Let me Expose what Could have been the REAL Threat to .Com

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So just for this insane moment, let's believe I am right about domain values of .com going through the roof within 3 years. Let's just say the vision I had is on the time-line I put on it. It's right on schedule AND I have an added bonus that I never even dreamed of that will make my vision small in comparison to what is LIKELY to happen.

See I never envisioned 1900 .whatevers coming to the market that would add fuel to a raging fire. When they crash and burn that will be the moment that .com skyrockets with this completely unexpected booster rocket really takes off. DEMAND is what skyrockets and when demand skyrockets it takes the price along for the ride!

Thank goodness GREED won over the common good! See, the threat I see is not where others see it and so they would be surprised by what I think is going on and what would constitute a GENUINE threat.

A GENUINE threat would look like this. Instead of www, there may be an abc.DOMAIN or a xxx.DOMAIN or MY.DOMAIN. without the .com. THAT my friends could become a game changer. But there might be less money in doing it that way for the architects of this clusterf*ck.

I don't think the public has been served and I think I just showed a way in which it was.

100 registrars signed up for .PW this week. Whoo-hoo!! I think 99 of yet to have their first customer yet. Do you care? Does it mean something? The only thing it means is advertising dollars for 3rd parties until the party is over cuz this baby is DOA in my book. And that makes .com more attractive not less attractive.

I am sure I did not make any friends just now. But what am I supposed to do? Go along with the music and bullshit folks that are coming here to read some reality? I would never insult my readers like that and those that feel insulted can feel that way. I wish everyone good luck and great success.

If I see a winner I will say so. If I see a loser I will do the same thing just more forcefully before folks piss away hard earned money. But it will only take a dozen or more failures to begin with that may doom the others. This is one hell of a slippery slope. The barrage of bullshit to come is going to be deafening to some of us. But there will be one place you can come and hear the unvarnished truth as I see it. Right or wrong, I am certain! :-)

But I base my vision on a whole lot of milestones, mile-markers and years plus the parallels of history and define by numbers. So that is why I would rather lease now and negotiate in 1-3 years after what I see happening, happens. We can all look back in 2016 and see a clear winner and a clear loser. Place your bets by asking the right questions and looking back to where we have already been.

Stats say 2% may survive this. That would make 38 out of 1900. Better odds with Roulette!

Rick Schwartz

10 thoughts on “Let me Expose what Could have been the REAL Threat to .Com

  1. UFO

    The MY.Domain will never happen as it would be confused with my.Domain unless they start getting it organised as a matrix so there’s no overlap. It’s never going to happen.
    The biggest threat is .shop and .store as Amazon could then provide all the backbone to millions of service offerings. Rather than all on its site as a Vertical, it could via the URL could go horizontal.
    No BS, If Ebay and Google etc were smart they’d bid for those extensions and I wouldn’t be surprised if they went for 500m each (as a pair). They could own the largest virtual Mall on the planet, and that’s worth something. Tip for Google, WTF why haven’t you though about integrating something like this with your Google maps you clowns (In the nicest possible way, but you do need a boot up the rear with a big red clowns shoe).

  2. Dr Domainer

    I believe the only threat to .com is years away
    and that would be .grid thats the game changer.
    Quantum computing connected to the grid.
    The true glory years are about to come for

  3. gpmgroup

    A big worry is when some of these new gTLDs don’t make their targets there is a race to the bottom and in response ICANN start introducing new mechanisms like UDRP/URS which allow domains to be taken away from legitimate non infringing owners.

  4. cm

    search engines making everything right of anything irrelevant ….unless you are
    people worrying about whats after the dot when many don’t even make it to the dot
    kind of nice…

  5. krishna

    Even now, there are lot of uncertainties in the domain business.
    But, when people like Rick entered into domain business in mid-’90s, it may be a rocky path with little clarity.
    Hats off to their vision and guts.
    I am from a small town India and didn’t even touch the computer then. Awareness about domains and their values is still very low here in spite of having the third largest internet user base in the world.

  6. Bako.com

    The biggest threat to .com is probably Google. They might just create there own internet!
    I just read that Google is making their own marketplace. They can easily do damage to eBay and Amazon.

  7. UFO

    Yes, I have been saying that for a while. Effectively create their own intranet. Its even more plausible if you have it ported through a patched/upgraded web browser, you could then bypass domain names and just use naming conventions as a blend of direct navigation and search all rolled into one. But there are reasons why its not as good as it all sounds.
    Google was big buying up shed loads of dark fibre, and with enough datacentres it all becomes increasingly possible. The big issue is that Google actually lacks the lateral ability to actually leverage it. They go off on tangents and never seem to be able to monitize what they undertake. Classic boffin mentality more focused on ideas and research rather than productive cash flow outcomes.
    But they are still a lot richer than me. Which like size, matters.

  8. SerryJW

    I can see anti-trust lawsuit against Google. They can’t control 80% of the search and the world’s largest marketplace. With Ebay & Amazon they are really intranets.You must go there first before you can access they merchants. Yes, I could get to an Ebay merchant store through Google search but such a small %.
    They have enough problems with the Feds, they don’t need more. I see them doing something with a mobile marketpace, just not sure how.Could a Google merchant get better rsults on mobile IF accessed through a droid?

  9. UFO

    This is why .shop and .store are so powerful; it’s an intranet for revenue purposes but still like an internet.
    See, unless ICANN places a caveat around how domains are issued then for all intents and purposes Amazon (if successful) could issue domains for shop/store to its own store holders and they would be free to advertise these as a form of direct navigation. Amazon would need restrict the domain usage to actually having and maintaining an active Amazon account and listing all products there.
    As a strategy if I was Amazon I’d give the domains away, I’d give hosting away and take a % of sales crossing its systems, including its logistics (Wonder if they’ll buy a delivery courier sooner or later). (To have the domain you have to be joined at the hip with them). This is not too far removed from some large shopping mall owners that require a % of turnover from tenants.
    I think Google and all the other SE’s would rank those shops lowly but Amazon would start accumulating benefits of goodwill attached to those domains and to some degree allowing them to ramp up % cuts as shops become more and more dependant on their model.
    ICANN in some ways should close down potentially this sort of thing by only allowing extensions that are for brands (and thus specific allocation based on IP rights/law) or on generics (Such as .shop .hotel) where they are freely issued to any generic customer (Non restricted use).
    Amazon could by owning .shop breach numerous trademarks and be liable for damages simply because they would own/control the extension (and by implication all keywords) and would be profiting from it.


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