I am a failure and proud of it!

In a little
over 6 months this is only my 39th Blog post. With the exception of a few
posts, most are meant to be read a chapter at a time. There is a common thread
of trying to explain how domain names fit into the Internet equation. The other
common thread is to be motivating and look at things through different
viewpoints. In over 35 years in the business world I am under no illusions and
either should you. There is a thin line between success and failure. So many
just give up on the brink of success, while others waste time on the impossible
and get nowhere. Knowing the difference is everything.
I fail more than just about anyone that is going to read this. I fail every
single day of my life. Sometimes I fail many times in one day. I actually look
forward to failure. Reason being that FAILURE is a stepping stone to SUCCESS.
Babe Ruth struck out more than any other baseball player of his era. No failure
worse in baseball than striking out. Unless you hit into a double or triple
play. But he also hit more home runs than anybody of his era. Had he been
afraid to strike out, NOBODY would have ever even heard of Babe Ruth.

everything is based on success. If you are into boxing, they promote and revere
the undefeated. However the greatest boxers all time lost many times. Joe
Lewis, Joe Frazier, George Forman, Muhammad Ali. There are no undefeated boxers
of today that could match those 'Losers' in their prime.

gets back to me being a PROUD failure. As I stated above I actually look
forward to failure. But I view failure as a success as long as you learned
something from that failure. Something that you can apply and create a success.
If you work for corporate America
you are TERRIFIED of failure. Failure may mean your paycheck. Failure is not
tolerated so those in Corp America are paralyzed. Scared to fail they are then also scared to succeed. It is a
vicious circle.

hope tomorrow I fail a dozen times. If I did that tomorrow working for Corp America  they would toss my ass out quicker than I can finish this post. In my failures
I just want 1 or 2 successes a day. That adds up to hundreds of successes a
year. One success can wipe out a year of failures.

why others want to remain undefeated.....I don't care what my record is as long
as there are a lot of wins along the way. Lots of accomplishments. Success is
IMPOSSIBLE without failure. Absolutely impossible. So those that are scared to
fail also are scared to succeed. Don't EVER be afraid of failure. Don't ever pay attention when others laugh at your failure. They are the ones that have failed, not you! Ignore the naysayers. They sit on the sidelines, do nothing and can't wait for you to fail. Fail....and be PROUD to fail. Use their laughter as fuel to succeed. That is what pisses them off the most. YOUR success!
Have a GREAT day!
Rick Schwartz