investment of your time….EVER…….AND again, you won’t waste your money on worthless domains.

10 GREAT domains make you a domainer. 100,000 worthless domains makes you a pigeon shit farmer at best and a fool at worst. The quantity game has collapsed. Quality is and always has been the real game.

The way to make your fortune is to have the vision to see what will unfold before others see it and then ACT on it. Don’t just TALK about it. DO IT! Most folks waste 10x more energy talking about something than actually doing it. We all know the types.

Just time to trail blaze in some new areas and arenas and do what I have done all of my life. I am not looking to own 100% of everything. Looking to own 5% of multiple somethings.

I watched the entire future unfold with .everything going viral overnight. But .everything just made .something (dot com) much more valuable and famous. The new game is expensive, but the game is trying to duplicate something you can’t duplicate. Every .everything will want, need and HAVE TO HAVE the dotcom counterpart. That counterpart is worth a king’s ransom!

In case folks forgot, THIS is what Mr. Johnson said in the adage article

'Mr. Johnson said customers responded well to the O.co advertising, but after watching the spots, 'a good portion' of those who sought out the website went to O.com, instead of O.co.'

Ignore what he said and you are GUARANTEED to lose. The bigger the business, the bigger the loss.

I will use this blog for future T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Announcements. It is still my 'SoapBox.' If I see another 'Mr. Johnson' statement, I will be all over it. The building is never over but the foundation is strong and can only get stronger.

Exciting times. Lots of new ways to make new money as I watch the masses…..GET IT WRONG once again. But wrong does not mean unprofitable. Right does not mean you will get rich. Confused? Start reading this blog and you will get a lesson in life as a dividend of learning and understanding domain names and what they have to do with Human Nature. Seasoned domainers, pay particular attention to the May and June posts. It only proves what I have said for a very long time. Some folks deal with the truth and some folks so what they do when confronted with it.

In 2012 I want to explore what the outside world looks like just months before my 20 year plan fully matures. I think 'Explore' is the keyword. I feel as I go into year number 17 that I have built a foundation of accomplishment. A foundation of many foundations that allows me to arm myself for the path ahead with much less headwinds then years gone by. IDEAS are a very powerful weapon and when armed with credibility, has no limit. My motto might be......'Who can I make contact with today?'

See with my new found time I have decided to use the time I use to blog for contacting new folks and planting new seeds in a different direction. To make TRAFFIC 2012 and TRAFFIC 2013 events that will be talked about for a lifetime. To do things that can only be done after being battle tested. I no longer need props like 'Sampson' and 'Ribeye' because the beauty of the Internet is it is all on record.

I have a vision and it was never the TIME to truly employ that vision until now. The 20 year plan enters the final stage. Not the ending stage, just the final stage of a booster rocket. But it is NOW that the orbit begins. The difference between 'Spring Training' and the 'Regular Season.' That is about how I see it. So while others are gettimg 'Battle Fatigue' I am getting 'Battle Ready.'

I am Rick Schwartz from Property.com. I am Rick Schwartz from Candy.com. I am Rick Schwartz from Widgets.com. I am Rick Schwartz from DailySpecials.com. I am Rick Schwartz from TopSecret.com. I am Rick Schwartz from JointVentures.com. I am Rick Schwartz from Middleman.com. Who do I want to be TODAY?

To my faithful readers and friends....Have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Years and good health to you and those that are close. There are no outside forces that can limit you or barriers to stop you. The single biggest and virtually our only enemy is the mass between our ears. I wish you only the best.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


73 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished! My Last Regular”Daily” Blog Post.

  1. Friend

    “battle fatigue” could also an illusion, some just do things behind the scenes, not in public.
    Thanks as always for yrs of unselfish dedication!

  2. Jim Sickorez

    Thanks for taking the time to blog and share your years of experiences and wisdom, so other don’t make the same mistakes…I hope you and your family have a great holiday season and may you have a prosperous New Year!!

  3. Andy Booth

    Shame Rick. Whether or not I agree with everything you say, always makes for an interesting read. Thanks for what you’ve achieved.

  4. Danny Pryor

    There’s no way to quantify how this blog has become the benchmark tool for noobs and vets, alike. The notion you won’t be participating on a regular blog seems strange, but we’ll let the historians make their determination about the timing.
    It’s always great to read your insights and compare my thinking to yours, and we’ll still be able to do that. As you wrote in an email once, you’re”pretty consistent.” The blog will keep speaking for itself, and for you, for years to come.
    Thanks, Rick. :)

  5. Amanda

    Well I understand your decision to forge new paths, but I’m totally bummed you won’t be blogging as often. This is and always has been my favorite blog. Best of luck to you in your new ventures and thank you so much for taking the time to spread the wealth.

  6. Domains, Oil, Gold, Land, and Food

    I’ve appreciated your posts immensely over the years.
    All the best with the new orbits!

  7. Tony

    Job well done, sir.
    You deserve all the good things in your life.
    You more than anyone else in domaining shared what you know.
    Good luck to you and many thanks.

  8. Samit Madan

    Reading your blog is like doing a master’s course in domain investment Rick and by leaving it up I’m sure a lot more people will benefit.
    I’m sure you’re doing what you for a reason and I’m also sure the reason will be good, so best of luck.
    Thanks for all the info you’ve supplied over the years, wish I had the foresight to have followed the advice in 1998, but c’est la vie.

  9. howard

    The saying goes that those who don’t know how to DO, teach. Yet, you belie the saying, as you not only have been successful in what you DO, but you also have learned the fine art of teaching others and sharing your knowledge, so that others may find the success that you have found.
    I count myself among the luckiest of your”students” as your words and actions have opened up worlds of possibilities for me sand others who have listened. Thank you for being my friend and partner.

  10. John

    Best Wishes
    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts for the last two years
    Think about writing that book
    I think it would benefit a far greater audience than the domain industry and open up many new doors for yourself
    Be Well

  11. Joseph Ratliff

    I can’t say how much I appreciate the insights you’ve left here on this site.
    I hope they are not ending, but you’re right…there are 500 posts here which form a solid education in domaining.

  12. Steve O'Brien

    Thanks so much for all the info. over the years Rick. It is and has been – the best read in the industry. Hope all the readers here appreciated it as much as I have. As the saying goes -“All Good Things Must Pass”. Happy Holidays to you guys and thanks again for all – Steve

  13. Colin Pape

    A brilliant farewell, Rick.
    Thank you for sharing so much knowledge and wisdom with us all. You have saved us so much precious time, provided so many shortcuts, and blazed so many trails through your blog and your actions.
    The second last paragraph says it all.
    Like you said, an idea combined with credibility is a very powerful weapon. Can’t wait to see what you set your sights on.
    Wishing you all the best on the next leg of the journey.

  14. EmergingDomains

    You like writing; you like sharing, so why should you quit?
    I guess you’re not going to quit, but as the titles suggests, it’s your last REGULAR post. You’ll post as you get the inclination – that’s nice!

  15. Bill Roy

    It seems that an era is ending, but really you are just telling us that we are either ready to fly the nest now, and if not to go back and read and digest the lessons again.
    If over the coming months I succeed or fail with my venture only history will tell, but if it had not been for your cogent arguments I would most definitely have been doomed to failure, for without you hammering into my head via your blog posts I ‘NEEDED’ the .com, I would have put the same effort and investment in but giving myself 99% less chance of success – and I would truly have proved myself a schmuck.
    Also you were willing to take on the industry and ‘out’ what had to be outed, and that makes you one of only a handful of people in this industry that I would listen to and take their word without question.
    I really do owe you those ‘beers’ mate, so I hope you will be thirsty at TRAFFIC 2012, just look for the fat, bald, short, mad Englishman. ;)

  16. Uzoma

    Rick, you are doing a wonderful job, as only the king can.
    Your heart and soul is in this (domain) field, so I know this is NOT a sad occasion at all; this is NOT a goodbye. I wish you continued success, and boundless wisdom as you explore the horizon.
    I’m glad this place will be here forever. Thank you.

  17. ScottM

    Rick we both have the same common root and good friend Gary who got us both initially involved in domains and vanity phone numbers, he’s unfortunately no longer with us. I know from the years Gary and I worked together that he would be very proud, excited and happy for all that you have accomplished as well as the knowledge you’ve kindly shared to benefit many others. Gary saw the future of this industry earlier than just about anyone and you had the quick insight to execute a well-thought plan make good on it. I’ve learned as much about this business and industry from reading every one of your posts as any real world experience I have gotten from my 25+ years in the consumer electronics industry as well as from my business school and MBA education. Come back here and talk to us when you can and please keep in touch my friend!

  18. DomainFuze!

    Kind of figured this was coming w/your recent sales and blog posts mostly referencing historical posts. You’ll still be only an e-mail away, right?! As with any early retiree, my guess is you’ll get the itch to get your thoughts out in cyberspace…your thoughts will build up until you are busting at the seams…I’m giving you til’ shortly after New Years and you’ll be back at a couple post/week! Thanks Rick.

  19. LindaM

    I love people who call it plain as they see it, you have offered tremendous insight in simple enough language for anyone who cared to listen and learn. For me it is often the disparaging comments and replies you get that reveal the truth, you generally make a lot of sense and your trolls are so off the wall you should publish their comments in a best-selling new horror story, theyre really priceless. I will miss your daily rants/stories/teach-ins as surely as everyone else.
    Hope you enjoy the additional free time and good luck with your ongoing ventures :)

  20. Miko Rist

    Many people sing, but few are singers.Many people write, but few are writers.Many people speak, but few are orators.Many people think, but few are thinkers.Many people pray, but few are religious.Many people smile, but few are happy.Many people hope, but few are not disappointed.Many people die, but few will survive.

  21. A !

    This ricksblog.com is one of the”Links to My Success”.
    I never sold a domain and never got a single cent from domain commerce.
    But I must admit that Rick Uncle’s words of inspiration are priceless.
    They just reinforce and mentor towards the road of bravery.
    Wish you all round health wealth peace and progression.

  22. Jason Thompson

    Well said, I’m sure I will still find myself coming back to check the blog even if you aren’t adding daily entries. Great work and thanks for being a positive asset to the community.

  23. Altaf

    We are the witness Rick that you tried to say from the bottom of your heart & you are the most pioneer to introduce”domains” to public via your board/forums/blogs. Now domain is known to mankind. Its demand now spreaded in all directions.It’s mot an easy task from 1996 to 2011. But you did,we are the witness to the futures.Congratulations!
    Merry Christmas.

  24. Iain Taylor

    Been a long term reader and admirer of all that you have shared over the years. This is my first comment on your blog, which disappoints me somewhat, as I feel I should have contributed earlier and often. All the best Rick and look forward to hearing of your future adventures.
    “who do I want to be today” – this is how I live my life, great line.

  25. Warren Royal

    We will miss you here but we will see you out in the real world, on the”road less traveled”, where you’ll continue to shake things up and making things happen. Thanks for all the years of insight and advocacy, you’ve been a huge inspiration – and will continue to be.

  26. Asher

    Thanks for sharing so much wisdom with us Rick. Congrats on accomplishing your mission!

  27. Karen Bernstein

    Mazel Tov, Rick!! To be so blessed to be in the position you are in is something to be proud of and is very, very, inspirational!
    I only wish you the best! kjb

  28. Picas

    Rick’s blog is one of valuable guide book … i hope Rick still keeps his blog available for our newbies to read and learn ..I even have not read all old posts yet …Can you. Rick ???

  29. Mike @ How To Make Money

    Rick, I’ve been domaining since ’98 and have followed your sales throughout the years. Thanks for the inspiration you’ve shared through your blog. With my many ups and downs of domaining, you were truly and inspiration that had a part in keeping me going at times when I thought to throw in the towel.
    Good luck with your future endeavors!

  30. TopDomainDeal

    If there are 10 more people like you the only thing people will be talking about are going to be domains!
    I meet people every day who still don’t know what on earth is domain name. Spread the word – domain.

  31. Ryan O'Meara

    Really wished I’d started domaining in 1996. Now the key is to try and project in to the future and think what would I say in 2016 about what I’d wished I’d started in 2012!

  32. steve cheatham

    As I have shared previously, my 20 year plan is running approximately parallel to Rick’s with many similarities. Rick’s leadership has helped move this market along and I am proud to be a part of that. Thanks Rick!
    This year brings more changes, just like every day, month and year on the Internet since 1996. The past has evolved smoothly and predictable. Next year is the most challenging so far.
    IMHO the era is changing from 10’s of thousands of blogs with mostly nothing to say diluting PPC to where most are not making anything worth counting. PPC dead. Real advertising emerging.
    The landrush on other tld’s is just a money grabber. Entrepenurs taking advantage of other’s desire to get on the boat they misse d20 years ago. Worthless venture except for the registrars. I say go for it, the money in selling new tld’s that is. Buying them is another stroy.
    And finally, an understanding by the small and large businessperson that a .com is priceless. Especially a catagory killer. (Remember Hotels.com? the large hotel chains simply did not get it and missed the boat.) The play by the numbers large portfolios do not interest me. I have always been into development of my domain properties.
    My strategy has changed but not much. I was never a fan of parking or blogging so I didn’t waste my time on it. I have some new stuff rolling out this year and have been very under the radar about it.
    Whew, too much writing… back to wok.

  33. George

    Rick, I agree with you. Dot Com Domains are allover…
    Have to look harder.
    Thank you for sharing your experience.
    Good luck with your future endeavors!

  34. Joan

    Hey Rick:
    Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help and insights over the years. I don’t know if you realize it but you are one brave soul for pouring out your guts and stepping forward all these years inspite of some of the comments and critisisms you have endured and yet you still stepped up to the plate.
    Congratulations and god speed with whatever is next on your plate!

  35. DomainReport.ca

    Thank you for all the posts, tons of valuable information here. Looking forward to some more posts, even if they are few and far between. What other industries are you looking at getting into right now? Will it still involve domains in some way, or are you completely branching out into things like real estate and non-domain ventures?

  36. Tom

    Rick, I’ve only been in the field for about two years, but have always counted on your blog as THE source of info and truth. I will miss reading your daily comments. Thank you.

  37. Chadi Ghaith

    Rick, ur an amazing person before being a successful domainer and the formers causes the latter and not the other way around. Thank u for sharing and Happy New Years in advance. Will definitely take the time to read all ur blogs over again! Cheers…

  38. Guy

    Guys, you’re talking to the wall. It’s december, Rick’s on a month long cruise no doubt!
    Happy sailing Sir.Rick and hope we get the odd cameo post still, or to report a big sale.
    see you around and thanks for the great tips and strategies.
    I’d love to look in your head during december when you take that ‘month off’
    bet it’s working overtime lol!

  39. Thank's Rick

    Thanks Rick. This is one of the few places where the integrity of a good domain name is respected. I just browsed Dn Forum and you would not believe the BALLS some of those joker posters over there have.
    One cretin actually has the nerve to post sales threads with incomprensible names year after year after year. Check out his recent disgrace. And they wonder why Dn Forum and other places are Ghost Towns…lol. It is because it is overrun with PIGEON SHIT.
    Look at this….
    First-Amendment.net – BIN $299
    Must be transferred out, near expiration (transfer no problem)
    Paypal payment
    Now that is either attempted RAPE, or it is attempted ROBBERY. Either way, it is names like this that makes me not even want to be associated with many low-life domainers.
    Dn Forum used to be worth a few million. It is pigeon shit central now. It deserves it, too. During its heyday a few years ago, it made sure it allowed the scammers to run wild while it discouraged honest criticism of obviously unethical practices.

  40. peter h

    I got into domains much later than I could have(knew of their value when they could be had for 70$ but couldn’t afford them then). Your views as espoused within the pages of this blog, for all to see, have been instrumental as I attempt to get a tiny spot on the head table of domainers. I may never become rich and famous but I have no doubt that I will be able to feed my family because of the wonderful world of domains. In part, I will owe the modest success that I’m certain lies around the corner to the pioneers that blazed the way for the rest who chose to follow. I could have placed a website url in my signature but I feel it would be inappropriate for me to take advantage of this your historical post. I can’t hold a candle to many who have taken the time to post above. However, my email is hooked to my linked-in account if ever you were curious to see what ever became of me in the future. Cash strapped, and on a shoestring budget, I relied on your blog as I attempted to get a foothold in this industry. Unfortunately, words fail me as I attempt to convey my gratitude for all you have done. All I can come up with is: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I have no doubt bigger and better things await you. May you have the health and time to enjoy them all.

  41. YouCanMail.Me

    All the best Sir!! You’ve done your duty well, with honor and bravery. You deserve all the happiness in the world. We will miss you! Good Luck and enjoy you new life

  42. e cigarette

    Rick, we miss ya
    please start sharing thought and experiences again
    maybe a cameo post once or twice a week?
    I visit domaining and it’s rare I see any post worth clicking on, so much garbage there


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