Twas the day after Christmas

Morning folks!!

For everyone else it is the day after Christmas. For me it is the day my
life changed. The day I entered into an unknown space of empty. In those days,
just surfing and finding a site was exciting. The day I registered my first domain name and waited 24 hours before Netsol responded that I had gotten the domain. $100 and 24 hours. Today $7 dollars and a split second.

People still laugh when they hear about my '20 year plan'

TODAY, marks 14 years in the business for me. 14 years into a 20 year plan.
14 years. How mature is the domain industry really? How mature were you at 14?

Just look what has occurred in that 14 year span. At that time only 10% of
businesses had an Internet connection and home use was even lower. Most folks
had never been on the net yet. They heard about it. They knew it existed. Not
all. Most. But it was a mystery of exactly what it was. That was 1995.

We are in the process of developing something more awesome than the Great
Wall of China. More intense than Rome. More important than all the buildings in
New York City. When history 100 years from now looks back at this period they
will talk about it in glowing terms. Think of all the structures humans have
built throughout the ages. Not a one of them or all of them combined will equal
what the net will become. Not a one of them will compare to what the net has
provided. Not a one of them will measure up to the incredible spirit of man to
create something so limitless and boundless. They will be in awe because in 100
years they will have tools that make so much of this so primitive. The Internet
is years and years away from the full potential it has. Much more than 20 years.
It will just take folks 20 years to fully understand and exploit the Internet.
20 years before takeoff BEGINS not ends. 20 years to glue everything together
and more than that. 20 years to get to the most basic reality of what will come
in the next 20 years after that.

The seeds of frustration in the domain business is the lack of patience and
understanding just how big a ship this is and how long it takes to turn a ship
like this. To change the habits of 6 Billion people takes 20 years. But the most
important bi-product the Internet will bring is opportunity for anyone on any
corner in the universe to tap in and find and build their dream. When you stand
back and look at the potential of what is coming it is something that brings me
to speechless.

Have a GREAT day!
Rick Schwartz