Let me Expose what Could have been the REAL Threat to .Com

Afternoon Folks!!

So just for this insane moment, let's believe I am right about domain values of .com going through the roof within 3 years. Let's just say the vision I had is on the time-line I put on it. It's right on schedule AND I have an added bonus that I never even dreamed of that will make my vision small in comparison to what is LIKELY to happen.

See I never envisioned 1900 .whatevers coming to the market that would add fuel to a raging fire. When they crash and burn that will be the moment that .com skyrockets with this completely unexpected booster rocket really takes off. DEMAND is what skyrockets and when demand skyrockets it takes the price along for the ride!

Thank goodness GREED won over the common good! See, the threat I see is not where others see it and so they would be surprised by what I think is going on and what would constitute a GENUINE threat.

A GENUINE threat would look like this. Instead of www, there may be an abc.DOMAIN or a xxx.DOMAIN or MY.DOMAIN. without the .com. THAT my friends could become a game changer. But there might be less money in doing it that way for the architects of this clusterf*ck.

I don't think the public has been served and I think I just showed a way in which it was.

100 registrars signed up for .PW this week. Whoo-hoo!! I think 99 of yet to have their first customer yet. Do you care? Does it mean something? The only thing it means is advertising dollars for 3rd parties until the party is over cuz this baby is DOA in my book. And that makes .com more attractive not less attractive.

I am sure I did not make any friends just now. But what am I supposed to do? Go along with the music and bullshit folks that are coming here to read some reality? I would never insult my readers like that and those that feel insulted can feel that way. I wish everyone good luck and great success.

If I see a winner I will say so. If I see a loser I will do the same thing just more forcefully before folks piss away hard earned money. But it will only take a dozen or more failures to begin with that may doom the others. This is one hell of a slippery slope. The barrage of bullshit to come is going to be deafening to some of us. But there will be one place you can come and hear the unvarnished truth as I see it. Right or wrong, I am certain! :-)

But I base my vision on a whole lot of milestones, mile-markers and years plus the parallels of history and define by numbers. So that is why I would rather lease now and negotiate in 1-3 years after what I see happening, happens. We can all look back in 2016 and see a clear winner and a clear loser. Place your bets by asking the right questions and looking back to where we have already been.

Stats say 2% may survive this. That would make 38 out of 1900. Better odds with Roulette!

Rick Schwartz

ICANN Likely to Collapse?! Here’s My Take.

Morning Folks!!

I predict that ICANN will either not exist in the form it does now or will lose much of the power they have enjoyed and ABUSED before this decade is out and maybe even sooner than that. Many will say 'Who cares' and the rest will say 'It ain't ever gonna happen'. I beg to differ and here is why.

I have been writing online for 16 years now. I have said this now a few times. I have never had the occasion in my LIFE to use the word CLUSTERF*%K until ICANN. This organization as a whole is one big clusterf*%k. They have the system of clusterf*%king down 3 levels deep plus 3 generations of leadership. It is so screwed up that the only way to fix it is to dissolve ICANN, eliminate the past and current corruption noted as 'Conflict of Interest' repeatedly, and appoint a panel that will actually work for the public good instead of their OWN PERSONAL GOOD! That my friends is a DISGRACE! A violation of the power we entrusted them with.

Criminal activity? I can't say that at this point but if there were ever a true Congressional investigation (and that might happen someday), it certainly would not surprise me. What I can say is that the motives at work have nothing to do with the benefit to the public and if there were a Congressional investigation, heads would roll and possibly even worse because they have a culture there that paints a very ugly picture.

As just one example, the process that ICANN has put in place for the new gTLD's is so messed up that it will likely be 3-5 years before they actually roll out and possibly longer as they work through all the bombs they will have to deal with because of poor thought and planning. Negligence has penalties. They built this monster to put money in the ICANN coffers, but now they have to control this monster. What happens when it becomes OUT of control? Who will be responsible? It just may be that all roads lead right back to ICANN.

I am betting they won't be able to keep it under control and it will have to be dealt with in some major fashion. Yes, I know that I am crazy for thinking this can/will happen. But how do you unravel a clusterf*%k? How do you fix so many bad decisions that it can only lead to chaos? As it spins out of control what exactly happens? Who eventually fixes it? It seems physically impossible for the folks that brought 'Clusterf*%king' to the web to now fix what they built. The world depends on ICANN and ICANN is NOT DEPENDABLE!

This is really beginning to look like a road to nowhere and that is why I believe we will see massive changes before the end of this decade and could be much sooner.

As always, I like being on the record early on. Time tells all and that is what I see in time. Odds are way against me on this one. But they still have to deal with the clusterf*%k and conflicts of interest and they have the eyes of the world watching.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz


I always say 'Timing is everything'. I wrote this post last week and have been waiting to publish it. I have no substantiation in this article as you see. No links, no evidence. Just some gut feelings from watching from the bleachers. But then I find this post at DomainIncite.com last night by Kevin Murphy. I think he provides more than ample substantiation of why it is I have these thoughts and reinforce what I see likely to happen in time.

Márcio Mello Chaves is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing and I am Going to Make him and Saveme.com.br Famous.

Afternoon Folks!!

So today I get a WIPO action from a company in Brazil I never heard of until today. What struck me was that it was one of the most generic domains I own. SaveMe.com

I hand registered this domain in 1996. Before this company was even in business or thought of. They decided to go the lawyer route and try to reverse hijack this domain that they have no claim to whatsoever. Now I am going to stick it up thier asses! :-)

But it gets better. As I am going through the attachments and this CLOWN, Márcio Mello Chaves, contacted me back in August to buy the domain name. I told them at that time “High 6 Figures”. He came back at $10k and I said not even $100k. End of that chain. There may be more, have not researched anything yet on my end. (See comment 99 for details)

The clown is actually the attorney that filed the WIPO Action. So now that I know this CLOWN, Márcio Mello Chaves is just a wolf in sheeps clothing he is a low life to me. When some LOW LIFE stoops to that level, that rubs me the wrong way and I intend to use this guy as an example along with the CHEAP PRICKS he represents. Oh, that would be himself and brother pictured below. Marcio on the left and Heitor on the right of Buscape.com.br. Guys that appear to be professionals and would not suspect them of doing bad things and so now they are EXPOSED for the WORLD to see!

Marcio Heitor
Did these two CHUMPS conspire against me and my domain name to Reverse Domain Hijack Saveme.com because they own SaveMe.com.br and were too cheap or did not have the money to buy MY domain name? Now I am going to stick it up BOTH of their asses. Let's find out what they KNEW in June 2010 when they opened up shop. Are these CHUMPS going to claim they did not know the dotcom version was taken???

But more importantly to YOU, this is what I learned. Just like the .co leaked 61%, one of the documents they filed show that 43% of my traffic comes from Brazil. The traffic they might be leaking. Why?? Because this CLOWN represents SaveMe.com.br and they have a HUGE LEAK! Or so they say.

Yo Baby!! That’s what I have been talking about for years now and especially recently. Not my fault dude. Not my problem dude. There are thousands with similar problems. Talk to ICANN. The new gtld's will only make it more of a clusterfuck. No Johnny Come Lately is going to even TRY and take what I own after this. I am going to hang my hat on this action.

So Buscape.com.br aka saveme.com.br filed a WIPO today because they think that is cheaper. They think they are entiltled. Well guess what? Bad move SPORT! The value of this domain just went up. That is why dotcom is KING! So this guy with no ethics decided to try this little trick. Because of that, I will make him a poster boy so others know what is coming and how it is coming. I will be as transparent as I can be. Just like Goofoff.com and what became of a similar sitution. These morons just don't seem to learn. So they need to be educated. That only happens when the thing explodes in their face. That is unfortunate. My job is to protect every other domain I own from similar jerks. So each time I have no choice but to make them regret their actions.

There is no company on earth that should be allowed to intimidate any domain owner at any level. So Márcio Mello Chaves I am going to make you famous. You and the idiots you represent might have this all come back on you. That's before I even mess with MY domain SaveMe.com which I am sure I can use in a very effective way to illustrate what a FOOL you and your clients are. To make sure your own customers know what you folks are and how you behave. Preadators! I never initiated contact with you but if you mess and poke this lion, be prepared to explain things to everyone you know and everyone you will ever know. As they said in the 'Social Network', the Internet is in INK.

So this will never go away and will only be a search away. Bloggers will blog about your behavior and that of your client. Then customers might not think they want to do business with such a predator. Assuming you have any customers. When it spins out of control, look in the mirror. You are fucking with MY LIVELY-HOOD and that is a place that not only I will defend, but will legally SLAY anyone that gets in the way. I will do everything legally and openly, but tastefully is not a promise. I am going to stick it up your asses in the most unpleasant and disgusting way I know how in front of the world. I will always be factual. But I don't always have good taste or play by any other rules other than by what is legal. If you folks get embarrassed, so be it. If you have to explain to your family and neighbors, so be it. WIPO is public and so is everything to come.

Márcio Mello Chaves, Heitor Chaves and SaveMe.com.br.....You are going to be the poster boys that ends up protecting every dot com domain holder in the world from predators and lowlifes like you. SCUM! Márcio Mello Chaves, you and your brother just peed on the HIGH VOLTAGE ELECTRIC FENCE! Me. But you and that third rate company you represent can't afford MY domain name. Dotcom is KING! I have owned SaveMe.com for 16 YEARS and you will not STEAL it from me or anyone. You and SaveMe.com.br are just being exposed as the predators you are. Maybe those tactics work for you sometimes, not here. Not ever again. Let's see what your own customers have to say when this goes viral. You opened this can of worms. DEAL WITH IT! Here is his Linkedin Page so if you get an email from him, run!

More to come. I have a mission. :-) In the way these folks think, just go ahead and register any country code or 3rd class domain and then go after the dotcom because of some sense of entitlement to things they don't own just because it will make their business stronger or better or more competitive. So if I buy a house in Kansas with a 500 Park Avenue address, I am certainly entitled to throw out the guy in New York City if I do well according to their bent logic.

Márcio Mello Chaves of Brazil Acting in BAD FAITH!
The POSTER BOY for Reverse Domain Hijacking


What can you do? Spread the word. Save me and Save you. It's the gospel to anyone that makes a living online. How fitting to have the SaveMe.com domain name used in this landmark case. Some may say....Miraculous!!

Rick Schwartz

UPDATE: Here is the actual Complaint: You all should read this because his allegations and extreme over reaches would have a bearing on many of you.

Você simpatiza com gente que tenta dar um 'jeitinho' para tomar coisas que não lhes pertence?
Este é o caso de 2 irmãos no Brasil que estão por trás de um site relativamente novo, o SaveMe.com.br. Veja, eu possuo o domínio genérico SaveMe.com aqui nos EUA desde 1996, quando o domínio (aquilo que vem depois do www...) estava livre e eu o registrei. 16 anos mais tarde, esta empresa no Brasil parece ter optado por um caminho sujo, após registrar o domínio SaveMe.com.br, em 2010.
Agora eles querem o MEU domínio, e não querem pagar por isso!!! Eles simplesmente querem que a justiça lhes 'entregue' o domínio. Sem mesmo ter uma marca registrada do nome 'Save Me' no Brasil, quanto mais aqui nos EUA, eles decidiram entrar com uma ação contra mim e meu domínio de 16 anos. Note que, antes de entrarem com uma ação, eles fizeram ofertas pelo domínio, mas eu as rejeitei, simplesmente porque não estavam no patamar adequado, com a agravante de que não informaram corretamente quem eram (ou seja, mentiram). Eu nunca soube que eles representavam esta empresa até que esta semana recebi uma intimação. Acredito que você possa ver claramente as implicações do que eles estão tentando fazer, pois eles não têm quaisquer direitos sobre aquilo que não lhes pertence.


¿A usted le agradan las personas que tratan de tomar cosas que no le pertenecen?

Este es el caso de 2 hermanos en Brasil que aparentemente operan un sitio web relativamente nuevo; 'Saveme.com.br' Ocurre que yo soy dueño del dominio genérico Saveme.com' en los Estados Unidos (USA) desde el año 1996 cuando lo registre a mano. 15 años más tarde esta empresa en Brasil parece haber encontrado algo valioso al registrar 'SaveMe.com.br' en el 2010.

Ahora ellos quieren mi dominio y no quieren pagar el precio justo de mercado. Quieren que las cortes simplemente se los den. Sin nisiquiera una marca registrada en Brasil, y mucho menos en Los Estados Unidos (USA), ellos han decidido demandarme a mi y mi dominio de 16 años. Claro, yo no acepte sus ofertas por que simplemente no estaban nisiquiera cerca del valor correcto. Adicionalmente, el oculto su verdadera identidad. Nunca supe que el representaba esta compañia hasta esta semana cuando recibi los papeles. Pienso que usted puede claramente ver las implicaciones, y que ellos no tienen derecho alguno sobre algo que no les pertenece.

Si usted trabaja o ha trabajado con esta empresa, tal vez podria notificarles que no intenten tomar cosas que no le pertenecen.


Do you like people that try and take things that don't belong to them?

Such is the case with 2 brothers in Brazil that seem to run a fairly new site SaveMe.com.br
See, I own the generic domain name here in the USA SaveMe.com since 1996 when I hand registered it. 15 years later this company in Brazil seems to have hit pay dirt after registering SaveMe.com.br. in 2010.

Now they want MY domain name and they don't want to pay fair market value. They want the courts to just give it to them. Without even a trademark in Brazil let alone the USA, they have decided to file a suit against me and my domain of 16 years. See I refused their offers because they simply were not in the ballpark plus he misrepresented who he was. I never knew he represented this company until this week when I got the papers. I think you can clearly see the implications and that they have no rights to what does not belong to them.

If you ever use this company, you might want to tell them not to try and take things that don't belong to them.

3/19/2012 UPDATE:

Let's see if he responds or ABANDONS this suit. We will know in 5 days.

'In accordance with Rules, Paragraph 4(b), you are hereby notified of the following formal deficiency with your Complaint:

(1) The text below section (C) of the Complaint, with the emboldened heading “Bad Faith in the Domain Name Use”, does not appear to describe why the domain name should be considered as having been registered and being used in bad faith.

Please note that paragraph 4(a)(iii) of the Policy and paragraph 3(b)(ix)(3) of the Rules require a complainant to describe why the domain name(s) should be considered as having been registered and being used in bad faith.

(2) The Complaint has not been signed (in any electronic format) by the Complainant or its authorized representative, as required by Rules, Paragraph 3(b)(xiv).

Unless the deficiency specified above are cured within five (5) calendar days, March 24, 2012, of the date of this notification, in accordance with Rules, Paragraph 4(b), your Complaint will be deemed withdrawn, without prejudice to the submission of a new Complaint by you.'

I think I can hang my hat on this part: 'Please note that paragraph 4(a)(iii) of the Policy and paragraph 3(b)(ix)(3) of the Rules require a complainant to describe why the domain name(s) should be considered as having been registered and being used in bad faith.'

Now please tell me how I REGISTERED saveme.com in Bad Faith in 1996? He can't. And so on this single point alone he will lose. 'USED and REGISTERED' are the keys. Of course that is only one set of keys. There will be a multitude of reasons his claim will be denied!

3/24/2012 UPDATE

4/25/2012 UPDATE: Yesterday we filed and published our official legal response to this suit. You can read the contents at: http://www.erealestate.com/saveme.htm