Why “Developing” a Domain Name is a Fools Game!

Morning Folks!!

For about 15 years domainers throw the word "Developing" around like it actually means something. But please, Developing is not the same as a Business. I will explain why in a moment. But I have to put my "Plumbers Crack" on to show you.

A domain name is the same as a pipe that carries water. The goal of a pipe is to carry water from one end to the other. That's the purpose. But when you develop a site or slap together a mini site, NO WATER comes out of the other end. Something is not working. It's more like a roach motel from Raid. You can get in, but it goes nowhere. The minimum standard would be to get some water out the other side and then figure out how to get more and more.

Now take that same pipe and imagine what a business might look like. You would put water in one end and 3x the water would come out the other end. That's called PROFIT! No profit, no business. Developing domains has nothing to do with a business. It is a "Feel Good" term that domainers with no direction use to make themselves feel better.

Developing a domain name without a purpose and/or a potential for profit is a waste of time. It's just foolish. A business needs a cash register and a purpose. So when I hear a domainer tell me how he is going to develop this domain and that domain, it's simply meaningless. My eyes roll and I tune out. Tell me about the business, I will tune in.

Rick Schwartz