DomainKing’s List of 33 Domain Name Sales. 1999-2019

Morning Folks!!

This is what I would call an "Easy Reference Post" for me to refer back to or point others to when I need to access my prior domain sales. So please indulge me. It seems I never have a list that's easy to find or to add on to. Now I do!

The first sales (1998-2003) are mostly lower on the list and occurred when 5 and 6 figure sales were almost unheard of, and folks would laugh at me for even asking these prices. The laughter stopped when I started getting those prices and then completely silenced when I sold for $1.32 Million. One of the very earliest verifiable, 7 figure domain sales. Before to was just the rumored for $7.5 Million with murky details.

  • sold for $1.32 million in 2003, acquired for $15k in 1995. Plus earnings of about $350,000 during ownership
  • $3.0 million + several million in Royalties + 12.55% Ownership currently valued at over $5 million+, acquired for about $100k in 2005. (Will end up being my biggest sale ever)
  • sold for $8.88 million cash, acquired for $42k. Plus earnings of about $15,000,000 during ownership.'s largest cash sale EVER!
  • sold for $1.35 million, registered for $100 in 1997
  • sold for $36,000 plus stock. Final total after buyout $1.15 million registered for $100 in 1998
  • sold for $818k, registered for $100 in 1997
  • sold for $801k, registered for $100 in 1997
  • Portfolio of 10 names (Undisclosed. Between $2.5 million and $3.5million)
  • sold for $180k, registered for $100 in 1998
  • to CNN for $750,000 acquired for $5000 in 1999
  • too $60,000 plus stock
  • $200,000
  • $200k++
  • $180,000
  • $150,000
  • $121,550
  • $110,000
  • to $100,000 & Stock
  • $100,000
  • $100,000
  • $100,000
  • $75,000
  • $50,000
  • to IAC (Undisclosed)

Total sales in EXCESS of $23,000,000 AND I continue to receive royalties from multiple sales/leases totaling several million so far with over $7 million still to paid out to me. was sold 3x in 14 years. I paid $811,000 for the pair and took in over $850,000 so far. So I am not in a bad position there for my $8.50/year x 2. One day the right buyer will come along. It's in the intersection I speak about. It's only a matter of time and patience. I get $1 million offers several times a year, But that won't cut it.

So my 33 domain sales have an average of $701,649++ SO far, and they increase annually! Plus factor in that many were early sales in the late 1990s and early 2000s. So in the modern era of the last 15 years, my average is much higher.

It would have been much easier and, I would have sold many more domains if I did not know how to value my own assets. Easy to give things away when you undervalue them. Doing that gives me the ability to say NO because I have purposely put myself in the strongest position I could. Nobody could or should be able to value domains better than yourself. Your value is the key. Stick to your guns!

33 sales and I never made the first contact with any of them. That's #1 on the list for selling domains at high prices. If they are not coming to you, then perhaps you don't have what they need. Like I have said, great domains put you in the middle of a busy intersection. Worthless domains put you in the middle of a nasty swamp. Don't get mad at me, get mad at yourself if you are in the swamp. You picked what you got. Right?? You decided to pull the trigger at whatever price, and you chose to value it at whatever cost.

Some still question my sales ability cuz I don't sell many domains, and I don't sell often. Domain investing is about PICKING great domains not SELLING them!! Pick right, and sales will come. There is always time for outbound sales, but that won't happen until big business understands the value. We are very close thanks to social media and their abuses of privacy and free speech as well as the most important of them all, autonomy! On the WHIM of some low-level MORON, anyone can be put out of business with one click on many of these platforms with no appeal process and no reason given.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

35 thoughts on “DomainKing’s List of 33 Domain Name Sales. 1999-2019

  1. Richard

    An impressive list that once again shows the sheer power and dominance of one word .com domains.
    The impressive NNN sales were certainly also because of the China craze in 2014-2016. I guess most of your NNN portfolio ended up over there.
    Thanks for sharing! I think this is important for our industry.

    1. John

      Yeah, like,, and

      He left out his sale of, which apparently he had an NDA for.

      But yes, a remarkable list and always appreciate his sharing such things.

  2. RaTHeaD

    When you gonna get a REAL job? also… did you really pay $5000 for i wanted it for a project and dropped out of the bidding at 400 on EBAY BACK IN 1999 But if CNN came to me with an offer of $15,000 i’da said cha-ching and took the money. $750,000 woulda been beyond my comprehension. That’s why you’re the Domain King and i’m just some guy. Been following ya for twenty years. Learned a bit… and so it goes.

  3. Wolfgang Moecklin

    Regarding high domain sales, I was on the usenet very early and in the late 90’s I remember a rumour about the sale of I wasn’t able to retrieve it again but maybe someone else has access to usenet archives.

  4. Ravi parwani

    Really sir , this is a great list of your success. The main part of Your success is your passions and believe on your hand registerd and acquired domain.
    I am very very very learn from your blog.
    Thank you for sharing sir.

  5. Francois

    Rick thanks so much for sharing your impressive domain sale list. And for all these valuable tips and info you provide for decades about domain investing, it has no price.

  6. BullS

    When your basic necessities are all met and have lots of money, and time and good health, everything is possible.

    YOU are the Domain KING!!

  7. Sigma

    “Your valuation is key. Stick to your guns.” ~ Domain King

    LUCK happens when PREPARATION meets OPPORTUNITY. Excuse makers overlook the power of synthesis of different skillsets meeting at the right time and place.

    Millions of people who knew more about the Internet and its potential than Rick, but only a few hundred have capitalized of DNs like Rick has; results speak loudest.

    When Rick speaks, I listen, and take notes.

  8. David

    Real impressive list Rick and it is evident based on the quality of the domains, why you can sit and wait. Those are super high quality domains. While I am no where in that league I am following your advice of making a purchase or two of higher quality domains. Cost more up front yes but I am sure long term it will result in a better ROI than being in the “swamp” as you put it:)


    Wow…very impressive sales!!!

    You have to say “No” to lots of great offers to get those prices.

    And that’s why Rick is the real domain king.

    Now let’s get back to work peasants!!!

  10. Ola

    My only question after reading this list is…what made ya wanna buy GayEscorts.Com?

  11. Brutally Honest

    Though some domains look premium just because they are short or unique, but in real sense they mean nothing. Such are sold again and again but have never been used for a purpose other than reselling or parking.

  12. domain guy

    No room for at one million and an equity position? I’m surprised sold for 60k and more and more equity.
    Another interesting point no single word geodomains. I think these are very valuable assets. However with a portfolio of them on the market no buyers at 20 million?
    This point is crucial no outbound marketing for high prices.Everyone else including Buckley does excellent targeted outbound marketing for high priced sales.

  13. Scott Cromwell

    Outstanding accomplishments, Rick. You were the first domain person I discovered back in 1999, and taught me a ton about the value of domains. But, not just any domain, specifically “type-in” domains. I’ve never forgotten it and that knowledge has served me well. I was also a member of your irealestate(dotcom)forum you set up for us aspiring domainers back then. Great hearing from you, King!

  14. Frankie

    Thanks for taking the time to share. Really inspiring. What a lot of people miss is that paying 100 dollars for a domain in 1997 is akin to paying $500 or more now for a domain you think might have a future. Even in this present day and age very few will pull the trigger.

  15. Sammy

    Hi Rick,

    please use your own voice in your series of video-animations.
    Authenticity is KING.

    With these funny voices, the animation-video is just boring and sounds like any other of these stupid animation-videos out there.
    They all use the same voice, which is extremely boring.

  16. Frank

    Hi Rick,

    it would be also great, if the guy in the animation-video would also LOOK like Rick Schwartz. So the animated person should visually look like yourself. Now that would be funny.

  17. Dean

    Just thinking out loud; if you’ve taught rank amateur domineers (99.9% of the population) how to structure a JV deal with a company on how to develop/monetize a domain name ( for example) alot more people could see the light at the end of the tunnel and be alot more inclined to invest in .com domains … but without the expertise/knowledge on how to properly monetize these things, the risk factor for investing in .com domains is pretty high for the vast majority of people ….. I’m not talking about holding a seminar and teaching people – but a “how to” website on jv/monetization would go a long way for alot of people.

  18. Tristan

    Rick, I have a question that I am struggling with. You mentioned in your post that if they aren’t coming to you then you don’t have what they want. I understand that. What about domain names that are getting type in traffic but no offers. I’m torn on that because if people are typing it in, it means people are thinking of this domain name. On the other hand if nobody is making an offer, does that mean nobody is interested and one should let that domain name drop? Seems like the domain name is in no man’s land. Would appreciate your insight on this.

      1. Tristan

        Thank you Rick, much appreciated. You give back so much to the community and we are thankful for that! Take care.


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