It’s the SALES, Stupid!

Morning folks!
The Internet is about sales socializing, news, information etc. But it is SALES that
drives everything. Sales!
Sales. Nothing matters more than sales. Not a worker works. Not an assembly line moves. Not a truck rolls down the highway. The world as you can see comes to a grinding halt when sales stop.
So when we go through
economic downturns like this, folks realize it is SALES that drives the world
NOT BRANDING! Branding is a bi-product of sales. Madison Ave FAILED to get that.
Now they are forced to learn or be washed away.
GM won't have a Superbowl ad. Lots of people
won't make the $$$ they were expecting. No commissions. No bonuses. No nothing.
Branding DIED this year. Not all branding. Just the stupid branding that never
led to any additional sales!
Sales, sales, sales. Nothing else matters. THAT is
why this Google change has the potential to be so significant. When sales are
the measuring stick you will see 10 cent visitors turn into $10 visitors and
even $100 visitors. When they pay for sales and not smoke and mirrors the rush
will take a turn and type in traffic will be the biggest beneficiaries of the
next phase of all this. When the universe sees that pure natural traffic can
close at higher rates, big changes will
happen. Google may provide the tools to make those changes a reality.

My favorite example is my Can you imagine how much
general traffic has to be filtered out to get 10 buyers? 10 actual people looking to buy
a cubic zirconia right now? We are talking millions. Maybe tens of millions. Filtering millions to have
10 or 20 buyers. That could get to be an expensive and difficult task if you don't target well or buy worthless traffic.
Sales is the measuring stick. Branding comes with more sales. You don't grow 'Orange Juice' you grow ORANGES! You don't go out to 'Brand' you just sell more product and the JUICE is branding. Madison Ave has it ass backwards and they are too smart to learn.
All I can say is the Internet is littered with the caucuses of great branding strategies that drove THOUSANDS of companies out of business. Way to go Madison Avenue! Just realize that the next guy that hires you is looking to increase sales or he would not be talking to you to begin with.
Have a GREAT day!
Rick Schwartz