Is Fairwinds Partners guilty of spamming with an unsolicited email to me?

Morning folks!!

I am working
on a post where I am going to expose and share an unsolicted email I got the other day. IMHO I call this spamming. (Some may have a different take) by Fairwinds
who is involved with  'The Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse' (CADNA). At the very least it is an unsolicited email from somebody I don't know and addressed to 'Sir' not my actual name. Stay tuned for this explosive post. It just
may blow the lid off this organization that has a bad habit of painting
domainers as 'Cybersquatters.' I am going to give you the details and
you can decide for yourself if spammers are what they are or not. I was stunned when they contacted me wanting to represent several of my domains for sale at a discounted commission rate of 10% given their past history. It was obviously a form letter and I doubt I am the only one it was sent to. In their defense it was signed by a real person and  I told that person directly what I thought. Spam? You decide.
See you then!

Rick Schwartz

UPDATE!! Seems I am not the only one gettting the same SPAM. Another person has posted in the comment section and pasted the EXACT same email that I got. In Addition, another domainer has posted on Frank Schilling's board that he too has received this SPAM. The folks that are calling us 'Cybersquatters' may be one notch below.Have you been SPAMMED?? Send us the letters. Stay tuned for much more.

3 thoughts on “Is Fairwinds Partners guilty of spamming with an unsolicited email to me?

  1. christian

    Glad to hear it. I hate spam, i don’t need viagra i am 23, i don’t need to involve myself in some stupid scheme to get money out of a nigerian bank, and i don’t need to win the lottery at least not every week. All messages i get from spammers. Wonder the percentage of people that this actually fools???

  2. LewR

    Shutting down fraudulent claims and spam via email is way oversue, (sorry, meant overdue…). Until a major effort to crush this type of activity takes place, it will continue to be “Business as usual”.

  3. Jeffrey Reynolds

    Here’s one I got from them..
    We, like you, know your domain is valuable and desirable, and would like to open a dialogue about helping you to maximize its value.
    Whether you’re ready to sell now or wish to test the market, we are interested in an exclusive opportunity to work with you. Our proven model and market position delivers the optimal price for our clients, and we believe that we can provide similar results to you.
    Our core business is domain name strategy consulting; however, we have been hired to assist different types of domain owners with brokering the sale of their high value names in the past. We are working with a Nasdaq-listed company to market a non-core asset,; we’ve been hired by a NYSE-listed financial services company to market a 4 character dictionary word .com; and we’ve also been hired by a pure play domain name branded Internet business,, Inc., to market their entire business or their domain name depending on the buyer’s preference.
    The common thread among these is the quality of the domains. We are only interested in partnering with owners of premium domains that have appeal to strategic buyers since we whole-heartedly believe that the right category-generic domain names play integral parts in brand-centric companies’ online marketing strategies. Unlike the well-known domain name auctions that tap-in to the wholesale market (bidders are mainly domain name investors), we believe that well-informed strategic buyers will value the best category domains more. That being said, we don’t alienate different kinds of buyers. We normally construct an outreach strategy that includes delivering pitches to Strategic Buyers, Investors, Traffic Aggregators, and High Net Worth Individuals.
    We are very selective about the projects we work on due to the labor intensity of our approach. We develop custom property-strength profiles and marketing pitches, deliver them to the right decision makers, and at times will execute a media strategy if a press piece would further inform prospective buyers.
    Since we believe this domain has exceptional potential, we’re offering a special flat rate of 10% to assist with marketing and sale of your property. Because we feel that it is important to position your name in January at the start of many fiscal calendars, we’d like to have a sense from you shortly whether the timing is right for you to gain a sense of the market’s appetite for your property. If the timing is not right for you now, then I’d still like to stay in touch and develop a relationship with you over time.
    Next steps and timing are up to you, but I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
    Here’s my response:
    Response by RS….
    Gee….what a coincidence! I got the same/SPAM/LETTER, chose your wording. Who else got these??


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