I Want to Enable Dreams and Dreamers.

I want to enable dreams and dreamers and I have the unique vehicle to do that and do that in dozens of industries. I can all but guarantee them a seat at the table and will be taken seriously from day 1 if they are serious!

It surprises me and saddens me that so few people understand the life-changing power of a great domain name. And without that life-changing domain name, their dreams may never materialize.

I have demonstrated over the years that I’m willing to nearly give the domain away to get the right person or entity into it. Give it away at first to share in the success later down the road that’s my business model.

But I’m disappointed and frustrated that so few people see this incredible opportunity. I wake up every day for 28 years hoping that will change and to some degree it has.

There are more shiny object chasers out there than there are qualified dreamers. Idea people. People with a brain, a vision, and can also spot opportunity. So many great ideas are laying in the Internet graveyard because the idea was great, but their domain was not.

I always dreamed of empowering young entrepreneurs to realize their dreams. I have a race car in the form of a domain and all I need is a race car driver.

I envisioned having contests with college students and high school students that could compete and change their lives. But after what I’ve seen in the recent weeks I guess now I understand why that dream of mine did not materialize either.

Domains are the real deal, and should never be confused with shiny objects. But we have a generation or two that is trained itself to chase shiny objects, and not be critical thinkers. I believe it will still manifest itself, and we see it every day with upgrades from .whatever to dotcom.

The CANDY.com guys represent my business model. They got into the domain for next to nothing. And they changed their life, their family's life, and my life as well.

Folks are risk-averse, and they don’t know the difference between a good and valid risk and a blue sky risk.

I have domains worth millions that I’m willing to start a lease for as low as $1000 a month to give them runway and time to get to safely lift off. And so few over the years have seen that opportunity. But today’s focus isn’t on their golden goose in their future. It’s getting a nice leased car because that’s more important. Isn’t it? Definition of shortsighted.

For the cost of a part-time employee working 4 hours a day and making just $8.33hour, they can compete with the big dogs on the world stage. But they don’t have the brains to figure it out. I guess $33.33 a day is just something they can’t get their head around. Lunch cost more than that!

We have a generation or two of morons and idiots with limited skills and almost no mathematical ability. And no common sense! Not even on the radar. They don’t have the ability to learn. They are stuck with the mentality of failure.

They say all the good dotcom domains are gone, well so is all the Real Estate on earth! So what? You have to pay for prime. But the results payoff in spades! But so many are lazy and so many are cheap.

Let me help focus them. Your domain is so much more than a bunch of letters! Maybe you have not thought if it in this way but your domain is:

Your World Headquarters

Your Location

Your Brand

Your Front Door

Your Cash Register

Your Information Portal

Your #1 Sales Tool

Domains provide Unlimited Expansion. 

Great and memorable dotcom Domains are the doorway to all future business dreams. If you have a dream and a true burning desire, it MUST start with a High-Profile domain name or all of your efforts will always be diluted and minimized and eventually your dream will turn into a nightmare.

It's not all their fault. As an industry we have failed to have a serious outreach program. Our outreach happens one deal, one upgrade at a time. There is no amplification even though we have the means to amplify in a significant manner.

A Good Domain Name is easy to remember.A GREAT Domain Name is hard to forget!

A GREAT Domain Name makes a small business look BIG!

A GREAT Domain Name grows GREAT businesses!

A GREAT Domain Name is YOUR passport to GREATNESS!

It's not the value of the Domain Name, it's the value of the opportunity that it presents!

So....Let's build YOUR Life-Changing dream on MY Life-Changing Domain Name! SIMPLE!

Rick Schwartz