’s Neil Sackmary May Shake The Domain Industry to the CORE!!

Morning Folks!!

It has been YEARS since a new monetization program has come out, but the industry may be shaken to the core and I want to be on record before that event unfolds. An END-USER designed a system over the past 10 years for in-house use and found himself right on the doorstep of the domain  industry.

You see, is NOT a one trick pony. Or in this case, DOG!

Most companies have one or 2 things they can offer you. They have EIGHT ways as listed below and some are really important. You are about to get very excited about what you do again and Neil Sackmary is the guy I believe that is going to change how you view your domain assets.

1. They offer "Pay for Product" since 2005 but have only used it privately. Why? Because they are END USERS that have found out secrets withut depending on Google and are coming into the domain industry via the BACK DOOR to share it.

2. They have PPC since 2007. But have only used it privately as per above.

3. They have L.O.Y.D. Which is Left of Your Domain. That means they can SELL your subdomains on the fly. THIS IS HUGE!! Especially interesting for gTLD's and Neil Sackmary will reveal what he revealed to me. FANTASTIC!! Works especially well with Geo gTLD's. Instant CASH!!

Sell subdomains for 99 CENTS and make millions. gTLD guys are opening this door and some gTLD's could find some gold if they understand this revenue stream that Neil will share. The guy has VISION!!! Something missing in the landscape right now as everyone is chasing every shiny object there is.

4.  They have S.P.O.B.O. which is really interesting. You put a price on your domain or any item. Let's say $1000. But there is also a button for "Make an offer". If they make an offer and the offer is within the preset parameters you create, it will EXECUTE the sale in real-time.

5, 6, 7, 8, . Even more tools to make you money that I am still wrapping my head around.

The first users here will come EXCLUSIVELY from T.R.A.F.F.I.C.. and it may be a while before it filters down. Neil started these programs as an end-user for himself 10 years ago. What he is offering has the potential to change the landscape of the entire industry. An industry that has been dormant since 2007 is about to come ROARING back. He will excite you and that will transform what we all do.

And yeah, a LOT of folks in the industry have a right to be VERY concerned. They are coming to eat the lunch of many companies that have been getting fat off of domainers. Now it is time for domainers to get fat again.

And you might want to ask WHY he did all this? Well he did not want to be DEPENDENT on Google!!!!!! Something I have been preaching for a long time and here is a very successful end-user that figured it out himself and found himself being the lead sponsor in his "Coming out party".

I have been on the phone to Neil for many hours this past week and I am telling you he is gonna Rock the House and some folks are going to love him and others are going to have NIGHTMARES!!!

Prepare to make money again WITH your domains not SELLING your domains. That is going to shake things up right there!

Read that again!!!

Prepare to make money again WITH your domains not SELLING your domains.

I think the post show buzz will verify everything I have said here.

TRAFFIC an EXPENSE?? Really??? Only if you go just to party and not keeping your eye on the ball.

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. means B.U.S.I.N.E.S.S. and just PROVES where OUR FOCUS ALWAYS IS!!

Trailblazing and creating new opportunities that translates into MORE MONEY! We keep our eye on the ball by being 3 steps ahead of the future and not chasing after it.

btw, did I tell you about their "Traffic Splitter"?


Rick Schwartz


The TRAFFIC agenda will be done TODAY as I populate the very last panel below which will be a VERY frank discussion about the gTLD's. Both sides. Not for shrinking violets. ;-)

2:45PM-3:45PM  You heard their pitch. Now what? Michael Cyger of will moderate this provocative panel. We all have friends involved with the new gTLD's and we don't want to say anything negative, but our top-tier group of outspoken domainers will get past that and logically handicap the rollout of all the gTLD's. Plus, they'll discuss which ones have the most likely chance of wide adaptation and increasing values. How long that will take. Then go a step beyond and measure it against traditional extensions and the time vs return and risk vs reward ratios. Not all gTLD's are created equal. Some think these gtld's will be on fire yet others think they will fizzle out. We can only look at it from both sides and then wait for the future to reveal the ultimate answers.


57 thoughts on “’s Neil Sackmary May Shake The Domain Industry to the CORE!!


    What do you think of their choice of domain name for their site? If a company is going to deal in the domain name space wouldn’t you expect a quality domain name to be used by them?

  2. Johnny

    I really hope you are right, Rick, but their domain list they brag about on the site are throw away domains and a couple of the links on their site don’t resolve either. He really needs to fix these things or he just will look like another story in this long road.

    Again, I hope you are right, but the signals or flags given based on a cursory review of his site don’t point to a revolution for the domain industry.

    I’d sure like to be wrong for once.

  3. It's 2014 people

    Rick, you have lost your mind.

    Niel Sackmary has is an antiquated web-ring that is embarrassing to navigate through. S.P.O.B.O. is a joke. Who on earth would trust their money with S.P.O.B.O.?

    It is 2014. Every single one of Niel’s sites are keyworded whores the internet. If you scroll to the bottom of any page on his site, you will see what looks to be 1990 again. This is only if your eyeballs dont burn from looking at the retro site designs.

    I am embarrassed for you, and can no longer consider you a domain thought leader.

    OMG…. I cant believe you posted this.

  4. Rick Schwartz

    I tend to listen more to people that put their money where their mouth is as opposed to folks or ghosts that are so certain of themsleves they can’t even post thier names to those thoughts. Real COURAGE! lol

    But I must say, certain folks/companies have a right to be fearful of what is coming.

  5. Jonathan

    Yeah, I agree with some of the comments above. This is not a good look. I’ve never seen so many dashes in domains in my life. Their site says:

    “Our websites reach over 100,000 visitors each month.”

    That’s it? All the sites together? I know affiliates that get more than that on just 1 site. I think you’re very familiar with domaining but I’ve seen domainers not really getting affiliate marketing, seo etc that much.

  6. Lance Klein


    I love you.

    However, Neil is a big talker, a great salesman. All hat, no cattle.

    Circle-back to this post in 12 monhts, and you will say, “The naysayers are rarely right, but they were right on this one.”



    1. Rick Schwartz

      He is spending a lot of money for a reason. I guess he’s going to get up in front of the entire industry and explain why he’s doing it and why it’s valuable.

  7. It's 2014 people

    Rick, are you endorsing

    The site is a non-functioning jewelry site. Any action you make on the site returns with a “411 or 602 error code”. Basically this means that the site is non-functional. The site is NOT functional.

    If Neil’s website is such a great commerce site, why is Neil using ebay to sell his junk domains and jewelry?

    Now lets take a look at – They list “Flash Games” as one of their domain strategies….? That’s a solid idea in 2014

    Here is another strategy: (is this a joke?)

    Here is the list of “Valuable & Prized” domain names:

    Rick, would you call these Valuable names?

    How about these?

    Are you joking? Please tell me you’re trying a late april fools joke!

  8. Rick Schwartz

    I don’t endorse. I promote.

    Whether it was Domain Sponsor, TrafficZ, Skenzo, .Co, .XXX. When they spend their money to become the overall sponsor or host the big party, I have to assume they have a reason to do that and my job is to make everyone aware of it.

    I remember when people made fun of Skenzo and their name. But when they quadrupled payouts, that all went out the window.

    No question about it. If what he has is of interest to domainers, it’s gonna take a LOT of business away from a LOT of folks and some won’t like it. They like the staus quo. Attendees will decide the fate of BOTH when he makes his case.

  9. It's 2014 people

    Basically, Neil has an extremely long list of keyword rich domain names. He daisy-chains these around to a number of mature forums and poorly designed websites that are crowded with visible plain text keywords (at the bottom of each page). He then sprinkles in pseudo advertising links that redirect to PPC collecting landing pages. Its all so 1990ish that it makes your head spin.

    For some reason, Neil is trying to brand this hodgepodge of ill-concived website redirect advertising as

    There is one problem with this monetization strategy. It makes the web an awful place to spend time. If this is meant to be presented as a great way to build a robust monetization strategy, we have all wasted our time.

    Neil has duped you Rick. Neil might understand his second-rate Ebay jewelry business, but he does not understand the savvy mobile geration and the internet in 2014.

    I think its great that you have excepted Neil’s money to be a “Premier Sponser” for your conference, but I think that you could have served your audience better.

    I feel you will lose a certain amount of respect if you allow Neil to present his antiquated and narrow monetization strategy to a room full of smart savvy technologists.

    Please reconsider.



    I didn’t check out their site till now.

    “GetItFido owns an extensive set of valuable and prized domains. ”

    Regardless if he is a domainer or not, someone in affiliate marketing should clearly know that trademarked domains and domains with 3 dashes are crap. Is “Vangaurd” a typo or is that the “valuable” spelling of the domain? I agree with the comments above, this does not pass the smell test.

  11. DonnyM

    I hope he does well. So many names that are parked now days that get 20 bucks a month that in reality can turn 1 or 2k in affiliate revenue a month.

    Amazing to see people knock other people in the same business. Listen first then make your judgement. Don’t be losers.


  12. Rick Schwartz

    Maybe you need to put your name on your words to be taken seriously yourself?

    I would want to know if you represent a company that might be hurt with him coming on the scene? I can only speculate that to be the case.

    We don’t select who sponsors what. But I sure as hell will listen to his presenttion. It’s called an open mind. And I hope he has something of great value. To me, the sub-domaining alone is very interesting.

    Lots of upset ghosts. I wonder why? Nobody ever comments on a TRAFFIC Post. I am rooting for Neil not rooting against him. Because if he has what he says he claims, domainers have more choices to make more money.

  13. Rick Schwartz

    “Amazing to see people knock other people in the same business. Listen first then make your judgement. Don’t be losers.”

    Could not have said it better!! (and I tried. lol)

  14. It's 2014 people


    I think its funny that you feel I’m a business that is threatened by Neil Sackmary’s method. Im just an ordinary domain investor. I havent sold a domain name for 5 years. I dont even have them parked.

    Im an art director/designer/content strategist who consults with tech start-ups. Ive seen it all in the last 20 years, and this a little odd.

    RIck, you made the following statements in your post:

    “You see, is NOT a one trick pony. Or in this case, DOG!”

    “You are about to get very excited about what you do again and Neil Sackmary is the guy I believe that is going to change how you view your domain assets.”

    “They have L.O.Y.D. Which is Left of Your Domain. That means they can SELL your subdomains on the fly. THIS IS HUGE!!”

    “They have S.P.O.B.O. which is really interesting.”

    “I have been on the phone to Neil for many hours this past week and I am telling you he is gonna Rock the House and some folks are going to love him and others are going to have NIGHTMARES!!!”

    You Rick, have made some pretty bold statements & you got my attention Now I am challenging you.

    I went and looked at Neil’s web properties. Im assuming that his websites represent him and his style of business. Its how he wants the community to see his contribution to the web. Well, It looks very unprofessional and amateurish.

    Im not worried about Neil’s business, as I dont compete with him. Im worried that you are promoting/endorsing his business and it bodes poorly on your reputation.

    Anyone who takes the time to navigate Neil’s spiderweb of sites will find it an absolutely nightmare.

    I am not a ghost. I am a reader of your blog. The only reason I am commenting is because I feel this is the biggest pile of crap you have tried to throw at us.

    You are getting paid to do it. I get it.

    Its just hard to swallow.

  15. Michael

    On Neil’s website he talks about being on the first page of Google, so it looks like he is relying on Google to give him most of his traffic. Plus the domains he has are all key words to get Google traffic. But why is this a bad thing?

    I think we are all confused on how Neil is getting away from Google, or maybe just me hahaha

    No matter what it is nice to see you writing blogs once again Rick! :)

  16. neil

    FROM GETITFIDO.COM: Thanks so much for your kind words. I have a penny for your thoughts. What links are not working so I can fix and make the site better. I will give you the penny at the TRAFFIC CONVENTION IN LAS VEGAS. Are You Going? Neil

  17. neil

    FROM GETITFIDO.COM: Rick thanks so much for standing behind a true person. and Neil are the real deal. If you do not believe you are missing out. There is so much to Neil and You can believe what you want about my sites. They are proven and they make money. I am listed in many other places then Google and with my technology ti has made money for the last 10 years. Now I am unveiling it all at the TRAFFIC CONVENTION IN LAS VEGAS! Are You Going? Or will you miss out!

  18. neil

    FROM GETITFIDO.COM: as per S.P.O.B.O. there is no other site on the net with this technology thanks for the comment Neil

  19. neil

    May 19th, 2014

    FROM GETITFIDO.COM: this is one basis of the business I do. There is alot of other technology that does other things besides traffic. It is not always about the domains and about doing good business. has been doing good business for 10+ years. I will be unveiling this at the TRAFFIC CONVENTION IN LAS VEGAS I AM THE PREMIER SPONSOR! Are you going or just posting comments?

  20. neil

    It’s 2014 people
    May 19th, 2014

    FROM GETITFIDO.COM: Rick is not endorsing anything if you know him so well you will know him to be a stand up guy and true to his word. He allowed me to be the a premier sponsor at the TRAFFIC CONVENTION IN LAS VEGAS. To unveil other technology that you do not see. You will then miss out on making money and just be a comment poster. If you think that i am full of it show up and see! Neil

  21. neil

    It’s 2014 people
    May 19th, 2014

    are you going to the TRAFFIC CONVENTION IN LAS VEGAS? The one who is dupped as you are only placing comment about things you do not know. It is like looking into a black hole and wondering what is happening around you. I make things happen you may not always agree but the truth you will always here and my technology I stand behind. Neil

  22. neil
    May 19th, 2014

    FROM GETITFIDO.COM: you obviously know nothing about anime and just post comments.

  23. neil

    May 19th, 2014

    FROM GETITFIDO.COM: thanks for the kind words and that of encouragement. I will go there and stand in front of every for 1hr and tell everyone what it is I have to offer. Some people will will love other will not for the ones who do not they can stand in the corner and not listen! Neil

  24. neil

    It’s 2014 people
    May 19th, 2014

    since you are a ghost that mean you do not have the Chutzpah to do it like I do. So be a ghost and vanish in the night. For the true people who want to learn I am going and will be the PREMIER SPONSOR TRAFFIC LAS VEGAS MAY 27-31


  25. Shaun Pilfold

    Neil, sometimes it is just better not to say anything. But thanks for making sure we understand that you are FROM GETITFIDO.COM and you are the PREMIER SPONSOR TRAFFIC LAS VEGAS.

    I have a previous commitment but I hope everyone enjoys the show and I wish you well with your sponsorship.

  26. Danny Pryor

    Wow. There are quite a few egos that are afraid to have their true identity known. Anyway, I am very curious to learn about the subdomain options, as that is something that is being tried (correct me if I’m wrong) by’s Josh Metnick, and perhaps by other well-established and not-so-anonymous names in the industry. Much happens without public or industry-level knowledge. What I would also note is that very busy people, who have worked behind the scenes for many years, do seem to become huge targets when they reveal themselves. So, Neil, take it as another sign of success. They’re shooting arrows at you! That usually doesn’t happen to people who don’t matter. LOL!

  27. It's 2014 people


    I find it hilarious that Ricks friends (you) are coming out of the woodwork to help him promote Neil in the comments.

    According to Rick, Neil has spent “A Lot Of Money” for the Premium Sponsership at TRAFFIC, in order to share his secrets with domain owners.

    Just to refresh your memories. Or, in case Rick (or friends) havent taken the time to look at what Neil is so excited about sharing.

    Just to be fair – Rick stated earlier in these comments, he is not endorsing Neil’s ideas, he is just promoting them. :)

    These are a few links from Neil’s web properties:

    Please, let’s discuss….

  28. neil

    It’s 2014 people
    May 20th, 2014

    FROM GETITFIDO.COM: OK lets talk. What is it you want to know?

    I own may types of domains that do different things. As I said before no one is promoting me and they are giving their comments and letting readers decide for themselves.

    BTW are you going TRAFFIC LAS VEGAS MAY 27-31 or just posting comments?

    You think I am a fool then show up and laugh in my face! As I stated earlier not all of the things that I offer is for everyone but among all the technology I do have and offer maybe 1 or a few things might be interesting to you.

    Thanks for the comments Neil

  29. neil

    Shaun Pilfold
    May 20th, 2014

    FROM GETITFIDO.COM: hello yes i do agree. I just have so much passion for what it is I do and the technology that I do offer it is hard just to sit back I would rather hear people. For the ones who like me and my product I have more to say for the others then they can not listen. Neil

  30. neil

    Danny Pryor
    May 20th, 2014

    FROM GETITFIDO.COM: Hello Danny and thanks for the comments. it will be my pleasure to meet you at the TRAFFIC CONVENTION.

    To laugh often and much,
    to win respect of intelligent people
    and the affection of children;
    to earn the appreciation of honest critics
    and endure the betrayal of false friends;
    to appreciate beauty;
    to find the best in others;
    to leave the world a bit better
    whether by a healthy child,
    a garden patch, or a
    redeemed social condition;
    to know even one life
    has breathed easier
    because you have lived.
    This is to have succeeded.

    Ralph Waldo Emersons’ Definition of Success

  31. Johnny

    Well Neil, I owe you an apology. I went back and could not find the broken links.

    Either they were just not resolving at the time I clicked or they were fixed, I guess.

    Good luck at TRAFFIC.

  32. neil

    May 20th, 2014

    FROM GETITFIDO.COM: thanks so much. After your email, I began to check as well every page. It means so much to me to have the sites perfect then when I find out about a problem i want it fixed right away.

    Thanks for the warm words I am going to give it all I have! Neil

  33. Brad Mugford


    You are using several domains that contain famous trademarks such as –,, and

    Do you have permission to use these trademarks? If not, then how can you defend squatting on famous brands?


  34. Janting

    Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick Rick Rick,

    It appears you have an agenda, making money!

    And it’s never mattered to you how or how many people it effects,
    as long as you make money and can keep an arms length from it when
    the shite hits the fan.

  35. neil

    Johnny May 20th, 2014

    FROM GETITFIDO.COM: hello these are fan based site that are all over the internet. Because these sites are for fans and the articles that are on them are allowed to be in the internet they are allowed to be. i have owned some of them before the games were popular or trademarked. Before you accuse someone of doing something you should know what you are talking about.

    You can also go look up: declaratory judgement



  36. neil

    May 21st, 2014

    FROM GETITFIDO.COM: I have phone calls with Rick for hours and hours. The funny thing is about it is when you talk to him he is a stand up guy. He speaks the truth whether you want to hear it or not. The ones who listen to him are successful and the ones who do not just post comments and sit and watch the time go by. I want noting more then to have Rick stand next to me and say I am proud to stand next to you Neil. As I wrote in the comments before this is to the meaning of success, if one person i have helped!


  37. DomainsCrawler (@DomainsCrawler)

    Out of all the comments here, yours caught my attention more than any. And what I’m about to say is not as it may appear to stick up for Rick. (I think he has done a pretty good job of that himself.) It seems that you have a fairly good vocabulary and it appears that you know what you are taking about. Or, at least you think you know what you are talking about. I am not only into Domain Acquisitions, I build and develop Websites and I am a Research Analyst. In five minutes of research on your claims in your comment, I could could find not one shred of evidence to support your very bias opinion. For example, ‘’ is not “retro” and a “keyword whore” as you say. It is modern and up-to-date and has very few keywords. (Look up: ‘View Page Source’) So, what my comment is really about is, why did you even waste your time and the good people who view and respect this blog to slander it with non- factual Bull Shit? Furthermore, why do you hide? You have a right to your opinion. And I respect that. But If you are going to play hide and go seek and babble out bullshit, I hear Barney, The Dinosaur needs a commentator!

  38. DomainsCrawler (@DomainsCrawler)

    Rick and fellow Domainers, My comment is distinctly pointed to your 4th commentator “It’s 2014 people, Rick, you have lost your mind.” I just wanted to clear that up because my comment just posted down at the bottom. It’s all good, Mr. 2014 will probably get the message

  39. Matt Cutts

    We always try to have a presence at TRAFFIC, and I am looking forward to a full report regarding Mr. Sackmary’s monetization strategy. I interested in this post and its reference to Google. We are always working to improve our search algorithms.

    Looking forward to this learning expierience.

  40. Alexander

    Let’s hear what Neil has to share first, then we can evaluate and decide. There’s no rush to criticize him at this time. If he can bring us something good, let’s be open-minded.

  41. Rick Schwartz

    “We always try to have a presence at TRAFFIC,”

    Thanks Matt! We would love you guys to actually come in thru the front door and get on stage.

  42. Rick Schwartz

    If gTLD’s can sell their unproven “Premium” domains for thousands, I don’t see why many of us can’t do the same thing in a PROVEN area.

    I can go toe to toe selling wise with any new unproven gtld and make my case.
    One sub-domain sale PER YEAR will trump PPC by 100 fold and build a business at the same time.

    Oh yeah, NEIL has the TOOLS to do this!
    And I can accept a bid on the fly.

    And Neil, let me assure you that the actual attendees of TRAFFIC will welcome you with open arms and are ANXIOUS to hear what you have. Most of the commenters that have spent so much time trying to insult you have a turf to protect. They are scared and they have REAL reason to be scared.

  43. neil

    DomainsCrawler (@DomainsCrawler)
    May 22nd, 2014

    FROM GETITFIDO.COM: hello thanks for the kind words. it means so much what you say. Some people think of my domains and the way I build them is not the right way of doing things. I have built a business and it has been working for the past 10 years.


  44. neil

    Doron Vermaat
    May 22nd, 2014

    although you feel you feel as if the sites look terrible, outdated, and spammy. These sites are built for reasons, instead of knocking the sites know the reasons they are the way they are. You can think what you think, but I will know what I know. Are you going to TRAFFIC LAS VEGAS?


  45. neil

    Matt Cutts
    May 22nd, 2014

    FROM GETITFIDO.COM: thanks we will see you at the convention. I have a cabana both days stop by and see me.


  46. neil

    Rick Schwartz
    May 23rd, 2014

    FROM GETITFIDO.COM: hello Rick your words are to kind. People can try and bash me, my system, and anything they want. has the tools that people want and that can make money. If people do not want to listen then you and I can make more money together and they can just post their comments. I want to be around the people that have vision and understand that we are not just ants marching in a straight line. We are the innovators that make things happen and not just watch the time go by. It is my honor to speak to you and to have you give me your words of wisdom. Those are the ones i listen to and understand to grown and make me and the systems better. Thanks for just being you!!

    I will see you at the TRAFFIC CONVENTION IN LAS VEGAS


  47. Doron Vermaat

    Neil, thanks for your response but no reason is good enough imo to let sites like these go online. I won’t be at traffic in Vegas. I’m based out of Hong Kong so it’s a bit of a trip for me. I do look forward however what you have to say/share and I hope I can follow it on some of the blogs or there will be a stream/video of your presentation that I can watch.

  48. Chip Van Wreck

    个 I’m nor a programmer or domainer. I did this to bring attention to the same issues being discussed, though. It was worth breaking my bank, and a allowing a few loyal supporters to contribute to my continuous efforts of spreading awareness. I focus on opportunities and corruption and a mixture of the two. I appreciate this blog, much! I started learning domains in Jan. a few months ago. I’m done now. I had to buy so many to secure, I can only slowly develop. While I am, my goal is to provide internet hospitality and lead the end user where they need to go while I scrape money to further monetize my sites. I do this by denying most advertising aside from my informative links (while parked). As stated from the beginning, most of the profits are already designated for issues more deserving than myself. I’m happy to take suggestions to donate the and to a worthy group of individuals. It only cost me about $40US. I think it’s worth many people’s lives, but haven’t had it appraised. I have other stuff I’ll give somebody needing an opportunity like I did as well. I bought continents with dollar coupons. I think the Union eliminated itself* (Maytag came back), buy starving the people that needed it. Now after 40 years with new stipulations, the companies return from oversees to provide opportunities at half of the salary years ago.. Who says the people that designed the most advanced systems to date didn’t identify this long term opportunity in Beta? I’m capable of implementing a plan if I’m given 25 years to make it look normal. Are they?

  49. GetitFidoNOT

    Having had the misfortune of personally dealing with Neil Sackmary, I would advise taking a step back and thinking twice before entering into any type of business venture with him.

  50. Ron Yates

    My website has been hit with a Penguin penalty due to unnatural links. The big reason – spammy links generated by network of sites. These are in direct violation of Google’s terms of service.

    There are a couple of spam domains that keep generating inbound links., is one.

    This is apalling that they think what they’re doing is helping businesses.


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