RicksBlog.com 5 Years Old TODAY!!

Morning Folks!

Wow, I just noticed that exactly 5 years ago today Ricksblog.com had a 'Grand Opening'.

To be honest, it was something I really did not want to do at first because I had been blogging before there were blogs for over 10 years at that time in 2007. But I did want to get my thoughts out there for more to see and have it circulate so decided to try and memorialize 10 years of thoughts on this blog. I am pretty satisfied with it and every once in a while I got the opportunity to link back to some of those original posts complete with timestamps.

'On the record for the record.' That is my slogan. My blog is part personal diary just like my old board was my 'Living Room' to me.

So I accomplished another mission and feel good about whatever is here. The good, bad and ugly. But it is all 'On the record for the record.'

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Don’t Wander off the Yellow Brick Road of Progress. First Things First.

Morning Folks!!

In every project the FIRST thing you should do is to identify the 'Time Sensitive' elements of that project. What takes the most time? What needs to get rolling now and what can wait until you get your other ducks in a row. If you get this one wrong, you lose! You will be unprepared and work much harder with a lot more pressure and you will always be running against the clock. All that if you don't identify the 'Time Sensitive' things first.

With the Internet, Domain Names were the single thing I had identified as the FIRST thing I had to do. Until that was accomplished, there was really no need to go further. That was my first thing and today we see what happens when it is the 'Last thing'.

That was the first phase of a business plan that so many have dismissed but has proven to be key to everything on the Internet. That phase for me lasted 10 years. 10 years where there was a sense of urgency. I realized the urgency would subside but the learning process had to begin. That would be my second phase and that phase would last another 10 years.

20 year germination period as I would refer to it. Lots of trial and error and learning from other people's mistakes. That would bring me 20 years down the road and at that time folks could get their head around what I had done. 20 years before I would start to build an empire. But that did not mean I did not build dozens of sites along the way. My thoughts are all on record and time stamped and I have hundreds if not thousands of witnesses. I endured the laughs and barbs and everything else to maintain what I believed and I was never deterred in my efforts.. Now as we approach 20 years folks are seeing now what I saw then. What I saw and risked millions on.

My curse in life is following the Yellow Brick Road wherever it leads regardless of my agenda. Most people try to bend reality to match their road, what they want and their overall agenda. I do the opposite. I know what I want, but I am willing not to bend reality to fit it. Instead I know the Yellow Brick Road will bring me where I want to go without fighting the reality of life.

And when I get there, I may be first and that means I have to wait for others to catch up. Since I already know their final destination I have 2 choices. I can go run around and follow all those folks or I can set up an umbrella at the beach and wait for them to arrive. I chose the latter.

I guess if you were White Water Rafting you could make an attempt to be in control but the reality is you would be fooling yourself because the Rapids are in control, not you. So maybe instead of fighting it, just lay back and enjoy the ride. It is going to the same place regardless of your outlook, what you want and your agenda. The water is so much stronger and sometimes the smartest thing is to just recognize that and be submissive to it.

On the other side of the coin you have to be able to recognize and learn when you do have control. When you can make a difference. When the Rapids turn into a Magic Carpet.

Here is a copy of my Circa 1999 eRealEstate.com Site. Notice the theme. In 2 places I go out of my way to say we DON'T sell our domains. I do to this day. It is not what I am about. But when somebody comes along with an offer that is bigger than my idea, then I will listen.
I even had a logo page from that time. The Saveme.com logo is not on it. But I have one of a man carrying a cross. These logo's were done in 1997-1999 by a guy named 'Ken' in New Mexico. Maybe not the most sophisticated logos but this was 15 years ago.

This all means just go with the flow when you can't change things and be proactive when you can. The single biggest challenge is knowing the difference. Maybe you never thought about it this way, but now you have. Be positive and learn from everything you do. Always remember 'Ignorance is a choice'.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz