Domains vs Bitcoin: The Ultimate Challenge and Visible Test! The REASONS Domains WIN and WIN BIG!

Morning Folks!

"If I got 1000 Bitcoin for FREE I still made MORE w/Domains + I have 6500/6540 original names left! + Active Businesses #DomainNames are the only #digitalasset that has real underlying value! Our day in the sun is here!"

I had that tweet on Twitter today that is worthy of its own Blog post. So Let's take a deep dive. Well actually not too deep because there was no reason to dig deeper. The results are that stunning!

So....If I sold my 1000 bitcoin I walk away with a cool $60 Million. Not bad!! But Domains are better!

Domains have FACE VALUE. They have INTRINSIC Value and they have REAL value. They are unique and they are collectible. They can be reimagined in MOMENTS! They are visible and useable worldwide. Trillion dollar companies run their worldwide operations frm a single domain name.

But forget all that. Just forget it.

Besides selling only about 40 of my domains I have 6500 still to go. 1000-1500 of them with GREAT value! And rising! Bitcoin helps!

But the businesses I share in is the invisible hole in the donut that will allow me to buy bitcoin for a lifetime IF that is what I choose. itself (now after selling their "Booster Rocket") will allow me to buy 1000 bitcoin when I sell my shares in about 3 years with my 8.88% share of the company. will be going live very soon and that will spit out it's own load of bitcoin or dollars or real estate or whatever I want for the next 20 years. is active entity with deals with Disney and others.

And now I have agreed to the basic terms of Possibly my biggest deal yet. I will own 13.5% of that new entity.

In these businesses and others I am simply a Silent-partner. My only duty is done at the beginning. By picking the right ACTIVE partner.

It took a LONG time for the "Domain TREE" to mature, but now it is in full bloom and the fruit of 25 years is RIPE and VISIBLE! Visible and proven. Nobody has to take my word for it like it was 20-25 years ago. Now there is an active multi-billion dollar market that is growing daily and has never ever been hotter than right now in 2021.

With Bitcoin, I can buy it, sell it or use it. I can not control the value. The value would control me. With NFT's, I am still trying to wrap my head around that bag of smoke. But that just helps domains take their right role on top of the digital mountain. The TOP!!

Now please understand I own BOTH. I see synergy between them. But you have to cash in one to achieve that synergy and it goes both ways!

But make no mistake, a GREAT domain name is SUPERIOR to ONE bitcoin but possibly MANY bitcoin and like a golden goose, a domain can be spitting out a lifetime of bitcoin. Can a bitcoin do that?

And for clarification when I talk bitcoin I am also talking crypto but bitcoin is the first name associated with crypto for most. It's branded!

And of course, I am talking ultra-premium dotcom domains. That is always my basis.

And of course, it takes real work and talent to find those domain names. To recognize them. To understand their value and why. And then to either turn them into businesses, lease them or sell them etc.

So while I write about the 2 digital assets as competing, I am really just showing the depth of one compared to the depth of the other. Why one is the King of the Hill! Now you know, and now you know why!

Rick Schwartz