The Audacity of Nope

Morning Folks!!

I get a lot of emails each day looking to buy this domain or that domain.
Since I don't sell wholesale to domainers, my one word answer when I even answer
one of these emails is 'Nope.' Pretty simple and straight to the point.

Most can handle that. Then we get to the ones that can't. They give me a
litany of reasons why I should change my mind and then usually followed by some
low ball offer that shows that even the domainer is clueless. Then I get pissed
at myself for even wasting my time responding.

Sometimes they will offer to even trade a domain. But domainers are not
very good at trading. See when you want the domain that someone else has, you
have to offer in a trade much more than that domain is worth to get to a deal.
In baseball if you want Derek Jeter, you don't just offer another mediocre
player that plays the same position in trade. That would be laughable. You may
offer a pitcher that won 20 games and a rookie shortstop with a promising future
along with 2 draft choices. THAT is a trade and THAT is what domainers need to
learn if they want a successful trade.

$25,000 for a domain won't motivate me. You will get a famous 'Nope. You
want my domain, offer me a domain or several that would enhance my collection.
That would give me a higher monthly return. That would be attractive. Trades
trump dollars. Structured correctly they can be very rewarding for both parties.
But if you want a domain, try offering something substantial in trade.

I learned long ago that the word 'No' is the single most powerful word in
any of our arsenals. Learning to say no is difficult. Then when you get really
good at it, you can say 'Nope' and feel no reason to defend your decision.
That's the audacity of Nope.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

6 thoughts on “The Audacity of Nope

  1. Rob Sequin

    I love this new pace… a post every day, that’s great.
    The audacity of”nope”, very interesting.
    I read on Elliot’s blog a while back where he said you can’t get a million dollars for a domain unless you say no to a half million.
    If you can share with us, did you give CNN a”nope” on
    Maybe you can share some negotiation techniques with us?


    I think I may have been one of those annoying people many years ago Rick when I didnt get the domain industry – Young and thinking of how to get rich quick – The wrong way to go around business especially in this industry.
    Its great seeing you back, the posts over the past few days have been amazing!
    This is why you are our domain king!
    Its nice to see that you are considering trading domains I have heard of many domainers doing that recently.

  3. Johnny

    I prefer not to answer than say”nope” b/c then you have to deal with the upset follow-up emails, or just ignore them. It better to ignore the first time.

  4. Danny Pryor

    “No” is indeed a difficult word to master; but it is so true that once learned – and it takes being able to handle a form of”reverse rejection” – it becomes a very powerful tool, indeed. Here’s something even more audacious:”No” is not just a word … it is a complete sentence.

  5. Mark

    I agree Rick. It also works when someone has a mediocre domain and thinks he or she will retire on it. I try to be civil, but when someone comes back with a ridiculous offer, sometimes I just can’t resist and reply”are you on F-ing dope or something”.
    To be honest, they read of someone like you who was there in the early days, had the foresight, and has good domains that are worth good money, and bingo….they put themselves and their domains in the same class as you.
    Always enjoy reading you Rick, because I feel somewhat of a kindred spirit with you in the sense that I use to be in the communications business when no one knew what the hello a car phone was. I use to go and get licenses for radio, television, and cellular when you could get them for virtually free from the government. Like””, those days are gone forever. Like they laughed at you when you took good domains, they also laughed at me when I was in my early 20’s. I distinctly remember one person breaking out into outright laughter when I got a satellite license for a $200.00 filing fee They ran around the office telling everyone….”Jesus, now he thinks he is a cosmonaut”. 24 million dollars later after selling to HBO at age 36, that person will not even look at me. Went back under their rock which is usually what this type of person does.
    I will never forget what an old reired Jewish friend of mine once told me. he said”when they agree with you and think it is a great idea….your too late. When they think you are a nut (alla Wright Bothers, Henry Ford, Beatles…)then you are onto something”.
    Oh, one last hing….My mother’s maiden name was Schwartz.

  6. Ricardo

    It is annoying when someone offers to buy a premium domain for peanuts.
    Sometimes I ignore them.
    Sometimes I make a sarcastic comment which begins a round of emails. I try to avoid that.
    Now, when someone sends a lowball offer, I just respond that the domain is not for sale.
    If they really think a premium domain should sell for $60. it is not worth the effort to educate them.
    I know !!! I failed salesmanship 101 .


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