Thursday Night at The Bellagio $159……Rooms Thin

Morning Folks!!

It's May Day!! T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is now on the radar screen and it starts 4 weeks from TODAY!!! As you know Thursday is the middle day and the day we sell most rooms. We are looking thin now on Thursday as well as the days before the show. We are in single digits left there and we can't add to our block.

At $159 you may save staying somewhere else but the diggs are not as good, you will waste a lot of time in Taxi lines and you will end up paying more for less and getting less out of the show.

If there are any problems, please lmk.

We won't run out of tickets but we will run out of rooms. So I URGE you to make your reservations for the hotel FIRST and do it soon. I will give an update on Friday or earlier if events warrant it.

Rick Schwartz

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