Some of My Most Satisfying Posts. My Top 20, Right Here!

Morning Folks!!

The past few months I finally have some satisfaction in that the posts I made were some of my most meaningful. Almost like a summary of everything I have believed and accumulated over the years. Not just domaining years, but all my years.

With the blog I tried to recreate what I had first written back in 1996 and 1997. When there was virtually nothing. Before Google was born. Just a different era and betting the farm on what I saw and exactly how it would unfold and WHY it would unfold that way. Like a rose blooming. So simple and so complex.

I am going to post links to what I believe are some of my best contributions. Most were in November, but a few came in October and September. So this can be a reference for both of us. Articulating a thought is a very difficult thing if your mission is to persuade. In selling or politics for that matter or even a lawyer and a jury, it is about persuasion. That's what we all do. The better the premise, the better the presentation the better you do and the better chance to persuade.

All I can say is people will waste YEARS trying to figure it out and blowing thousands of dollars but won't invest a couple hours reading a roadmap. I don't have all the answers, but I sure as hell have a few of them and the responsible comments hold many of the others.

If you were away for the holiday and did not read, before I had my '20 Year Plan' I shared what I did 20 years before that plan on the first link: is an easy reference for my posts of the last 12 month.

That's it folks. My top 20 posts this fall and some of my best ever imho. I hope you find GREAT value.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

5 thoughts on “Some of My Most Satisfying Posts. My Top 20, Right Here!

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