My First T.R.A.F.F.I.C. as an Attendee and I Can’t Wait! Here’s Why!

Morning Folks!!

This will be the first time I am attending TRAFFIC
as an attendee. No more getting in
5 days early to prepare for the show. No printing badges and preparing
registration. No getting all types of last minute emergency emails. No floorplans, diagrams, setup or breakdown. No pressure
to perform. Just a few relaxing days in Las Vegas with the brightest guys on
earth and their families. I am looking forward to having free time and meetings
with productive outcomes.

One of the things I am looking most forward to is
McClendon III

The reason is because it was Tony Robbins that
changed my life. I have written many times over the years about the cassette
tapes I bought back in 1992. It was like a set of 20. I failed. I made it thru only the 4
tape and that was so life changing that I have never looked back. I just love
when folks can’t figure out how this stuff relates to domains. I think maybe because
domaining is the only business they have ever been in and they don’t quite
grasp that success or failure comes from within and your habits (Bad or good) are your destiny. That it transcends the product
or service or business you have. That your mindset will determine your success or failure before you
even begin. Also identifying the very thin line between failure, success,
determination and wasting time by going down a dead end. Knowing when giving up is because it is
time to give up or there is just a lack or perseverance or no chance of your vision coming true.

Excuses in life are easy to make up. Excuse makers
focus on excuses. Failure never has to be excused or blamed on others. Failure is only bad when it
is due to your own laziness or lack of effort or sloppiness or other such error
caused by a thinking pattern that did not serve you well. You have the control
and ability to teach yourself anything you want. Including success which in many cases is taught by failure itself.

So when I get on that plane, my entire focus will
be different. My approach may be the same because once you learn that it is
with you every second of every day. What makes TRAFFIC so special is the invisible
recharge you go through when you hang with energized folks that are walking
serial success stories. They see
things others don’t. They react when others ponder. They perform while others

So a unique group presents unique opportunities at
a unique point in time. That produce unique results. That is just one of the
formulas that makes TRAFFIC different and this TRAFFIC will be like a breath of
fresh air with a new format but using the same formula. An invisible formula
that can’t be copied because it has many formulas inside other formulas and
wrapped up with a shared vision.

TRAFFIC means business and I am one excited guy to
be able to actually go to TRAFFIC and focus on nothing but deal making,
partnerships and other innovative ways to make BIG things happen in 2010. Life changing
things. The only difference is I will be focusing on life changing things for
myself for the first time since 2004 and I am gonna have a GREAT time doing it. Everything many of us have done until now were nothing more than preparation for the next 5 years. We have survived a bubble and a collapse and watched institutions crumble while we got stronger in the process. We are coming to center stage at a precise moment and the bi-product of the current economic conditions is that it is now universally agreed that the Internet is the future. A far cry from the bubble of 2003 when newspapers, TV stations and Main Street did everything in their power to discredit this medium. Now they have joined and embraced the Internet and 2010 is the FIRST year of the 'New Economy'. What has happened until now does not even count. Training wheels on a rocket ship. Prepare for liftoff!

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

4 thoughts on “My First T.R.A.F.F.I.C. as an Attendee and I Can’t Wait! Here’s Why!

  1. Cue

    You are always a great inspiration. Your positive approach is encouraging and reminds me that we are on the right track.. and hopefully now the fast track.
    I agree this is the start of the real new economy.
    Thank you!

  2. Mike

    Thank goodness you are letting rick latona run the show… Now ideas that are ideal for others but not you will be more free flowing among domainers. Rick L is very open to new ideas.

  3. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    How can anyone not see that the digital infrastructure now in place has evolved into the most efficient platform in history for start up businesses. The Web based business start up engine is about to hit full throttle. The land rush is over and now the land will bear fruit ! Juicy !
    Gratefully, Jeff

  4. cocky

    sounds like the auction was a complete disaster from what everyone is saying. embarrassing. i looked over the list of names just now, how were many of them picked lol
    crazy choices on most part, along with pricing


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