And now Rick Adds ANOTHER $173k to the Deal!!

Morning Folks!!

The gift that keeps giving. In September was bought out and I got a SURPRISE check for $642,000. Bringing my total of the sale to just about $800k.

I wake up this morning with another email. I guess there was a bit of a "Holdback" and I just found out I am getting another $173,000.

Bringing the total of the sale of to $973,000.00 from a $35 hand registration in 1998.

Rick Schwartz

18 thoughts on “And now Rick Adds ANOTHER $173k to the Deal!!

  1. MapleDots

    @frank meester

    Seriously? The only obligation he has is to his family. If you can’t make it domaining on your own then you’re in the wrong business. Additionally advertising your domains on another persons blog is not the best way to try and establish yourself. Seek out an online community to talk about your domains.

    Congrats Rick….. my $11,900 sale from yesterday kind of pales by comparison, I had to hold that domain for 7 years.



    This domain name fails the ‘radio test’, and a few other laws of domaining, yet it produced great results.

    I’m just saying.

  3. JJG

    It seem to be one of those trademarkable names derived off of a play on team. Did you get anything for its trademark since you probably had it before any such named company came along?

  4. Sigma

    When the you have the Midas touch, you have the Midas touch. Congrats on another nice royalty check Rick!

  5. JJ

    Rick was right on the money when he said that it would take around 20 years for his domains to realize a (big) return on his investment since he registered it in 1998 and it is 2018 now.


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