The Response. Short, Sweet, Masterful!

Morning Folks!!

On Tuesday I published our response that we submitted to WIPO and our 'Friends' in Brazil. Today I am making that link public. Interestingly enough, just this morning I heard of another domain win with the complaintant also being from Brazil when Mike Berkens sent me this link. I think we need to be alert to see if we hear of more of these cases coming from Brazil or any specific country for that matter.

Here is the link to our response for all to see. Howard did a masterful job of why these people should be found guilty of Reverse Domain Hijacking and we await a favorable decision that hopefully will call this as we have described.

I will have a LOT to say after the decision whichever way it goes. The decision is just the beginning of the episode and what is to come. I have a mission!

And while a ruling on Reverse Domain Hijacking is rare, Howard and I have never found a single ruling with more elements present in one single case. Usually there is one element of 'Bad Faith' in such a ruling. Here we have several.

You can be sure when the ruling comes down, you will be the first to know!

Rick Schwartz