Chase Tomorrrow Not Yesterday. Direction is The Key to Opportunity.

Morning Folks!!

In 1993 I was introduced to the philosophy and thinking of Tony Robbins. That changed my life in the most profound way. All I did was put
what I talked about into action. In other words....I got off the sidelines and into the game. From that point, 6 weeks later my life changed
and I have never looked back.

In late 2007 I started financially preparing for what I beleived was to come so I would be able to take advantage of things.In early 2008 I started talking about what could/would happen
during the next few years and how to prepare yourself. Most laughed, the rest
were annoyed, a few understood.

Folks started calling me Dr. Gloom and Doom. Even my friends. Hey, who wants to hear bad news? So completely understandable. But reality is the fuel for my credibility. That is why I put my thoughts in writing. Each with a timestamp. Right or wrong. Let it be on record because you can make a lot MORE $$$ when things are bad once you get a line on it.

But look what has happened since those posts. REALITY trumps
the doubters. I see what I see and nothing anyone can say will change that
unless new FACTS come into play. Period. With each new fact comes a revised assessment.

Now I am not the best messenger. You've told me that many times. But my message is accurate so look past the delivery and catch the ball.

Let me point you to a much better messenger than myself.
My message, his words. Much more credible and understandable.

This is the single most important thing you will do this YEAR if you want to get ahead of the future and not chasing the past!

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

15 thoughts on “Chase Tomorrrow Not Yesterday. Direction is The Key to Opportunity.

  1. Shane

    Speaking of past, your sidebar on the left still has you owning and the candy industry asleep at the wheel. And as for tomorrow, I’m not chasing it because I’m having too much fun. I’m taking it slow as I can, I don’t want to get to tomorrow until I’ve finished today.

  2. Tia Wood

    From that article:”There are many economists who would argue that the Federal Reserve is at the very core of our economic problems.”
    I agree. Our monetary system is based off debt. At some point it has to become too much debt, right?

  3. Gazzip

    Marc Faber has been saying pretty much the same thing for a long time. (without the positive upside to it)
    Yup, it does sound Doom & Gloom but that’s the Reality of 30 years of borrowing more than you can afford to pay back.
    Most countries are in serious financial trouble that they can’t”spend” their way out of.
    (world debt on the right)
    …tick tock

  4. GhettoCaveMan

    At least with smaller physical assets you have control and can buy-sell-trade them, move them, and hide them with relative privacy.
    My main problem with digital assets is the lack of privacy and the lack of control. If the powers that be decide to turn off the switch, your finished digitally.
    Here is the title/link of another interesting (consider the source) article,”Google Plans To Kill Web In Internet Takeover Agenda.”

  5. domain guy

    professor we need a clear picture of the future and when we will move past the doom and gloom.also bargaindomains has started publishing domain stats how long before more people start getting it?

  6. Stephen Douglas

    Tony Robbins? Really?
    Financial collapse coming? Really?
    Bad news everywhere. Really?
    I predict 2011 will see our economy jump upwards, leaps and bounds. All the GW Bush bailouts will be paid back by those companies accepting govt welfare. Most taxpayers will get a 50% cut on their taxes.
    Businesses will rebound, new jobs will be blossoming like flowers in a meadow. All those people making money off betting against U.S. financial growth will be thrown into a pit of angry BP oil-soaked pit bulls that were left behind after GW Bush”forgot” about his promise to Katrina victims to”help them rebuild” (muuuuhahahahaha – a Republican… heh heh… stating he’s going to help — oh har har har — the poor and despondent… oh my god, I can’t stop laughing… with tears.)
    It will be made into a reality TV series, called:

  7. Don

    It is going down. How much is the question. You see articles like consumer credit debt at it’s lowest in years. On the cover do you think that is good.
    I don’t it means noboddy is buying anything.
    I still stick to my down 6500 to 8000 area by years end.

  8. Josh

    Betting against the dollar is an absolue safe bet. Depression or”jobs blossoming like flowers in a meadow”, the dollar is ultimately doomed because the US cannot control its debt. Period. And even though some think tomorrow will always be like today, you must understand the US cannot and will not borrow forever.
    I’ll add to Tony’s tips. Stay away from the stock market. Stay away from 99.9% of real estate in the US. Do not hold more than 3-6 months of cash (in a bank or anywhere else) because US dollars are like stock in America. And America is absolutely bankrupt and 99% of the sheep don’t even realize it. And there’s going to be tremendous opportunities for those of you prepared…

  9. David

    Oi Rick. I remember the good old days, when the biggest thing to be concerned about in life amounted to seniors stealing sweet n low from the local Delray bagel joint or”forgetting” to pay for steak at Publix… times have changed.

  10. UFO

    “In late 2007 I started financially preparing for what I beleived was to come so I would be able to take advantage of things. In early 2008 I started talking about what could/would happen during the next few years and how to prepare yourself. Most laughed, the rest were annoyed, a few understood”.
    A few of us understood because we could see the precursors in the market. Once you’ve encountered some downturns you get adept at spotting the signs.
    The one thing I would say, is prepare for inflation and a lot of it. Inflation is the final monetary play as far as I can see. Government spending, interest rates lowered and everything else has now not worked. So, they will drive the economy via asset inflation and rob those that do not spend (depreciate their holdings) while keeping interest rates low, they have to kill the value of the dollar to pump exports.
    We are heading for an epic battle of US treasury versus its Creditors as the US does its best to not have to pay its way for previous consumption. People should also realise that China is massively over inflated and its bubble could easily pop, thats why it will fight the US with one hand behind its back.
    Lastly, buy property. Buy in the best location you can get it. Preferably with Gov tenants or large banks on long leases. Inflation will make you rich through debt amortisation.

  11. Altaf

    Mr. Tony Robbins alerted & gave some important tips while Mr.Gerald Celente warned citing from history without giving a guideline what to do to be prepared.
    All our guess based on the current scenario.However, ‘silver lining under the cloudy sky’ may prove we all are wrong.Any way, it is time take advantage of the situation 7 be prepared for the worst. Thanks to Rick for bringing the videos I watched it again and again.


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