The GTLD Fakeout. Domainer I Caught Misleading or Worse w/Fake Sale Today on Twitter!!

Morning Folks!!

Today I caught a domainer that I believe outright lied, but at a minimum mislead. All in an effort to pump up GTLD's which is in collapse mode.

This happens ALL-DAY long!! I am sick of it! So I am going to post the Twitter thread and you can see for yourself and decide. Did he lie? Did he mislead? Or is that perfectly ok with you?

Just make sure you mulitply it by all the others doing the same CRAP! That influences others under false pretenses. PUMP and DUMP!!

It started with this quote that I challenged.

"I owned one of the best gtlds it was bought by one world's 40 biggest legal firms So it must have good"

My Response:

"Perfect Example of someone spouting stuff won't give us the domain name won't give us the price. It's just nonsense! Give us the details or it doesn't exist."

He is on twitter now trying to explain himself. Trying to say

So folks, stop swallowing their .horsesh*t! They are lying thru their teeth. They are in collapse mode. Out of 500 extensions, only a handful has daily gains and HUNDREDS have daily losses.

Rick Schwartz

21 thoughts on “The GTLD Fakeout. Domainer I Caught Misleading or Worse w/Fake Sale Today on Twitter!!

  1. Richard

    Sure, he got caught lying.. but I’d say give the kid a pass. He came through with the truth later and it wasn’t a biggie anyways.

    There are way worse offenders in our industry. Registries who were fabricating sales, reserving large chunks of new strings as “premium” names, the whole .sucks episode where a guy who was part of an ICANN “working group” now is the technical admin for .sucks with a registered office on the Caymans..
    Fake nTLD auctions on conventions with fake prices, shill bidders and no money ever changed hands.. The list goes on and on!

    1. Mike

      Isn’t .sucks party of Uniregistry or uni

      As for gtld buyers, they will talk, and talk, but never talk about any real sales. If you guys look at the site you will see all those poor bastards some of who lost their wives over gtlds, it’s very sad.

  2. Jon

    Haha! That was funny. Thanks for making me chuckle.
    The op sounds like a minor.

  3. Bill Hartzer

    Yeah, it’s not a sale, he (or she) didn’t sell the domain. But it could have been for any TLD, not just a gTLD, though. Plenty of .COMs have gone unrenewed and then picked up by smart investors/smart buyers.

  4. Jose

    Your unexpected challenge has been vital to reach an end, I do not think I’ll try again thinking you’re on the way.

    Happy Day. Jose.

    1. Melinda

      Yea it’s dumb lol. Speaking of dropping gTLDs… I was thinking of dropping some that I really like too (and already have dropped others). Like I figure since I already own mahimahirecipe . com that I mite drop mahimahi . recipes

  5. Melinda

    Same thing goes with, which I own, so I figured I MITE drop since it’s costing me $42 a year and I’m doing nothing with it! I will probably end up keeping that one but if I don’t, my other justification for dropping it is that I’m still holding onto and I’m really emotionally attached to that one yet I have NO IDEA what to do with it!! Anyone want to buy it? LOL I know, I know, dot com is king.

  6. Cash

    I think he just wanted your attention, Rick. I mean, how many times a newbie will get a response from the biggest domainer. He probably started out wanting to impress you but somehow, it went the other way.

  7. UFO

    gtld’s will always be a bad investment for domain owners simply because only start ups short on cash will buy them, and then the successful ones will buy the .com

    It used to happen with companies buying .net, now its .io and other trainer wheel extensions.

    All these gtlds are a solution for a non existent problem. Its easier for a internet user to remember a three word .com than a word.gtld

    Anyway, let them be, these companies will only absorb a negative cashflow from a business for so long before someone says enough is enough and the pin is pulled. My guess before the end of 2020.

  8. Matt

    Rick, I’m curious who are the “they”.

    All people who bought one or more gTLD? Despite the domain? Despite the type of gTLD? Investors or endusers or both?

    At least can we take mom and pop stores like e.g. marias.cakes (fictional example) out of this? Maria’s customers love her website and Maria is very proud to have a domain name that fully reflects her business (for $30/year). She likes the look of it on her business cards, flyers and shop window. She likes that it’s different, a talking point and so do her customers.

    This is part of a huge problem in society nowadays. Life and reality is a little more nuanced than “us” and “them”. As soon as folks start grouping so broadly I believe the most likely reason is to protect their self interest.

    In politics: “fake news”, “the left”, “the right”, “conservatives”, “liberals”, “socialists”… simply an easy way to rally folks behind lines.

    In domains: “.com is king”, “gTLDs .suck”, “gTLDs are for suckers”, “the only people who made $ with gTLDs are the registries”, or pro gTLD: “.com is your grandfathers domain”.

    For as much as this guy was trying to “pump up” GTLDs (which really wasn’t much at all), you are trying to pop them. Why?

    Love and protection of fellow domainers? That would be kind of you but it would also be illogical. Why would you want to protect them/save them money, when this is what you’ve said about them in your post:

    Rick Schwartz: “It’s important to push back about the #GTLD LIE! These folks have been bashing .com #Domains for 6 years. They can’t open their mouths without doing it. It’s the only thing they have. They can’t point to success!!”

    Again, I am not sure who “they” are – Maria? Or investors? But either way, why not just let them lose money and let some gTLDs thrive and others die?

    Unless of course, the gTLDs pose any big/small risk to your .com investment and you want to act towards your own self interest (who doesn’t)… in which case use anything you can like a tweet to try to bash all gTLDs and elicit comforting comments (about gTLDs .sucking) from your disciples.

    We all have self interest (I have invested in .nyc and am more than doing fine) but I believe that end users could benefit from gTLDs. They have choice and access to nice and meaningful strings that they would be fleeced for by domain investors.

    Rick, can you at least agree that for Maria, who is selling cakes, marias.cakes is a great domain. She might care about SEO, she might not. But she loves her business and her domain is an extension of that. Her domain was free to register for $25 (or even a bit more) and she was happy to pay it. A domain investor didn’t make any money from Maria – but isn’t that ok? Her red velvet cupcakes are delicious.

  9. Robert McLean

    hear hear ! Mr. Schwartz

    “pump and dump” fraud is synonymous with the new gtld mess.

    ICANN is complicit and, where is .web?

    ntldstats(.)com has shown massive hemorrhaging in new gtld non-renewal stats, for the last 2 years. The scale of decline is alarming and merits a very
    hard look from, perhaps the FBI.

    The level of monkey business from “$.01 registrations” to “insane premium domain registration fees and renewals” rises to criminal conduct.


    Can you say, “Class Action?”

    Robert McLean

  10. steve

    Are any of the GTLDs in the black, after costs (marketing primarily, acquisition of the string, staff, servers, etc)?
    Club? Global?
    Or are they all in red?
    Have to admit I knew they would eventually fail, but not this fast?
    I thought .app had a decent shot, with Google, for investing and adoption? But I’m not even bullish on this one, even though I own 5 premium key word .app domains.


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