On This Historical Day….

Morning folks!!
This is just such an historical day and period in history. The first of many firsts. While
most will focus on the first Black President being sworn in I see that angle as
well as one that I believe has even more meaning. At least to me and my
generation. This will be the first time that a President is sworn in that is
younger than me. Younger than many. While some will be focused on the obvious, I
tend to look at things differently. I see this is a passing of the baton to a
new generation that comes born into the world at a time that was becoming more
practical and confident. I see content not color. I see character not style. I see what is not obvious and focus on that.

As every President before him, I will wish him well in the toughest job in
the world. Our success is linked to his success and his success is linked to
ours. More now than ever. Many of his decisions and those of Congress will have
an impact for generations to come. This is no small crossroads we are about to
face. This point in history is very vivid and will be written about for hundreds of years to come.
One thing that most likely won't change are our enemies. Americans and others are about to find out the true meaning of what a 'Fanatic' is. When you have both sides of the political spectrum from far right to far left and these folks still can not be satisfied, the world will realize that they will never get along with anyone. Obama is the opposite of Bush. 10-1 the foreign policy does not change. When faced with the realities of the job and the weight of protecting the American people, don't look for much to be changing. Events and fanatics will insure the path we travel is not much different than the one we are on now.
God Speed Barack Obama. I don't know a sane person in America or around the world rooting against you. I hope you can change the tenor and tone of the American conversation and beyond. I hope you can convince fantatics that there is a better way. The rhetoric of the campaign is over and the governing must begin. Expectations are great. Greater than anything I have ever seen. They are also unrealistic and I believe his harshest critics will be his own supporters. Flinch and we will lose an American city in the next years. Stay strong and he will be accused of being like Bush. The Presidency comes with many jobs and responsibilities. None however are more important than protecting the people from harm. NONE! This will be the test for Obama. His success will be based more on this than the economy or any other single factor.
Can he control Congress or will Congress control him? Let's hope politics take a back seat to solutions based on good decisions. Times are way too important and complicated for games. We are at a true crossroads of history and the decisions made in the next few months will have the greatest impact on American life for generations to come. Today we can agree or agree to disagree. But today is a day to come together and a new chapter in all of our lives is about to begin. Here is wishing you well President Obama. I hope the Secret Service can keep you safe and I hope you can keep us safe.
Have a GREAT day!
Rick Schwartz

8 thoughts on “On This Historical Day….

  1. havanajournal

    Great post.
    “Times are way too important and complicated for games.”
    I think you are right and Congress knows this. I think Obama will have all of 2009 to run with his agendas.
    Barring any mistakes, further meltdown in the markets or terrorist attacks, he may be able to have his way in 2010 as well.
    So far”his way” seems to really be in the best interests of most Americans.
    Let’s hope he’s more like the pilot who landed that US airways jet in the Hudson than the Captain of the Titanic.

  2. RegFeeNames.com

    Excellent Words Rick!
    Im here in the UK but shall be watching this on TV this afternoon.
    I think the world needs change and its comming with Barack!
    I too wish him the best of Luck!

  3. M. Menius

    Hi Rick. Nice to see you back in action. Everyone seems to be renewed a bit over Obama and the chance for recapturing the qualities that made America a great place to live and work.
    You say”Here is wishing you well President Obama. I hope the Secret Service can keep you safe and I hope you can keep us safe.”
    I second this motion!

  4. Perchie

    Hi Rick-While we may differ on some issues, there is no doubt that you are very astute and an extremely insightful observer of human nature. As a result, I look forward to your oft-prescient posts.
    With important news events seeming to come at us faster and faster, rest assured that many of us ‘little guys’ on the domain scene are reading your posts and giving them the significant weight they deserve.
    You have plenty of fans and for good reason. I’m no ‘suck up,’ but realize your take has gravitas. You’ve actually done the stuff you talk about. To paraphrase: ‘Bologna walks.’
    Thanks for giving us a ‘hand up,’ Rick.

  5. Kevin

    One of your best posts ever Rick!
    I share your sentiments and sense we’ve got the best young leader for the job at this time in America’s history. He may not have the most experience, but he does know how to inspire and unify and that’s what we need right now. As long as he has good advisors around him the experience will build from them.
    Here’s an excerpt from a post I made about our new President on my blog yesterday.
    I think we’ve been blessed with exactly the type of leader we need right now in our history. He’s as perfect as it could be with a magnificent and inspiring hip youthful personality, a strong genuine, honest character and a great sense of community. He knows how to inspire hope, how to get everyone to pickup the shovels in unison, how to lead with a smile on his face and in his eyes that gives everyone confidence that the job can get done if we act as one, and how to speak with class and elegance. And most of all he has a great mind, a calm demeanor, and knows how important it is to listen to the people. We’re in good hands.
    Tomorrow will be a day tremendous in history. Not only for the United States, but for the entire world. I wish it wasn’t all about him being African American cause I’m tired of everyone being”categorized” by the color of their skin. We’re so overdue to be beyond that by now. We’re all mutts and the bottom line is every single human on this planet can trace their initial heritage and roots to Africa. I wouldn’t care if Barack was red, white, and blue. He’s simply a great man and will be a great President.
    More than anything I think the picture on this link says it all about Barack.
    That is a picture of Barack speaking not in the USA, but in Berlin Germany. Look at the size of that crowd. I’ve never in my lifetime seen any president draw that kind of crowd in another nation. That is beyond amazing and shows how eager the world is for the US to provide leadership direction not only here but for the entire planet.
    God Bless America! It feels like”We’re Back!” once again and other countries will like and respect us once more.

  6. domain guy

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