What Sets Domains Apart from ALL Other Investments is CONTROL.

Stop comparing domain names to the wrong things. What sets Domains apart from ALL other investments is CONTROL. Let me show the important differences.

CONTROL!! what does that mean?

When you buy a stock or gold, do you have control of the price? No! NONE!

Same thing with Bitcoin. Do you have any control? No! NONE!

Learn the difference between assets you can control and grow and those that you have to depend on the market and have no say so whatsoever in the direction it might take or when.

And that is what sets domains apart as the greatest investment in my lifetime by far. You have control. So let me explain and delve deeper.

With great dotcom domain names it’s within your power to build a skyscraper or something fun, or just sell the traffic and make money when you sleep. You can invent and reinvent. Build and rebuild. Expand without limits. How does that compare with any of the other buckets? And that’s what they are. Buckets versus investment. I will show the difference and why your focus should be on acquiring great domain names.

The only control you have on these other items is when you buy and when you sell. The only control you have is at the beginning and at the end but you have no control of anything that happens during the cycle of ownership. Think about that!

What’s not to understand? It can’t be any simpler!

I have plenty of all of the above. But I know the difference between a bucket and investing in something with expansion potential. Great potential! Unlimited potential! Great demand! And unique!

My financial safety is diversification on the one hand and plunging into the areas that I know on the other hand.

I own 6-figures of Gold & Silver. Am I a proponent of Gold & Silver as an investment? Hell no!

I own 7-figures in Diamonds. Am I a proponent of owning Diamonds as an investment? Hell, no! 

I own 7-figures of Bitcoin. Am I a proponent of owning Bitcoin as an investment? Hell no! 

I own 7-figures of art. Am I a proponent of owning Art as an investment? Hell no! 

I own 7- figures of watches. Am I a proponent of owning watches as an investment? Hell no!

I own mid 8-figures in Real Estate. Am I a proponent of owning Real Estate as an investment? Hell yes!

I own priceless Domain Names. Am I a proponent of owning Domain Names as an investment? Hell yes! 1000 times over!!!

The only two on that list that are income-producing are the last two. Real Estate and Domain Names. The others are one-dimensional, and not income-producing. You are at the mercy of the market. You have no control. 

Making that distinction is paramount. 

Ignoring that distinction could be the kiss of death. 

And that has always been my point. Making the distinction. They are not the same. It’s all about diversification because that’s the greatest safety. 

They are all different buckets. None are bad. I just realized the difference in the distinction between them. So, no matter how things unfold I have protection. 

Domains were the vehicle that allowed me to buy all of these other assets, not the other way around!! That is the point!

And I will post the following every chance I get! Domains are multi-dimensional and multi-faceted. What is the value of the following that are all elements of a domain name? Stop being cheap. It's a dotcom world. The unrecognizable new extensions have failed and have been very costly because of consumer confusion and lost traffic. So if you think great domains are expensive, failing and going broke or being forced to rebrand is much more expensive! Stop being shortsighted!

Your World Headquarters

Your Location

Your Brand

Your Front Door

Your Cash Register

Your Information Portal

Your #1 Sales Tool

Domains provide Unlimited Expansion!

If you have a GREAT idea why would ANYONE launch it on a 2nd rate domain or location?? Why would they diminish or annihilate their chances of success?

Please note; ALL of my comments on this blog since 2007 ONLY apply to great DOTCOM domains. They DO NOT and NEVER WILL apply to any other extension. The Dotcom franchise is the largest most successful franchise the world has ever known!! The single greatest economic equalizer the world has ever known!

Rick Schwartz