IPhone a hands down winner!!

Yesterday I predicted that there would be plenty of iphones to go around. I said there is no way that Apple is that stupid that they would allow folks to make more than them on the black market. There were 100 people in line at noon yesterday at the local mall. But I believed that by midnight you would have no problem. To hedge my bet I paid someone $100 to get in line.Iphone6:40 I get the call. "I got it" and a few minutes later the iphone was in my hand.

As I watched the "Hit job" on the iphone over the airwaves during the last 2 days I wondered how much was reality and how much was desperation. By 9PM I knew the answer. DESPERATION at its' most desperate. The first edition of the iphone renders all others in catch up mode.

My review of the iPhone.......


All other devices are now obsolete.

And another heads up. I am no fan of Cingular/Att but when I went to several other countries in the spring, I carried a Verizon phone, a Sprint PCS phone and my wife's Cingular phone. Cingular was the ONLY one that worked in all countries. I did not have to call anyone to activate, it just worked! Both others NEVER worked regardless of their promises.

The net just got a little more mobile. Email just got easier and I am still counting how many devices are actually in the iphone and what is to come in the 2nd generation. Summer surfing just got a little better.

WELL DONE!! The bar has not only been raised, it has been moved and it will take years for anyone to catch up.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

7 thoughts on “IPhone a hands down winner!!

  1. Don 1

    The iphone at this point looks to be at hit. My question is how will the .mobi extension play into effect here, will this help or hurt .mobi.
    Wow and the money question? how many calls where placed on att stock, and puts on sprint and verizon, not to mention motorolla and nokia. I think they will all go down in the next 3 months, to much hype and reality is surrounding this product.

  2. owen frager

    I’m glad the world will come to know and what I’ve been preaching to deaf ears about since 1984: Mac is simply better. Steve Jobs will be vindicated in the end because the window is closing on windows. As the motto says over his desk:
    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win!” – Gandhi

  3. Rick Schwartz

    I posted this on http://www.Conceptualist.com and decided to have a copy of it for my own records.
    Just as everyone is about packed up and heading to the beach for the summer and leave all worries behind, a MONSTER jumps out of the ocean and is amazed to see everyone on the beach surfing and nobody in the water. They are just as amazed as me that an even bigger monster is laying on the sand. That of the feared iPhone. The phone that has the celluar industry on it’s ear. Not only is Apple a big winner but AT&T is a MONSTER of a winner.
    Yesterday I gave up on my sprint pcs6700 phone and hand computer. Nice try, but after wresting with it for a year, I had enough and decided to go back to the Blackberry. I went in for the 8800 and the guy waved the new “Curve” in my face. Now what to do? More research was in my immediate future. But now here is the real winner. What do the top 3 smartphones have in common?? The top 3 phones are all at AT&T and you are about to see a change of epic proportions. AT&T has positioned themselves to win the race. Not just lead, but actually win. The damage they will be inflicting on their competitors will be stunning. Their customer base is about to shrink while AT&T’s is about to swell. If any of these oither companies lose 25% of their business over the next year, it could spell collapse.
    Before it was 6 of one, half dozen of another. Today it is a 12-0 romp. The iPhone is not what it was said to be. It will not live up to the hype. The TRUTH of the matter is that it has exceeded the hype. What would take me 6 steps and I would goof up on my pcs-6700 is one or two finger points and 1/10 of the time. This really is a SMART phone. The only bummer is I am back in the office and am using my laptop and can’t wait to get out to use the iphone.
    A tip of the hat to both Apple and AT&T. One BRILLIANT business maneuver. A real MONSTER of a great success! WELL DONE!

  4. Rubber Duck

    The only reason you are impressed is because US Broadband speeds are 30 times slower than in Far East.
    Indeed, China is about to leapfrog the US simply because most US connections are going to be declassified as too slow to be considered as broadband.
    Apple wouldn’t dare to launch the existing version of iPhone in Japan. They would be laughed out of sight. Damned thing doesn’t even support 3G.
    Most serious operators are now focused on the cutting edge Telecoms markets, and that is not the US. If you cannot cut it in China, Korea and Japan, you are dead meat. If you think the iPhone is cutting edge then think again. Devises similar to this have been kicking around the Far East for at least six months now.

  5. Tim Cohn

    Why do you think us Mac loyalists cringe at the thought of ever having to touch a PC?
    …for the same reason you now recoil at the thought of stepping back into the dark age of cell phone devices.

  6. Asiaplay

    I have to agree with Rubber Duck… but ignorance is bliss (feel mean to call you out of dream zone really).
    Love Mac’s and I am very disappointed with their first step into the PDA / iphone market.
    To be frank they are already 6 months to a year behind the leaders like HTDC / Dopod.
    I wouldn’t swap my HTC 3600 for a free iphone (maybe the domain name I would have – lol).
    But seriously – if you enjoyed the iphone, explore some of the HTC newer models (and all those other great Asian models iphone is losing out to in Asia) – not only are they more powerful, but also more fun in that they can be reconfigured via registry hacks etc. easily.
    They didn’t even get a mention among PDA / phone crazy crowd here in Hong Kong – which means half of the population (and were even ignored on forums here, past the iphone is coming out – wow, useless not even 3G and all those features are old hat).
    Welcome to iphone – the pretty cellphone upgrade for those yet to discover 3G and all the other features missing from the iphone.
    Cheers – Asiaplay
    PS: I hope Apple fix their weakness in this area – but really I think they will remain behind with 3G going live in China and the great, cheap and reliable models that are about to pop out as a result of this (are already starting to).
    Funny to think really that Apple moved so slowly on this that even with the iphone, a clone copy was manufactured and launched in China and then exported months before they could get it all together and out to consumers (I wonder if yours is one of those – smile – perhaps lucky if it is – might have some features / chips built in you could hack so can dream).


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