800 Domain owners and sponsors coming to New York City.

Morning folks!!

Beginning on Tuesday there will be as many as 800 domain
owners and sponsors around the world converging on New York City. They come from many points
including more than 15 countries. It will be THE defining moment in the domain
industry and this week will be talked about for years to come.

Of the nearly 500 coming to TRAFFIC they all paid a great
deal of money to be here. THEY deserve to be protected from the other parts of
the industry that refuse to pay but still want to benefit. So they come hawking
me, HUNDREDS of them, hawking me for FREE TICKETS! Like THEY are better than
those that pay? That they have some divine reason for them to come for free??!
Many times we are talking about BILLION dollar companies and many domainers
making millions but can’t seem to pay like everyone else. So then I become the
BAD GUY and I am sick of being the bad guy.

Let’s turn the tables on those in the industry too CHEAP to
pay but want to take advantage of the show and make money off the backs of
domain owners. They come to me and tell me how they want to do business with
the domain industry. They tell me all the business that can be done and how
their company can help. They will make millions and domainers will make
millions. THEN we get to the point that they just don’t want to pay. Let me see
if I got this right. They can do MILLIONS of dollars in business but too CHEAP
to pay the $1995 admission?? GIVE ME A BREAK!! Sorry folks, but the same people
that can’t pull a lousy $2k out of their wallet are NOT going to pay you millions
or even give you a fair count. Those type people will CHEAT you at EVERY
opportunity. Those people NEVER play by the rules and that is just not the RIGHT WAY to do

So come to New York. Enjoy the city. Take advantage of our efforts
and pay nothing! But don’t expect ME to remain silent. NEVER gonna happen. To
me CHEAP is a disease. Everyone in the domain business should do their share
and put an oar in the water. ALL oars on THIS SHIP are created equal.

See where I come from, if you cheat on one thing, I think
you will cheat on many things. I refuse to close my eyes to the folks doing
this and as long as they already decided I was a bad guy for not letting them
in for FREE, it is my right to defend myself and T.R.A.F.F.I.C.  letting folks know who the
leaches are that don’t support this industry at the single most important moment.

Feathers ruffled? GREAT! Mission accomplished!

Have a GREAT day!

12 thoughts on “800 Domain owners and sponsors coming to New York City.

  1. Peter Best

    Well said Rick! For all those”professionals” that want to attend for free, they should realize that whatever they do or provide as a service to be called a professional is because they get paid. Kudos to you for consistently”smartening up” the awareness to this industry and avoid the temptation of those who are purveyors of”cheap talk.” Those who can’t put their money where their mouth is, are those don’t hear what you hear when they ask for something for nothing -“Talk is Cheap.” T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is first class all the way and there is one reason for it. Again, you know to soar like an Eagle sometimes you have to look down at those Turkeys…

  2. Francois Carrillo

    I am sorry to say it does not only happen at TRAFFIC.
    I purchased last October all the advertising inventory at NamePros.com and DNForum.com
    The main idea was use a small part of these ad space to advertise PremiumDomain(s).com and resell the rest.
    We only sold 3 or 4 very small ad campaigns but turned down a lot of free advertising requests.
    And for the few courtesy ad campaign I decided to offer (to well know domaining people) I did not get any return (at the inverse).
    So I understand Ricks, very frustrating.

  3. AK

    rick gets more percentage than moniker on those auctions who wouldnt be frustrated if people who attend dont have money….
    hes preaching how expensive domains are just because he wants to make more money Rick your days are numbered

  4. Sahar Sarid

    There’s nothing personal here Rick.
    Their job is to try to get the best deal and your job is to run a profitable enterprise.
    This is about time management. It would have been nice if you could answer each and every one of them personally and have an open discussion but truth of the matter it isn’t practical, nor does any justice to your own time.
    Maybe what you should do is with any such request, before starting a conversation, charge them few thousands to tell you about their”free proposal”, not for a ticket, but for one hour of your time?

  5. tommy butler

    Hi Rick
    Just got posted a copy of your message in forums.ts all an organised effot with one company motivating the action.
    Where it be Tommy Butler posting as ME and promoting There SHow.
    It is a company in china using our name and LOGo and representing themselfs as traffic or it is this carp now.
    Maybe they need to market there own event and not do it on the good name and reputation of traffic.
    if they stoop to this level in the open.
    Now listed Dickhead keep me out of your problems you have with DS it has fuck all to do with me. you too are as bad as each other and maybe you deserve each other as you both are bringing the industy down.
    The last time shite happened i got brought into something that comming from the UK did not know.
    as for the name Domainking you can kiss my fat hairy arse as i dont know anyone who gave you that title. so grow up.
    I think you have done a fantastic job with the traffic show and i wish you all the best with it.
    So Rick here is my message keep me out of the arguements you have with DS as i say things to people faces not behind them.
    so my words to you mate is
    Shut the fuck up and stop mouthing me off

  6. Henry

    Francois, are you so bored? You bought out all the ad inventory on the domain forums and have to shamelessly plug your ugly ass site here.

  7. Henry

    Hey Tommy if you’re going to bash Rick at least learn how to spell. Our tax dollars are being collected for a reason.

  8. Tommy Butler

    for posting my responce
    If your civil to me I will be civil back.
    and since you have allowed me my say Please keep me out of any arguments you have with other people.I have far to much work to do without getting embroiled in stupid he said she said sweetywifes tales.
    Good luck with show

  9. Alex C

    ticketmaster.com doesn’t negotiate prices. You should have made it automated, or have a business like them handle the sales. We live, and we learn.
    I thought the real estate industry in NYC was a cut throat business, I’m shocked at some of these comments.
    Keep in mind that TRAFFIC is promoted as an EXCLUSIVE event. Hence the $2K admission price. Anyone who doesnt anti-up, DOESNT belong regardless. THATS what makes it exclusive. Rick, you shouldnt reply to these people, or have wasted your time to post this. This event(with the right level of class) could raise the value of domains if promoted correctly. You dont want these tacky people to give the Madison Avenue crowd a bad impression of our industry. This could be the tipping point you’ve been waitng for all these years. Put on a very expansive suit and promote the industry the way you talk about it. Just my $.02-
    Alex C

  10. Giovani Palma

    I think that anyone who isn’t in your camp is going to be able to see through the subterfuge. You and Howard are making a mint off of these events. Not only are the $2k entry fees absurdly high, but you fill the event with panels, luncheons and presentations that are merely a showcase for the high paying sponsors. Then your cut on the auctions is the icing. Did you pay your buyers premium to Monty on Flowers.mobi? You worry about the wrong people showing up to the event. The $2k is supposedly the barrier put in place to separate”the wheat from the chaff”. You are the chaff.
    $2k is just keeping out people who are on the fence. Investors, domainers and corporations who scoff at the idea of paying an absurd amount of money to an individual. Rick if you and Howard are in the red on the NYC event, prove it. Open up your books.
    The issue isn’t about people asking you to comp them for tickets, it’s really about how this event lines your pockets and is a big ego strokefest for Rick Schwartz, the”Domain King”. Well guess what your highness, very soon you’re going to be dethroned!

  11. Chris

    If 500 people paid at least 2k each to”get in” thats a cool million..no way possible you are in the red on this one..good luck with the show! Be safe in NYC! ;)

  12. Rob

    It should be pretty simple. Rick puts on the TRAFFIC show so he makes the rules for it. It’s HIS show. I can only imagine the time and effort involved to put something like that together, only to have people ask for free admission. Especially when it will likely sell out at 2k or whatever the price is, and the people buying tickets know the worth of it and probably have no problem. I wish I could go to New York and be there, but that’s my problem not someone else’s. Rick has no obligation to make it free or more affordable, or to run it at break-even. Why should anyone else care how much he makes with this show? He has every right to whatever he gets from it. I can’t stand people who want something of value for nothing, and sit on the sidelines and take potshots at people who create something. These shows have been going on for years now and they keep getting better and people keep coming, so what does that say? I personally think this will be a great event for domaining and will get a lot of press coverage. If you can’t afford the plane ticket, hotel, and entrance fee, then read about TRAFFIC in the domain forums and DNJournal like the rest of us.


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