The Rick Schwartz 20th Anniversary Post! Domain Names Then Now and Beyond. Part 3

Morning Folks!!


It's been a while. Just a couple fun things as I countdown to my 20-year anniversary in the domain investment business this coming week on December 26th.  A 3-part series before I go back to retired life waiting for the 25th. But just like it was 20 years ago, people will be distracted with their holiday vacations. Today, just a little silly fun and humor. Hope you enjoy it!


Twas the day after Christmas when all through the house not a phone line was ringing so I just clicked my mouse.

My numbers were done and a spreadsheet confirmed that 1995 was over and 96 had begun.

The kitty-kat was nestled on top of my bed.  While visions of millions danced in my head.

I went out on a limb and there arose such a chatter, I sprang to my feet to climb the tall ladder.

Away to Windows I flew like a flash, tore open my mind and was just a bit brash.

To the moon and beyond in the new fallen idea the luster of money should soon appear.

With a few extra dollars so lively and quick, I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick

More rapid than eagles the coins they came and I whistled and shouted and called them by name.

Dot Com this and Dot Com that. Oh my goodness and look at dat!

Now pennies then nickels and dimes all day led me to discover new ways to make hay.

I plowed and plowed and plowed til May thinking of a time a score away.

I planted the seed to grow a tree and planted another to frame the sun. Oh my what a forrest it has become.

Two decades later I survived the zoo, Know one thing you never knew.

Whoever reads this and whatever they do. I'll promise right now to never bore you.

Domains to the rescue and on to the stars, to the moon and beyond and even Mars.

And time right now to fly away, I think I've had my my final say.

Good luck to all and to all a good night!


And here is a little extra bonus to twist your brain. I know it twisted mine!!

In 1996 I started writing using domain names I owned in a post I made that actually made sense. It was a little more colorful using only adult domains as you will see below and a bit easier confining it to one basic subject. So here is my modern day version: RATED R++. So be warned! 333 domains (at last count) used possibly making this the longest domain speak in history. Where is Guinness?

So while sitting with my who was wearing that I bought at the, sipping some singing on my having a little and watching some,  I got off my to go into where I figured I could make some It was like all over again. It would help and the take down their sign to be able to in or get and become so they could get the Maybe someday make and make the or even the That might send the looking their way and they will never

So let's and then then so we can on the way to and and make new Some were born in while others were born in or or even I thought of all the that would need to and who the would be and how that might impact the who can

Some wanted to I wanted to do Some thought I was But I thought of all the and I was not looking for a

So first I went to the where I saw and then to find the with on the way to the next to the where I thought of some for the but I still wanted the

I looked at the and the worn by the and going to the hanging with the but I was still focused on the The in their and want to go to the They get the at the and eat at the But I am still looking for the on the at the But the are going to the with the on the all because they are and make the and and become the usually started by the and then they have to leave by finding the and wherever they go they will still be the in town.

I saw domains as and and focused on I saw domains as to I saw domains as that would aid and capable of The in the world and wanted to be the

I had but I had to worry about them as they were from the and It forced me to become an expert on Because these were the and and would need a issued by a and then because or a silly letter was just going to be my They were nothing more than a to me and I became their Thanks to and RDNH I was able to give some to the instead of

They would that I was a and and that was but I was just not even posting

The came to and it cost many thousands in me and you and hopefully the would support that. My vs Campbell's;  My vs Lilly Inc.; My vs Carnival Cruise Lines; My vs Warner Brothers; My vs Toronto Star Newspapers. vs who even cares? Slam Bam!! I won the  because I had the before there was a UDRP process and vs the world when there was one! NEXT!

What I was doing was but I had a to as I could and reside in the because I wanted to go to the and knew that if I had long term aspirations the Internet, the, who may be the, would understand the and sense of urgency at making my stake and would like to be rich too. It's a that most people understand just like folks like and the I decided to on it because and I could because Netsol had no to pay for and that gave me that I would have never had.

When I was born was It was all sold and owned. There was no more or But I did see that could be planted throughout the world and I could compete with the with the That gave me the that would help me and then use by at and to about the where companies were

I don't eat but I can sell some. I don't wear but I can sell some. I know nothing about but it could become a full time career. I am not into but I can get the with and and even a I can and then  I can and I could and I can, and look for the and and then and and like and with in 100 different that for a then and with with the to send my to and

I may have had the but the that led to the made me millions by and I was still getting by the with the They never saw before and that provoked a good and every so often for my "Fake" traffic. I would say and tell them if they continue with like me that they will earn a spot on and I would make them the on the internet with their and let folks know what they were and that gave me the power to be an and I was not They put me in the business.

I guess I was a who was with a of money and looking for honest so I could become an and promote and add to my I started buying at looking at because I knew wanted to look for and The only way to make back then was with because there was no in 1996 and 1997. Google did not exist. So a would not even get you a or if you are like on the way to see with,  and a doing Some liked and and the and became They would, then go to and and look at the in the as they their while that they are their before the showed up. and were everywhere. think they can because they think they are a, get and start the and if I write anymore it will be and the will get upset even tho and etc. are used all day everyday on TV that our kids and they are not them and either are the because they are just to the to have a and make

Makes you so and by so you can so that you can not being a because you and then you can get, speak to and become a and maybe even a and as you the ladder.

So after 20 years they can at the idea because has written on his that many a like me have used to make the year's I'm not and I can make you that can give me some rights while relaxing on my and watching

This all just that were not a and by a capable of finding and and at the  looking for and someday folks could even have a then start at the  Just That's says

And now that you made it through all of that I hope it brought a few smiles to your face and a few memories. Now on to my 20-year anniversary  posts next week..... Happy Holidays and the best to you in 2016 and beyond!

46 thoughts on “The Rick Schwartz 20th Anniversary Post! Domain Names Then Now and Beyond. Part 3

  1. ~Adam

    “Domain name poetry”, worth millions indeed. Awesome post!

    Your history is like a perfect example showing the value of being ‘in the right place at the right time’ or coming up with an idea, which combined with perseverance over years and belief in the value of the idea paid off.
    More over!, you managed to keep some of your domains even up to now, 2015, so many years Gosh! and finally you did what you did in 2015. Respect!

    All the best and Happy Holidays!

  2. spencer

    would love to hear the domain kings thoughts on current trends.
    did he ever see 4l’s doing what they are doing now or were they pigeon crap in his mind?
    looking to get a sense of his vision and blind spots.

  3. John

    Good fun Rick! I’m going to do the same with my domains! Congratulations, not for being in the right place at the right time, but recognising it, getting the wallet out (when it wasn’t $0.99 godaddy coupon time) secretly laughing at those who laughed at you and putting your money where your mouth is and your bauble’s on the line! Merry Christmas

  4. Homero A. Gonzalez

    Happy 20th!! Fun Post! My head is still spinning from reading all those domains!!

  5. Joe Styler

    Always good to hear from you. I hope you and your family are well and enjoying the holidays.

  6. @domains

    Nice to see you blogging again!

    What is your perspective on the domain market for 2015 and looking ahead to 2016? How have your domain inquiries been this year compared to the past?

  7. gazza

    part 3
    I think I’ll take a cheap and FLYSTANDUP.COM down to my for some but must contact several and ask if they can send a
    to cure my hangover. I’d better look-up in the for the number of for a little
    Not quite as good as RICKS but these are all for sale and are Hope I’ve used the correct
    Great post rick.

  8. Kevin

    @ Gazza – That is beyond really tacky to copy Rick’s post verbage with crappy domains and offering them for sale using his blog. Geeeezzz seriously.

    1. gazza

      Apologies for my pathetic effort. It was a spontaneous action. In future I will take more time and think things through before acting.
      Sorry Rick!
      Merry Xmas to all.

  9. Will

    Awesome post. I truly enjoyed the creativity and the wisdom. It is definitely amazing you were able to use all those domains to come up with the story. Very unique, rare and powerful skill to have =-D

    – Will

  10. Joe

    Years of wandering in a domain to give money to end the years go shopping, you live, you work long hours, you’re traffic to Florida, you like to play station and nuvo cases respond to new wolves howling at night to get the sale of shit pigeon.
    Thank you for the short time I could email to a few detail yours have done it before Howard matter how Moniker, shows already in one of your emails.
    Blunt and friend of friends of profession true to yourself.
    888 porn for both large with few words and numbers written much and little of what you have been for many of us.
    The domain is old king a memory, you are now a retired king of many domains of the great times.
    Best Regards, and Happy Holidays to you and your love.

  11. Dr Domainer

    Loved it :) Great read! Domainers are lucky Rick is not in his 30s!! Most great future trend domains would be gone!!!! Trust me this guy is not human. Namepros has some great domainers but 99% of them can’t say NO!! Always sell too cheap.

    Rick is the Greatest domainer in the world.

  12. Pat Walker

    Really a Super Great post Rick — You did all of this over 20 Years by Successfully — Doing the impossible — and avoiding Many Many Common Major Mistake’s… Through out the years you never panicked out — or bailed out early — or cashed in… You strongly stuck to your Great Predictions – Belief’s & Plans…
    You will definitely remain to be the Undisputed — Domain King — Forever !!!

  13. Barry Chapman

    Hi Rick. Thanks for the post, thanks for being ahead of the game, and more than anything thank you for sharing with us all your insight & wisdom through the decades. Congratulations !

  14. Joseph

    As always, enjoyed Rick’s posts but had hoped to read his take on the loss of to a horrible UDRP decision and what domaines can do to reverse this decision. A lawsuit should be filed and domain investors who have benefited from domain sales should fund it. Any thoughts??

  15. David Howard

    Agree with Joseph’s comment. We need a a fund, and a fighting body, to oppose these bad tribunal decisions.

    1. Joseph

      Thank you David, and best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a joyful, prosperous New Year to all!

      Yes, we need to organize and create a fund to oppose bad, biased decisions or almost all domain investors at one time would face ‘bad faith’ accusations by companies too narrow sighted not to have registered a domain name before we did… Bad precedents will be set until and unless we oppose them with smart legal counsel. Ignore at your own peril but we are all in this together! Stop reverse domain hijacking. Paragraph 15(e) of the UDRP Rules are clear but were not adhered to in the case.

  16. elevator

    Awesome and first of its kind, your are a great writer! Just question Rick, are retired from writing or from domaining? I ‘m asking to know the fate of those great names in your post above.
    Wish you happy retirement live.


  17. Rick

    What da hell?
    These domains all go nowhere!
    What does this prove?
    I really thought you knew your stuff.
    Until I saw this.
    I just don’t get it.


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