Team of domainers score a touchdown!!

Team of domainers score a touchdown after the Dallas Cowboys football team
fumbles the domain.
I was in the back of the room at TRAFFIC EAST when the phone bid came in
and the Dallas Cowboys bought for $275,000. The room erupted in
applause. The celebration was short lived.

In a stunning development yesterday the 'Attorney' for the Dallas Football
team said days later that he thought the price was $275 and not $275,000. That
just does not pass the laugh test. I could not take my family to the Dallas
Cowboys football game for $275. The cost to BID was more than $275. I am sure
there is more here than what meets the eye. Time tells all.

As domainers learned about this yesterday,,,,,disbelief was the keyword
followed by laughter as the story circulated through the entire industry and
then the news media.

Discussions began and then Eric Rice who has been interested in the domain
and associated business for the past 6 months made a post on my private
chatboard shortly after noon and began the process of putting a group together
in just HOURS to buy this spectacular domain name. By 7:30PM it was ours and the
new team of 20 investors had won the prize. The folks involved may or may not identify themselves. I just did with a
stake of a little more than 11%.

The talent the domainers have will make a premiere site on the
net. An opportunity thrust into our laps and being the entrepreneurs we are, we
jumped on it. The rest is history and it will be written about for years to
come. The site comes with the trademark for which has been a western
wear site for the last 10 years.

Congrats to this new team of investors. They saw opportunity and seized it.
The American dream is alive and well and this will go down as one of the worst
decisions in corporate history.
The blogs are going wild with this story. Bill Hartzer of Dallas who was at the auction has loads of info as do many other blogs like Sahar's.

Have a GREAT day!
Rick Schwartz