Rick Premiers Daily Twitter Video Podcast with Rave Reviews!

Morning Folks!!

In case you missed it, I have been doing daily video podcasts on Twitter and folks seem to like the content. I just tackle different subjects in short 2 minute clips. I have published 10 podcasts since April 30th.

I like the written word because it gives me more time to think and use the best words to explain my thoughts. But sometimes video helps to soften the delivery. There will be times that the videos will be tough and maybe even go after wrongdoers by name and company. I won't hold back. As always, I just tell it like it is. You can take it or leave it. I think the passion comes thru in a more level way.

I am still working on getting the clips to show on the blog, but to help things get started and without further delay, I will list my 10 clips here in order of publication.

Hope you will join me and join the conversation.

Twitter Introduction and Test Clip

Sunrise in Rick's Backyard

Rick's Back Pocket Story

Rick Answers Questions from Viewers

Rick tackles .Com vs .Whatever

Rick talks about "Incremental Perfection" #1 Video last week!

I talk about WHY I am doing this #1 Most Important Video last week!

I talk about the Domain Boom and why 76 Likes, 26 retweets

I’ve talked about Need, Want, Desire, Value. But what about USE???

Recap of my plans for Twitter Videos

In my first 10 days these videos have had 100,000 views, 512 likes and 114 retweets. It's really good content if I do say so myself! I think you will enjoy and if you do, I will keep cranking them out.

I will explain the purpose and the motivation but you have to watch to find out. You will see the real me in action and what makes me tick. I may surprise a few of you!


Rick Schwartz

31 thoughts on “Rick Premiers Daily Twitter Video Podcast with Rave Reviews!

  1. Matthew Klein

    The knowledge and life lessons you are sharing are much appreciated.

    25 Years on and the Domain King is still leading the way.

    Keep going Rick, you might win an Emmy!

  2. Mark Thorpe

    New domain video podcast and a domain conference, congrats.
    I am surprised you haven’t re-gained most of your lost Twitter followers by now.
    Maybe because your blogging again as well?
    Just curiuous.

  3. Rick Schwartz

    Literally THOUSANDS of GTLD guys have been washed away and most of the others would not follow me at this stage. Plus twitter is shrinking in importance. Especially in the USA. Domainers themselves don’t spend the time on twitter that they once did.

    Facebook is bleeding because it is no longer a “Cool” place for kids. They don’t want to be where their moms and dads are. So they are seeking alternatives.

    Social Media has a cancer and folks are dealing with it in many different ways. None good for social media but all good for domains and domaining.

    Folks always overestimate the size and scope of the domain investment community. They see Namepros with 100k users or more, but they are far from representative of the overall true and full time numbers.

    There are several hundred full time domain investors upto a very few thousand, That’s it!

  4. UFO

    One thing I have always believed is that social media is like a shoal of brightly coloured fish, it changes constantly.Myspace lost to facebook, facebook will definitely lose to a newer younger competitor.

    I am sure the correlation between economic cycles and social media is similar, as its driven by new inter-generational users who’ve not experienced the past.

    I remember first getting on the net and thinking thank god I have escaped the msm (main stream media) only for the great unwashed to then appear online, the question is whether the next generation of users treats facebook, twitter et al as I did with the msm. I think they will. Tech has improved and websites now can be built cheaply, so the market should segment even more. Great news for URLs… as they all need their own ‘brand’.

  5. UFO

    I know I say this often, but look at all the expensive commerical real estate across the cities of the world.

    Think to yourself how much commerce is now being conducted through the internet. Think of how much more growth is going to happen.

    Its a no brainer to understand that great domain names are massively undervalued.

    Seriously, see what you get for $150k Pa rent (Thats around $100k rent and oncosts)… and equate that to a $3m domain name. Absolutely no comparison.

  6. Erich

    I love your videos! Great stuff!
    Keep them coming!

    Would be great to see longer videos (e.g. 5 minutes long) with some more of your wisdom, e.g. “the power of NO”, the importance of “domain traffic” for small and medium sized businesses, the downfall of “Social Networks”, the importance of the own website compared to just using Facebook”, etc.

    All the best!

  7. John

    You heard it here first, folks: I am suggesting that Rick upload his videos to his own YouTube channel too. That can only increase his own bottom line as well, as some people almost inevitably embed them in various places and the world at large gains more exposure to the “Domain King.” And while “trickle down” is a bankrupt and evil ideology, in this particular case Rick becoming even more famous that way can almost certainly only help us all and the industry as a whole too.

    Sounds like win-win-win.

    And now, someone say I was not the first to suggest or think of it. ;) I know it’s very possible and even likely, but why isn’t anyone doing it now though?

    1. John

      PS, and in the case of these blogs, you don’t even have to bother with embedding. All you have to do is post the full video url and the blog software does the rest.

      1. John

        Okay, so that doesn’t work here either, HOWEVER (again):

        It may just be that Rick needs to adjust a setting that will enable the videos to appear as they do in some of the other blogs.

  8. Mike Wilkins

    Thanks Rick, great to see you back. This industry has gone to shit, you got morons like DomainShane,Rossner, now talking garbage, we need guys like you to keep educating. Rick you are the GOAT!!!!!!

  9. Johan S

    Thank you Rick for helpful insight. But reality it is domain values dropping. The parked PayPerClick revenues aren’t what they were at one time.

    I picked up adult domains like Nancyporn.com, amandaporn.com and one more. Each with 10+ type-ins after ONE DAY.

    What I paid? Reg-fee!

    IF only Godaddy and other major registers had higher biz IQ and spend damn money on PR to educate people about domain names. It can just as great as during 2008-2009 and mid 2000s.

    But instead peddled the worthless GTLD’s! Shame on them.. but it’s not game-over.. it’s not too late.. wish they would wake up and smell the roses. INstead of that dumb Godaddy valuation tool. It’s as they don’t want to earn more money? Every domain I’ve run through is worth slightly more or less than $1k

    The word is, unintelligent.

    1. Johan S

      $50k indeed is the average price but most sold for less. Domains like ICE.com. Sex.com and other super premiums heavily contributes to that 3 letter $50k average price.

    2. Rick Schwartz

      This won’t be the answer you expect but the $50k is way TOO CHEAP for a 3 letter domain.

      Start thinking $250k++ and much more for a 3 letter word.
      Just sayin’

      I know I would never take $50k but understand why some do.

      1. Johan S

        Use Namebio for 3 letter re-search. Contact owners, as a bunch sold for less than $20k in the past two months. Ezy Flipping! :D

        1. Rick Schwartz

          But it takes no talent to sell something way below market value and have someone else reap the big rewards.

          The face value of almost any 3 letter domain is about $37k at the low end. Does not matter that people leave lots of $$$ on the table at that level.

          To some a 3 letter domain is like a bag of coins. But they never open up the bag to examine the individual coins and at least separate the ones of great value. I don’t get it.

          1. Johan S

            If they are intutive like BMW or MEN. :D But like xkf, fzj, gzj is $37k?

            I prefer EMD’s and brandables. Numerics meaning to chineses. But FZJ?? I know few words in the English language that begins with Z. :D

  10. Rick Schwartz

    I do have a youtube account that I created years ago but have never used.

    I am youtube challenged.
    I need @dannypryor to help me. HELP!! :-)

    1. John

      PS, fyi, it happened in black and white by email, I know what the emd is from the horse’s mouth, and there is no conjecture and nothing indefinite there just in case you’re thinking or wondering. It’s the same as if I showed you domainnames.com for $1000 and you don’t get it but instead talk about getting a new TLD.

  11. jeff schneider

    Hello Rick,
    Conrats on the finest article ( The Domain King 25 Point Step by Step Guide to Domain Investing ) in our industry.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) (Former Rockefeller IBEC Marketing Intelligence, Analyst/Strategist) (Licensed CBOE Commodity Hedge Strategist)http://www.UseBiz.com

  12. jeff schneider

    Hello Rick, Conrats on the finest article ( The Domain King 25 Point Step by Step Guide to Domain Investing ) in our industry. Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) (Former Rockefeller IBEC Marketing Intelligence, Analyst/Strategist) (Licensed CBOE Commodity Hedge Strategist)www.UseBiz.com

  13. Paul


    I’ve started investing in 3 letter domains which are not premium. I am purchasing anything under $18k so have a portfolio of over 20+ 3 letter domain names. Do you think this is a smart idea? Will they appreciate in 10+ years from now?


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