The missing footage. Down, dirty, raw. I callout CEOs by name. The difference between a Hard-working Founder and a CEO looking for a 2-5 year gig.

Morning Folks!!

Down, dirty, raw. I callout CEOs by name. I explain the difference between a hard-working Founder and a CEO looking for a 2-5 year gig. Explosive interview. I'll let the video do the talking.

I will note that the discussion about the $2.8 Billion company was about the sale of and noting that the CEO of passed up this once in a lifetime opportunity. I simply did the math and noted he was losing a MINIMUM of $140 million ANNUALLY in lost revenue simply because of confusion at only a 5% loss from the .co to .com. DUMB!!!


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Register(.)com and .Site Team up for UNETHICAL Account Stuffing!! I Don’t want your .CRAP in MY Account!!

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I received this email this morning and it is DESPERATE, UNETHICAL and DISGUSTING!! But it's not the first time this .CRAP model has been used to PUMP and DUMP! To inflate registration numbers just to fool and mislead domain investors and the public!!

This is one of the biggest gTLD models, STUFFING accounts with Domains nobody asked for or ordered! I have to act not to get it stuffed in my account??!! I have to opt-out?? BULLSHIT!!

Many companies will be fooled into paying renewals for years! That's a SCAM in MY BOOK! A TOTAL SCAM BY THESE COMPANIES!!

That's the gTLD world for you. Based on LIES, FAKE REGISTRATIONS, ACCOUNT STUFFING AND DECEIT. They have prayed on innocent companies hoping they don't notice this CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!!

Rick Schwartz