Why do you Put Bread in the Oven for 20 Minutes?

Morning Folks!!

I thought of something the other day and how many folks may mistake things. For example I don't think people know the difference between STUPID and SIMPLE when it comes to people. Many label simple people for being stupid. The funny thing is many have it backwards. Their life is so complex that simple makes no sense to them but simple works. Simple works because it is simple.

So why would you put bread, for example, in the oven for 20 minutes? Well if you do it for anything less for the exact size loaf you are making it won't turn out right. It will still be raw inside. And if you cook it too long it is black crap. So a RECIPE is born! And also a parallel.

But there are other things to get right along the way and if you don't, you don't even get to put the 'Concoction' in the oven at all because it is so bad. The ingredients are wrong. They are in the wrong amounts.

And around the bend we come heading for the home stretch! And that is exactly why that 20 year plan that has been laughed at for nearly 18 years is going to start taking form and shape. It's a recipe. A recipe with thousands of man hours. MINE!

It's a recipe that really looked STUPID all those years ago. But it was only stupid to those that could not see because they were so much smarter than me. Ah yes, the wonderful IP addy that was everything. Except the one SIMPLE question I would ask they would look at me like I was stupid. How do you advertise that on TV, Radio and Billboard and have folks remember it so they can tell others? Their answer is this is the internet and you only need to click links.

They were ignorant. Should I make the list of things they were ignorant of?? Sales, marketing, human nature etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

Last time I looked, simple TRUMPED ignorant.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz