Surviving the Test of Times. Naysayers from 2000 Sound Just Like the Naysayers in 2012. I have Proof.

Morning Folks!!

Words that can stand the test of time are words to be thought about. Nothing makes me sadder than a good person working way too hard and not getting what they want in life. I have done everything over the years to reel those folks in. The guys that have a tug of war between a 'Good Attitude' and their comfortable 'Bad Attitude.' Trapped in the world of 'Mediocrity.' A place I once resided. Dare it be me to say something. To point it out. To show the difference and show the new result.

Work hard for 3 days, then destroy 4 days of work as the MIND takes control instead of them taking control of their minds. Most of you were probably not domaining in 1999-2000. But do you know these NUMB NUTS thought like some reading this right now. They had the opportunity 12 years ago and they BLEW IT! Most of you would give your right arm to have been investing in domains in 2000. But look at the SAME argument then as now. This way of thinking will always make it too late. Even if it was 12 years ago. And I was frustrated and at my wits end at that point in time as you can plainly read. I expected a lot of head wind on this journey. My only surprise in my 17 years of domaining is domainers provide the most head wind of all.

Domains are like jumping rope. It does not matter when you start, it matters how long you can jump and endure and thrive and set records and not be tripped up by the rope or your mind. The timing to jump in and start is still where most get tripped up jumping rope and the same with domainers. They never quite make that parallell and so they jump into domaining without any plan. If you were jumping rope wouldn't you time it just right? If not, you fail before you even start.

So my GIFT to all those 2012 naysayers of the same ilk as the ones in 2000, is my post from that era and see that while few agree, I have not changed my thoughts. Now those domains don't earn that much today. But they do make me more money each month then the $$$ I have parked in bank savings. The dollars they have earned will take care of renewals for thousands of years. That bar is a little low but seems to be the one many use.

From October 22, 2000:

Morning Folks!!

Many, maybe most believe you could not do what I did again. In some respects they are right. In others, they are completely wrong.

I started in 1995 with $1800. So I decided to do an experiment recently.

I bought for $760
I bought for $500

I bought ??? (still looking for 1 more domain)

The #1 thing is BE PICKY!! Choose well. THIS is THE most important part of your job.

The above 2 domains make $80/day

Both of these domain have been bought RECENTLY.

With $75 a day PROFIT I have 2 basic choices. I can buy 5-10 domains a DAY for free. Or I could realize that they will earn $2250/month. That $2250 a month now gives me BUYING POWER.

The next thing will determine what kind of businessman I am or you are. It's the ART of the deal. The FORMULA you must CREATE in which 2 parties walk away happy and getting what they want.

I can buy a domain for $2250 can make a deal and buy a $25,000 domain and pay the guy $2,000 a month for a year. Or you can buy a $2,000 domain EVERY month. or a THOUSAND different scenarios.

Point is:

#1 You can STILL do this.

#2 The FIRST domains are more important than ANY other domains you EVER buy. It is the FUEL you need to get to the next level.

So to those folks that BELIEVE it is all over.......BULLSHIT!!! You just have a BAD attitude and have given up.

I just proved you wrong. But it you buy WORTHLESS domains, you will NEVER make a cent.

Here's the roadmap folks. I can't make it simpler than that.

I REFUSE to even answer a question about this cuz it is in such SIMPLE language that I just don't have the temperament to deal with naysayers.

Got it you Afternic lurkers without the balls to even post??

NOW you understand why I don't deal well with MORONS. If they are not capable of following a SIMPLE example, they are not capable of going to the next level and the next and the next. Morons populate this planet in numbers too high to measure. :-)

Have a GREAT day!!
Rick Schwartz

Sun Oct 22 08:01:16 2000 - - message #4991

So 12 years later, has anything really changed? You have folks that know how to embrace success and those that seem to be allergic to it. Folks that defeat themselves by counting their shortfalls and focus on them and folks that count their strengths to build on them. A destructive force vs a constructive force. Those 2 groups will never see eye to eye. Oil and water. Folks that change ignorance into knowledge and power and those that try and impose their ignorance on others.

Let's be clear. There are dozens if not hundreds or more ways to make money with domain names. Make FORTUNES with domain names. The entry bar is lower than any other investment or industry I can think of. One can come in and build an empire with a direction and an idea and a keen understanding of domain names or at least basic business and sales and understanding the market and the FUTURE needs of that market. I can only feel bad for those that struggle to see it. But keep looking. You only lose when you turn to the 'Destructive' mode. The self pity that human nature seems to have an abundent supply of. Don't be the victim of self pity, be the defeater of ignorance, one step at a time.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz