And now Rick Adds ANOTHER $173k to the Deal!!

Morning Folks!!

The gift that keeps giving. In September was bought out and I got a SURPRISE check for $642,000. Bringing my total of the sale to just about $800k.

I wake up this morning with another email. I guess there was a bit of a "Holdback" and I just found out I am getting another $173,000.

Bringing the total of the sale of to $973,000.00 from a $35 hand registration in 1998.

Rick Schwartz

Rick Adds $642,000 to the Sale!!

Morning Folks!!

I was surprised to learn that was acquired a couple weeks ago. My 1.5% of the company was liquidated. I had no say. I was very disappointed until a few minutes ago when I opened THIS email!!


Dear Virtual Dates, Inc.,

A payment is now being made to the Teem Technologies, Inc. securityholders. Your payment of $642,751.92 has been processed via the ACH instructions you provided to SRS Acquiom. Please note, ACH payments can take 1-3 business days to settle.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or by phone at (415) 263-9018 and provide the following reference in relation to this payment: 429795.

Thank you,

Client Services Team
SRS Acquiom

That brings the total sales price from to $800k on a hand registration! That took 20 years. But one hell of a return!! And I thought this was one of my "Pigeon Shit" domains that would never sell.

Rick Schwartz


Two Paid off Domains with Owner Financing and the Sale of for $250K

Morning Folks!!

In 2018 two domains that I personally financed for the new owners were paid off. In February I received the last $1 Million owed on Then just last month I got the last 10 payments for and that deal is now paid off.

I have always been willing to help a SERIOUS buyer with a PLAN to get into one of my domains for a very reasonable monthly fee. Sometimes just $1000 or $1500 a month just to allow them time to find their footing and make a REAL decision. I am not out to choke them. I am out to help them with life Support".

Today I inked a deal to lease for $1500/month for 24 months with an option at $250,000 during that lease period. It's an $18k investment on their part for the first year to see if they can make their idea work. That's CHUMP CHANGE! That's not a big number. That's less than a kiosk at your local mall. So if someone has a great idea and they can't manage to get over that small hump, then they probably don't have much confidence in what they are doing and why should I?

Rick Schwartz



My Entire List of First Quarter Domain Inquiries. Minnows vs Whales

Morning Folks!!

Here is the combined results of all inquiries for the first quarter of 2011. I have left the duplicates intact so you can see which domains get offers each month and the ones with an 'asterisk' are multiple inquiries for that specific domain name. was the only domain that I received multiple offers during each month. and were tied for #2.

These are basically unsolicited offers as I don't have my domain names listed for sale anywhere with a price. Most come from whois.

Offers are like fish. The small ones you take off the hook and throw them back. Even on my parked pages at for example, my domains are not offered for sale. 'Lease This Domain as Low as $1000/month Please contact us for more information.'

The minnows are swimming by. But I am not fishing for minnows. I am fishing for whales. I am fishing for record setting catch. I am certainly not fishing for domainers. Don't take offense. I just don't sell wholesale. I sell retail and I sell retail only. Of the 12 domains I have sold, 4 have made national/international news. The other 8 averaged more than $125,000 per sale. Even some of those were SACRIFICED because I was out there turning theory into reality. You don't make a headline turning down a deal. You make headlines when you do the deal. Something that was FREE had now transformed itself into some of the most valuable property in the world.

The 20 year plan would land me in 2016 as when domain names will BEGIN to reach full potential. That period will likely last 20 years or more. Likely much more. But we are not immortal and for most, it won't matter what happens in 50 or 60 years. The earlier you make the $$$ the longer you have to enjoy them. You just have to understand that a Ferrari is way cooler to have when you are 35 than when you are 85. Something just a bit sweeter there if you know what I mean.

Frankly, I am insulted when it comes to domain values. Domains have MORE value than the physical property. At LEAST base the foundational costs on what a real world storefront would cost and all the associated expenses. Laugh. I could care less. It will happen in the 5 year period I am talking of now.

When it hits PAR......we can talk. Until then, there is not much to say. Just take 10 minutes and sit down with a spreadsheet and add up all the costs. ALL of them. Tell me how much even a modest store would pay in all those expenses, fees and such. Until folks do that, there is no reason to do anything.

And when it hits PAR, I will give you a barrel full of reasons why the domain is worth much much much more. Your ticket to the world stage. Your ticket to a dream. Your ticket to do anything with little to hold you back. Your ticket to fame and fortune. So just because it takes time, does not mean you have to give in or give up at THEIR calling.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

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My Domain Inquiries for February 2011

Morning Folks!!

'The domain is Not worth $100k!!'

'The domain is Not worth $1 Million!!'

'The domain is Not worth $5 Million!!'

My Response:

'OK, Come back when it is!'

My perspective is different than most so my attitude is different and so is my vision. I was around when 0 out of 6 Billion people would even take $100 out of their wallet for any of these. Before that they were free and would not even invest the time to fill out the registration slip. I have seen the values rise from worthless to laughable to foolish to everything in between where we find it today as a sought after asset. An asset capable of becoming income producing businesses serving the entire English speaking population of the world and the numerical ones with even broader appeal.

If domain name values were put on a chart, you would see a very steady increase in value with possibly a few small spikes along the way over the past 15 years. But the last 15 years will have little in common with the next 5 years. That is where I see the 'Sweet Spot'. I see a chart that began an ascent that will just become steeper and steeper in time. Not many sectors have held up as well as ours. Nothing counts until we hit 'Par'. What is Par? Something I have talked about for years but never put a name on it until now.

As a side note.....I only responded to a total of 6 of about 150 inquiries.

** Means contacted by multiple parties for that particular domain name.

Also my first .CO inquiry on the list below.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz**********************************

You can compare this list to my list of January 2011