Is Fairwinds Partners guilty of spamming with an unsolicited email to me?

Morning folks!!

I am working
on a post where I am going to expose and share an unsolicted email I got the other day. IMHO I call this spamming. (Some may have a different take) by Fairwinds
who is involved with  'The Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse' (CADNA). At the very least it is an unsolicited email from somebody I don't know and addressed to 'Sir' not my actual name. Stay tuned for this explosive post. It just
may blow the lid off this organization that has a bad habit of painting
domainers as 'Cybersquatters.' I am going to give you the details and
you can decide for yourself if spammers are what they are or not. I was stunned when they contacted me wanting to represent several of my domains for sale at a discounted commission rate of 10% given their past history. It was obviously a form letter and I doubt I am the only one it was sent to. In their defense it was signed by a real person and  I told that person directly what I thought. Spam? You decide.
See you then!

Rick Schwartz

UPDATE!! Seems I am not the only one gettting the same SPAM. Another person has posted in the comment section and pasted the EXACT same email that I got. In Addition, another domainer has posted on Frank Schilling's board that he too has received this SPAM. The folks that are calling us 'Cybersquatters' may be one notch below.Have you been SPAMMED?? Send us the letters. Stay tuned for much more.